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Bits from Rudy Gobert Interview, 3/31

April 3, 2015
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Were you surprised by Enes Kanter’s comments, and did they motivate the team against Oklahoma City?
I think it motivates my teammates better. I was already motivated for this game. I wasn’t really surprised. You know, I was surprised that he said it, but I know Enes pretty well, you know, and I understood his mentality. So I knew, you know, I know the way he thinks. So, I wasn’t really surprised by what he was thinking.

Are you surprised by how quickly you have improved, and why have you improved so quickly?
I think it’s just normal for me. I’ve been working. You know, I’ve been learning; last year, even when I wasn’t playing. And I’m really motivated. And I’ve been, yeah, I’ve been taking opportunities the coach gave me, and keep learning and keep getting better on my weakness.

Even [with] my, you know, my shot-blocking ability, I think I gotta learn a lot on defensive end. So, I’m still learning.

Do you practice moves like behind-the-back wraparound bounce passes, and when do you decide to unveil them in games?
Yeah, I like to do behind-the-back passes for fun…I always feel like I want to do it in the game. I did it against Denver to Trevor [Booker]. And I don’t know, I just bring it up the court, and I just saw him, so I just did it naturally.

What’s the next part of your offensive game you want to make a big jump with?
Start making my jump shots. Being more confident, and taking jump shot gonna be great for me and for the team.

You think you can do that?

Yeah. I can do it. I mean, I’m in practice, I make a lot, I made a lot of shots when I shoot series and stuff. So, I do it every day. So, I think it just, be ready to shoot in the game. Just an approach, a different approach in the game.

Can your body take 10 or 15 more pounds? What are your off-season plans?
I’m going to go to P3, first of all, and we see the best way for me to improve. But of course, the, I got to gain weight, of course, but it’s gotta be the legs and upper body, but it’s gonna be the legs and explosiveness.

What do you like to eat?
I work with a, some, with a cook. So, I eat a lot of pasta and chicken…I’m very careful. I’ve been careful since my last year in France, about what I eat, ’cause I was getting, I got injured in France. And since, I’m feeling pretty good.

Are you liking Salt Lake City? Do you plan on making this your home?
Yeah, I feel good here. You know, I really like the organization, and why not stay here if I feel good, and if we, especially if we build something. You know, that would be stupid to leave the team when we start getting very goo–a very good team.

Talk about your relationship with Quin Snyder and the team.
I feel like everybody’s getting more involved. You know, last year, there was just playing, and just playing basketball, and everybody was doing his thing, you know, because we knew, most of the guys knew, [didn’t wanna be?] competitive on defense and stuff like that.

And this year…we more defensive-minded. I feel like everybody feels like he has to play defense, because if it’s four guys or three guys play defense and the few guy doesn’t play, you know, he gotta, he gonna feel bad. And that’s what Quin really try to do. (1280)

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    April 4, 2015 8:46 am

    can’t get enough of this guy


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