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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interviews, 3/1 and 3/13

March 14, 2015
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On individual improvement
All of our guys need to get better on an individual basis, but as important, we need to connect that to the group. It doesn’t need to be individual improvement on an island, if you will.

We have to, there’s a fine line of individual improvement leading to an entitlement, and entitlement being outside of the scope of the team. So we’ve been very careful about what we worked on with the players, and how it feeds back to the larger group. …

There’s the “Hey, I want to expand my game” dilemma. And so, there are times that you want to increase shooting range for a big, for example. But when, and how, and where, and at what time you apply that is very important.

So, many times if you do individual improvement that’s outside of the purview of the coach and the scope of what Quin [Snyder] wants, it can be dangerous because it’s just like if you worked on something, you want your employer to acknowledge it, you know, by recognition or pay.

And here, it’s a team sport, so you could have a guy that’s worked on his pull-up jumper, but Quin doesn’t want it by and large, or doesn’t want it in a particular situation, and you can, it, you can get outside of the scope of the team. So the individual improvement aspect of what you do has to be very integrated into what the team’s doing.

On Rudy Gobert
I’m gonna push down expectations here. Rudy’s a very young man, and certainly we’re proud of him and the work that he’s put in that’s making a tangible impact on our our team.

The market’s excited; his name’s easily chanted. And we get it, and we get it, and we’re excited as well. We’re, but the, there’s a lot of things, and frankly he needs to get better. There’s areas that Rudy needs to improve upon so our group can move forward. Progress of where we’re at is just not enough. (KUTV)

How, if at all, has the Jazz’s recent play changed your off-season plans?
That question’s been asked, and frankly, I don’t know. I think we’ll, we’re discussing whether it should alter timelines or not, and I think the one thing that we have come to is, we have been patient and we have been long term-oriented, and no matter what we do, we need to operate fundamentally.

And I still think our biggest improvement are the players that we have within our locker room walls. I think that’s the greatest arc of improvement that we can have. And certainly, you have to look outside your walls with the draft and free agency, and we’ll do so.

And again, as we’ve stated before, in free agency if the gra–right guy, tho–the right player wants to say yes and it’s the right fit at the right time, we’ll spend every dime.

And then we’ll look at some other, you know, measures during the draft as well, to see what could add to the group, whether that’s select another young player and bore forward with the youth movement, or to, you know, flip that pick, if you will, and trade it for a veteran.

I think all those things have to be on the table, and the one thing I’ve been proud of our group is, is we haven’t got outside of ourselves and tried to trick it up. We’ve stayed fundamental, so I think as much as anything, that’s what we wanna do.

We have to draft well to build our core, and you know, we have to parlay up via trade, and we have to augment in free agency to be a contender. Now, if there’s somewhere along the lines that that equation needs to be altered and speeded up, you know, we’ll be all for that as well. (1280)

nutshell We are keeping our options open.

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