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Bits from Practice, 3/31

April 1, 2015
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** Quin Snyder on going small in the last few games
I’ve thought about it during the course of the year. I think there’s a difference between going small and playing with a shooting big. So for example, earlier in the year, we could play shooting big with Steve Novak because we had Steve, Enes [Kanter], [Trevor] Book[er], Rudy [Gobert] and [Derrick] Fav[ors]. We had five bigs, that, our ability, if we were gonna go small, it’s gonna give us — it’s gonna push us even further with those bigs…

But when Steve and Enes were traded, now we’re looking at, you know, Jeremy [Evans] hadn’t played much. We’re getting Book, Fav and Rudy, and then obviously you take Fav out of that picture, and we’ve got Jeremy or small.

So, the [Houston] game was the first game where I felt like I really wanted to go small, and we went small consciously in the second quarter because I thought we may want to play the lineup at the end of the game, and I didn’t want that to be the first time that we’d run it. And really, it was a response to the fact that we thought we were gonna see [Trevor] Ariza at the “four” and [Terrence] Jones at the “five” and [Corey] Brewer, which was what they’d been doing.

So, from that point, I liked it. It’s just something we gotta keep working on. Gordon [Hayward] gets hurt; you know, Rodney [Hood] gets hurt: It’s harder to do it. Those guys come back, Fav’s out: It’s easier to do it.

So, a lot of it’s been personnel-based, but I think it’s a way to play the game that can be effective. It’s like having a, you know, another offense, really. You get two bigs, you get a big and a shooting big, you’re small; it’s like three really different lineups, different styles of attack.

ingles 112

** Joe Ingles, asked how he likes playing small forward at times
I’ve done it sparingly before in the past. I’ve done it with the [Australian] national team probably a lot more than anywhere else. Yeah, I mean, I don’t mind. I think it can help our team a little bit, and I think sometimes with the speed of the game it can help us get up and down the floor, and obviously it’s a little bit of a mismatch depending on who we’re playing. And yeah, I mean, I don’t mind it. I don’t want to start playing 48 minutes there or anything, but yeah, I don’t mind swinging through there for a few minutes a game.


** Trevor Booker, asked what’s been the difference between the four losses and two wins
You know, we have a, an inexperienced team. You know, so we’re gonna have some ups and downs, but you know, it’s a smart team, a great team. So, we bounced back, and that’s what good teams do.
** Booker, asked what Quin Snyder wants him to specifically work on, especially going into the off-season
Just, you know, keep on, keep working on my 3-point shot. Being, just keep being a leader. Leading the younger guys, things like that.
You seem more likely to take 3-pointers from the corner rather than above the break. Is that something you want to put all together next year?
I feel comfortable taking it anywhere, anywhere that I have the shot. So I’m, just continue to work on it, and hopefully it’ll get better.
** Booker, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine
Most of the time, if someone is bigger than me, I’m quicker than them. And if they’re maybe quicker than me, I’m stronger than them. So, I just find ways to get it done.

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