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Bits from Dennis Lindsey (3/25) and Randy Rigby (3/26) Interviews

March 27, 2015
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On Quin Sndyer
Even though [Quin] is incredibly smart, he doesn’t let his intelligence get in the way of things, ’cause you know, he’s naturally curious and asks questions. …

[In San Antonio, I] watched how Quin improved and saw him on the sidelines and his poise with officials and how he was able to coach players very hard but yet when we did the exit interviews, where the players, to a man, they kept coming back and saying how unique he was in his ability to communicate and teach and develop.

And one of, frankly, one of my better friends in the business from my San Antonio days is Mike Budenholzer. And so, I leaned on Mike quite a bit during our process, and Quin’s name kept coming up. And certainly, maybe the timing may be gratuitous. I don’t know if we were a step ahead, but we had a bunch of very good candidates…

We felt very good about the available coaching talent that was out there, and Quin as much as anybody was the right fit at the right time.

On why the Jazz drafted Rudy Gobert
When we decided to purchase the pick for Rudy, we wanted to avoid going to market. One of, on–not the only decision-making point, but a big decision-making point, and that was, is we didn’t wanna go to the backup center market and pay market price. We would’ve rather, you know, go and develop someone.

And then Rudy was unique with his dimensions, so that allowed us to make some decisions. (1320)

rigby 605

What do you attribute the Jazz’s recent success to?
I remember about, some of the feelings that, all of us, as we went into the ceilings, season, we said how are we gonna monitor success, and how are we gonna measure? And I think we’re now, it’s actually witnessing and seeing the, so this is what we were all hoping and looking for. And there’s a number of things that I wanna, that we attribute this to.

And I first have to say we attribute it to a plan that we believed in, that we put in place years ago, and that, and my hat goes off. Kevin O’Connor, Dennis Lindsey, who had a vision and a plan to say, and you know what, and a lot of it was gonna be, we knew it was gonna be grueling and tough, but we believed in a plan, and started the plan in motion.

We had ownership that bought off on the plan, supported it and believed in it, and have supported it with their dollars…Those kind of commitments, where the quiet things that now help, we see now the fruits of this.

Then bringing in a coaching staff that really has a vision and direction and a dynamic approach to the game, that as this game has evolved, their, in, their, we’re bringing. And I think that’s added to it.

And then players that believe in it. They’re supporting it, and have the talent. You g–it’s a game of talent, and you’ve gotta have the talent. And I think we’re now seeing they’re young, but we still see that there’s the talent level that, with the right system and the right coaching and the right support staff, makes this all starting to come about.

Are you worried about Quin Snyder is grinding too much? (Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine)
Gordon Monson: Quin Snyder seems like a guy who would push pretty hard. Do you worry about him grinding a little too much, or do you think he knows when to back off and when to move forward?

Randy Rigby: Quin Snyder knows when to push, the right time…They’re always measuring and gauging, are we pushing too hard? Can they handle it? Do they need some rest? Do they need to push? Do they need the love, and a little easing back? They’re doing a great job. There’s some analytics that we try to utilize, that we’re me–that we’re doing measurements on them.

On the Jazz’s team psychologist
Keith Henschen* is, Keith is still doing it, and adds really a great layer of perspective for us as a team, in helping our players individually, and helping our coaching staff…Keith is more available at our request, and at the coaches’ and the players’ request. And so, you know, he doesn’t try to intrude in there.

It’s more, we respect the coaching staff, and the players to kinda monitor and gauge their own, but when there’s times that they wanna call on him, and they do it regularly to give feedback and input.

We use Keith a lot as well, as, when we’re analyzing players in the drafting process. He will go with us in the interviewing process when we go to [the draft combine in] Chicago or, you know, Newport.** Those kind of things, he’s involved in.

* Here’s a 2007 article on Henschen’s relationship with the Jazz, in which he talks about Andrei Kirilenko, Jerry Sloan, Karl Malone and Derek Fisher. He and Jerry go way back; they played against each other in college.
** Not familiar with Newport. Anyone know? Does Rigby mean Portsmouth?

Randy Rigby gives a shoutout to his new sponsor
By the way, I have to give a shoutout, ’cause I just l–heard it, that, you know, this is sponsored by [sponsor].

And if you’re a business person or a person in this community, there’s a gentleman by the name of [name], president of [sponsor], and I’ll tell you, you talk about one of the most solid individuals in this community, who gives back, who is a man of character, who believes in community, and a dear, dear friend of our organization, but just a great individual.

I just got to break some bread with him a bit ago, and I just have to say, it’s great having individuals like that in the community…He actually paid [for the aforementioned bread], and I was offering to pay, but that shows you the kind of guy he is. (1280)

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