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Bits from Quin Snyder Interview, 3/26

March 28, 2015
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On Derrick Favors
You know, the thing to me that’s been great, even recently, is getting, you know, it takes time to get to know your players, and really to develop trust. And I think he and I are developing a relationship that, you know, that I value, and I think he does too.

And it’s really that foundation that allows you, you know, to help a player get better, and for him to do the things that I feel like our team needs. And that trust level is increasing, you know, every month, every week, every day. And you know, I wanna honor that, as I know he does too, and we’re looking for ways.

I’m, you know, he’s an exciting guy to try to, you know, to coach and to play with, because I think there’s things he is capable of doing, and will be capable of doing, that maybe, you know, he hasn’t been asked to do. And that’s exciting to me.

I, we saw him hit a three the other night, and he asked me, “Coach, is that, you know, is that, was that the shot?”

I said, “Actually, no. It was a foot, you know, I wanted you to hit more of a mid-range shot.” But you know what? He backed up and he spaced, and you know, i–I’ll take that any day of the week.

You can trust a guy like Fav to do the things that he wants to do to help the team win, and the more we, you know, i–and the more he takes on some challenges and expands his game, you know, that growth process, those things might not come immediately, but I think it really stands — it bodes well for our team going forward, and I have a ton of confidence in him that, you know, that he won’t ever abuse that, you know, that belief and that freedom in his, in, that we have in his game.

On the Jazz’s perimeter defense
The thing that [Gordon Hayward] doesn’t get enough credit for — I’ve tried to pound it on him all year, both, you know, publicly and privately, ’cause I think he and I are on the same page with it, and there’s no reason not to be honest about it — is his defense. You know, and particularly off the ball.

You’ll see times when he’ll really raise his level defending his man, and get in passing lanes and get steals, and he’s won a couple games for us doing that on the defensive end when we’re stagnant. You know, go down and get a dunk, and, but more subtle, you know, Rudy [Gobert] wouldn’t have, when, Rudy wouldn’t be in the position for everybody to see the things he’s doing if our guys on the perimeter weren’t really committed to keeping the ball out of the paint.

And all of the little things, those are the things, I think for a team, and certainly for a coach, that are hardest, because they involve so many little nuances.

You know, Rudy’s gonna come to every game at 7-2, and long. That other stuff, it’s really, you get so much slippage and with Gordon out of the game, you know, that’s where some of our defenses lapse at certain times, is on the perimeter.

And then Rudy’s put in a position where, you know, he’s defending two on one, and people are getting offensive rebounds when he comes over. And you know, he, Rudy’s got their back, and they’ve gotta have his front, I guess, for lack of a better way to put it.

But that’s an area for me that Gordon — and we want more, you know? I think he eventually can continue to get better and better at that in a team concept, and we miss Rodney [Hood] in that respect too, and his length. It’s also something Dante [Exum]’s been able to do on the ball, you know, really at the point of attack. So there’s a number of those factors that have gone into our defense being better.

On his message to a struggling-with-his-shot Trey Burke and a reluctant-to-get-his-own Dante Exum
Well, the message actually is pretty consistent with both of them. What we want them to do, largely the same things. Each one of ’em is a little better at doing certain things than the other, and it has to do in the very, you know, in a very obvious way just with size and length.

Trey’s stronger. He’s able to take care of the ball, get in gaps. I think he’s more sure, as far as his assist-to-turnover ratio. He’s got a mid-range game that Dante’s working on. Dante’s length on the defensive end, and his speed, is something that’s just unique. So, both of their skillsets, they’re not really competitive with one another, from a skill standpoint. They’re just, I think, both of them, you know, gifted in different ways.

And you know, the ideal thing is they continue to merge and one, they help elevate each other’s games, where Trey’s gotten better defending the ball. I think Dante’s gotten better in transition, and they’ll continue to help each other do that.

And it’s my job to use them effectively at certain times, you know? And if Dante’s getting us an advantage, you know, really guarding Tony Parker, then he’s gonna be able to get more minutes in that game.

And then if there’s a game where, you know, we’re really struggling to score, which we have the last two games, and one of those games Trey had a tough night shooting the ball, but we didn’t have a lot of other weapons on the floor, frankly. And then last night, you know, he made basically the same shots.

But both of them have to make sure that they’re not focused on their own individual, you know, performance, that, really to define themselves based on how the team’s playing. It’s a really hard thing to do, but that’s what we need from our point guards, is to really equate their own personal success with how the team is functioning.

Do you have any hobbies?
I used to. (laughs) I’m gonna head into the off-season and sit down with Dennis [Lindsey] and figure out how our team can be better, and maybe he can h–we’ll, we’re gonna help each other figure out what we can do in our spare time. I think both of us wanna get healthy and sleep…

I had my hip replaced. I used to golf. I haven’t golfed — golf takes so darn long, but I do, I have gone fly-fishing a number of times and that’s probably the thing that I’m looking forward to doing as much as, being in this area. And my wife loves to hike, so I, you know, I’m excited to — there’s a lot of stuff I used to do.

I used to mountain bike a little bit. We get this thing going, and hopefully I’ll have a little more time to do some of those things. But I love my job, man, you know? That’s the best thing about it, so it’s not like I’m sitting around lamenting not being able to do other things. So, there’ll be time for that down the line. (1280)

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