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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview (Greg Miller Resignation), 3/16

March 18, 2015

randy rigby

What does Greg Miller’s resignation as CEO mean for the Utah Jazz?
I think this is an evolution that you continue to see from a, an entrepreneurial family and entrepreneurial company, that has really, not only blossomed and bloomed into a major corporation and a major entity, in not only Utah, but in the nation, and the family taking the steps, as they feel necessary, to continue to expand and make the moves that they feel as or–as a family, that will be for the good of the organization, its employees, its customers, and the community at large, to be able to be a long-term, and looking forward thinking, like they’re always doing, for the good of this organization, for the good of its fans.

And that’s what’s taking place today.

What does Greg Miller’s resignation as CEO mean for the Utah Jazz, specifically?
Let me assure our fan base in a major way. This, i–the moves have ha–that happened today, will have no effect on the Utah Jazz. The Miller family is in control, and will remain in control, of the Utah Jazz. They will continue to run the Utah Jazz, and the other entities.

There, you’ll, in the announcement, you hear about “outside board.” The Miller family will remain as active members on that board. They will cont–now utilize some outside individuals who are not employees of the organization, as simply advisors, and sharing perspective of their corporate knowledge for he–to help them in their corporate decision-making, of which is, makes all the sense in the world.

As it relates to the Utah Jazz though, we will continue our work just as normal…So from the fan base, for this community base, from the operational process that we’ve always taken, nothing is changing.

Was this Greg Miller’s decision?
I think was his decision, and his choice of the timing of this. If people want to ask more, that’s not my position nor i–really my knowledge. That’s something that Greg needs to just share with people if he so chooses. But he announced that it was time that he step down, and we support his decisions.

** Randy Rigby on the LHM Group, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine: There’s a lot of great people I’ve had a privilege of rubbing shoulders.

Time for another round of…Geography Mis-Education with the Utah Jazz!
Twenty-eight years ago, I’d say I work for the Utah Jazz and people say what instrument do you play for? Today, when you go across the world, I’d say “Utah Jazz,” and w–they know exactly, who some of the players are that we have on our team right now. It’s fun, my son-in-law just came back from Thailand, texted me a picture of, there’s a, Dante Exum’s jersey hanging in Bali, Thailand. Or Indonesia, I should say.

herbert china

Autographed Jazz basketballs >>> Millions of dollars
Our brand, our name, reaches across the world. The governor, when he went and visited some of the key government positions in China, he gave them an au–I got him some autographed basketballs. He said, “We could’ve given them millions of dollars and it wouldn’t have meant more to them than receiving that autographed NBA Jazz basketball.”

On the Jazz having the best record in the NBA since the All-Star break
Quin [Snyder], the coaching staff, so much to be attributed to, for their hard work and effort. Dennis Lindsey, his leadership, his direction, his vision, remarkable individual, and I take my hats off.

On the Millers
Greg has done a wonderful job. Worked very hard, and I’ll tell you, talk about shoes to fill, to fill the shoes of Larry Miller. And Greg has worked hard and done a masterful job. Gail has been right there by his side and been very supportive of it.

And I don’t think any of us can appreciate the work that takes and when you’re, I know just running the, for seven-year period of time, I was running nine companies. Now, you take, that was only w–less than a third of the companies when you look at, in totality, what the Miller organization is like. That’s a huge job, and Greg did a masterful job. …

They’re such wonderful people and they’re great team players. Some, they are to me the epitome and the great example of role models in professional sports ownership.

I have a lot of friends who are running a lot of other sports companies in the NBA, and the laundry and issues that they’re deal with many times in their ownership, is hundred time greater than what we have the great privilege of having with the direction and the stability, the character, from the Miller family. …

When you never make a lie, when you always stand on who you, where your values are, that one is one that you can always stand tall on and not worry about people questioning. ‘Cause they can’t question your integrity when you’re always striving to do the right things…When you’re trying to always do the right thing, we never have to take a backseat and we never have to apologize. (1280)

If you’re thinking it’s a typo…it’s probably not.

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  1. GO JAZZ! permalink
    March 18, 2015 10:52 pm

    Simplified Chinese :'(

  2. /u/chrimewave permalink
    March 19, 2015 4:34 am

    He takes all his hats off


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