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Game 70 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (31-39)

March 24, 2015

game 70

Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, asked about Rudy Gobert’s lack of ridiculous games recently
We’re actually considering Rudy like a real player now, not an NBA All-Star…I think some of the, you know, the way that he’s played defensively and the way he’s protected the rim, it’s made people forget that, you know, that this is a guy that didn’t play last year…I’ve said the whole time that the best thing about Rudy right now is his humility. So I think he’s stayed steady through all this, and what really this does, it provides him with even more of a blueprint to continue to improve.
** Snyder, asked if there’s any thought about #playoffpush right now
You know, I think it’s the same way we’ve approached winning streaks, losing streaks. For us, it’s been more about segments of the season and how we wanna play and how we wanna get better. I think we’re in a situation where our record’s improved because we’ve been focused on getting better. I don’t think the playoff, kind of, awareness is, you know, necessarily gonna improve our play, as much as kind of a focus on game-to-game, moment-to-moment. Tha–I mean, that’s, to me, that’s where our focus needs to lie. And then, again, the results that flow from that, you know, hopefully will be good the majority of the time.
** Snyder, asked about Utah vs. Duke and if the trash talk with Alex Jensen and Johnnie Bryant has already started
Tony [Antonio Lang] and Johnnie, they talk trash all the time. So this just gives them even more reason to. Alex and I are a little more low-key.

dante gq 5

joe goulding tweet

** Rudy Gobert, asked if he’s more fatigued this season due to playing more minutes
I feel like the last couple games, I was a little bit tired…but I feel way better now, and I think just gotta get used to it.
** Rodney Hood, asked about Utah vs. Duke and if the trash talk with Alex Jensen and Johnnie Bryant has already started
Yeah, most de–it started yesterday when Duke won, and you know, they found out they was gonna be playing each other. I’ve been looking forward to this one, actually. You know, talked trash to Johnnie and Alex, so it’ll be fun.
** Hood asked to assess the Jazz’s rookie starting backcourt
I think, you know, just from a defensive standpoint, we’ve been doing a really good job, you know, just playing with energy. And you know, we’ve been, you know, shoot–both of us been shooting the ball well over the past, you know, 10 or so games. And, but defensively, I think we make a big impact, just from our length and just our energy. So, we just gotta continue to keep that going.
** Hood, asked if he was forced to sing “Happy Birthday” to Gordon Hayward
Yeah, we did. All the rookies–it was more of us today. You know, Eli[jah Millsap] and Joe [Ingles] chipped in, and you know, Bryce [Cotton] and Grant [Jerrett]. Everybody chipped in today, so it wasn’t as bad.
You got a full chorus now.
Yeah, we do. You know, it was beautiful. You all should’ve caught it.
Jazz PR: No.
[Interview ends]
(OK, that didn’t really happen, but the interview really cuts off there.)

sweet-nothingsAlec Burks, whispering sweet nothings in Rudy Gobert’s ear

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the game
You know, I just think we lost some of our discipline defensively as the game progressed. I think that, you know, when the game was close, we got a little rattled even on defense. We just weren’t as connected as we’ve been. And obviously, you know, giving up as many points as we did in the fourth quarter, a lot of ’em were jump shots. I thought a few of ’em could’ve been contested harder. A few of them, you know, we were right up in, you know, [Zach] LaVine’s face and he just rose up, you know, from a long way out. So, but we put ourselves in that position.
** Snyder, asked if there are times he feels like Trey Burke should not be taking shots
Well, I, you know, it’s hard, because you want, you know, he’s handling the ball and whoever the options are on the court, you know, he’s the guy that, you know, wants the ball. And the other guy that I think wants the ball who’s capable is [Derrick] Fav[ors]. You know, whether it’s Joe or Dante [Exum] or Elijah, the guys we had out there, you know, they’re more space, you know, making jump shots. So, I don’t see us putting the ball in one of those guys’ hands and saying, you know, go get us a bucket. So, again, you end up with, you know, Trey being the guy that has made those shots previously. I mean, he’s, even though he didn’t have a good night, he’s proven that, you know, in situations like that [he can hit big shots]. So, it’s hard to second-guess Trey even though he had a tough night. You know, obviously if one of those goes down, all of a sudden he’s a hero too. And we’re sticking with him, so you know, I, the hard thing is to be in that situation and to still want the ball. I mean, that shows a level of, you know, of toughness, I think, on his part, that he’s willing to take the ball. Obviously, we wanna get good shots, but we got a lot of good shots. We didn’t get that one particularly at the end of regulation. That really hurt us ’cause we didn’t get a clean look.


** Derrick Favors, asked if he would have liked more touches, or was he getting double-teamed too much
I mean, it was tricky. You know, I was getting the ball, they was double-teaming me. I had a, I was drawing a lot of attention, so I mean, you could’ve went either way. I mean, I would’ve loved to got it, but you know, I’m not going to think too much about it. You know, the guys that were open, they took the shots.
** Favors, asked what he felt were the defensive lapses in the fourth quarter
They just made tough shots to me. You know, all the shots they took was contested. You know, they just made some tough shots. You know, you can’t do nothing about it.
** Trey Burke on his performance
I really wasn’t trying to search for my shot. You know, I feel like I shot too many threes. First of all, it’s not about me, but you know, I feel like I kinda let the teamma–my teammates down, because I felt like I got some great looks, but I feel like I shot too many threes. If we could’ve got the ball in the paint more, it would’ve opened more things up, and you know, that starts with the point guard, you know, getting in the paint, making the defense collapse. I felt like, you know, I settled too much beginning of the game, shooting too many threes, and it kinda affected, you know, my field goal percentage and the way we shot as well.
When you’re missing shots, is there a point where you think we’re gonna be OK if I just make the next one?
Sometimes, but you know, a lot of times, I try to just go off of reads. And my teammates do a great job — you know, I commend them — they do a great job of finding me and they expect me to shoot it, and they tell me to shoot the ball. And you know, it was one of those nights, again, that I had that wasn’t, you know, it was a bad night for me, and I gotta be better, period.


** Rudy Gobert, asked if the Jazz let this one get away
I think we had this game, you know? Thirty second, I mean, like, in the last minute, we are up five. I think we were doing silly plays, you know? We didn’t turn it over in the money time and Zach LaVine hit two crazy shots in a row to pull them back…I think we played good in the last, we handled good the last two minutes, you know, but we just [made too many mistakes?] through the game, cost us at the end, ’cause we should be up, I think we should be up way more than five at the end of the game, and they shouldn’t be able to come back.
** Gobert, in response to “This team doesn’t make excuses and I’m not offering one, but how different was it without Rodney Hood and Gordon Hayward on the floor?”
Obviously, yeah, we had Rodney in the first half. Yeah, I mean, when you, when we don’t make shots, it’s, you miss those kind of guys who can create the shot…but I think we’re OK, you know? We had some wide open looks. We got to the free throw line, and we just have to make couple shots and get couple more stops, and if they don’t make one of the tough shots they make, we probably win the game.
** Joe Ingles, asked about his career high
Yeah, more kind of pissed off with the turnovers, really. A couple were kind of out of our control, but some of the ones, it’s just, it was just being loose with the ball is something I can’t do with, obviously when other guys are out and I’m playing heavier minutes, so. Yeah, I mean, it was nice to hit a couple shots, but I’d much rather take a win and have a couple less turnovers.
** Elijah Millsap, in response to “Not that this team ever makes excuses, but how different was it tonight without Hood for most of the night and then Gordon Hayward?”
You can’t make no excuses at all. You know, we had an opportunity to win the game. I mean, Zach LaVine hit some very clutch and tough shots to bring ’em back in the game and force overtime. So you know, things like that happen. You know, just gotta tip your head out to ’em.

Random Stuff, etc.
** The Timberwolves only played seven players. People who managed to mispronounce the names of 43 percent of the T-Wolves roster: Matt Harpring (Chase “Budin-jer,” Zach “La-vine” and — along with Craig Bolerjack — 87 different versions of “Gorgui Dieng”).
** The Timberwolves did not televise this game, which means everyone that watched it watched the Jazz broadcast. Throughout the game, Harpring and Bolerjack made more than a few tanking references. After the game, Flip Saunders fired back:

“You know, when I got in the locker room, I had 25 texts from people [saying] that during the game, the Utah feed, you know, said that we were tanking games, it was embarrassing, and that we didn’t have guys hurt. And that’s totally irresponsible. You know, we’re not tanking games. You know, if that’s so, then they got beat by a team that was tanking. And you know, they should come down before the game to find out what’s going on, who’s hurt and who’s not hurt…We won two games ago against New York; we lost in the fourth quarter against Charlotte. You know, we’re not tanking games. So it’s irresponsible for them to go on TV and say that. If you work at ESPN, you get fired for doing stuff like that.”

** Remember that thing with Rudy, Andrew Bogut and the towel in the last game? Apparently, Rudy just wanted the towel so he could throw it at Brandon Rush:

rudy towel tweet

Because sharing a towel would be (say it with me): eeeewwwwwww.
** Quin Snyder and Christian Laettner were teammates at Duke. I can’t wrap my mind around this (just like with Steve Novak and Wesley Matthews being teammates at Marquette ha).
** Discovery of the Night:

bear skeleton

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Media member to Rudy Gobert on how he’s being guarded lately: Do you feel like guys are maybe getting into you in a weird spot?
** Craig Bolerjack on Joe Ingles 3-pointer: Joe Ingles, with an inch or two to spare. (H/T @seanp33)
** Boler: This guy can get up.
Matt Harpring: It would’ve been interesting to see Wiggins and Zach LaVine go at it. (H/T @5kl)
** Boler on Chase Budinger: He can hurt you from downtown.
** Steve Brown on Rodney Hood’s gastric distress: Just a few minutes ago, he left the Jazz bench and went into the tunnel. And he’s there now, and it’s kind of a familiar position. About a week and a half ago, he was over the same garbage can.
** Steve Brown on Rodney Hood’s gastric distress, Part 2: Just a few seconds in, he came into the Jazz tunnel, laid down on his back, attended to by Brian Zettler…They kept him down on his back for four or five minutes, and then they got him up.
** Harpring on Zach LaVine 3-pointer: He surprised Dante with how deep he was. (H/T @PeacockJazz)

Red denotes most recent game.

game 70

Thanks to @davidjsmith1232, @dianaallen and @j32jam for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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