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Game 64 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets (28-36)

March 13, 2015

HatefulBruisedBantamroosterH/T @ColbySpradlin, via ???

Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the NBA reviewing officiating calls in the last two minutes of close games
I just know I’ve tried to have an emphasis for our team on handling adversity…However we deal with adversity, to me, is the main thing. Sometimes, those things going against you make you better, make you stronger. Hopefully, they do within a singular game, but that’s not something I felt like comes naturally to younger players. You know, even learning how to talk to official–get to the next play. You get fouled, you fall down, you know, by the time you’ve pled your case, they’re laying it in on the other end. So, I see it more as a big-picture thing.

** Gordon Hayward, asked which “mundane,” “repetitive” drills Snyder has had the team running
Recently, we talked about turning the ball over. We turned it over way too much, and we did a pivot drill with dots on the floor. And I, you know, I remember doing that in, like, junior high and high school…So you know, he’s got a lotta things to offer, and I think a lot of us are really receptive.
** Hayward on his relationship with Snyder
You know, he’s a very, very smart coach. He knows what he’s doing, and I think a lot of us respect that, and that’s why we do a lot of the things that he asks us to do, because we realize that he’s only trying to make us better, and the things that he does, when we execute ’em, we’re pretty good, so. You know, I think the relationship’s definitely gotten a lot better.

The Salute. #rudygobert #utahjazz

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Post-Game Quotage

mchale tweet

** Quin Snyder on the defensive effort on James Harden
You know, I thought we worked hard, and you know, a player of his caliber, you know, he’s gonna have great games. And tonight, he didn’t have one of his best games. That’s just the way — we were fortunate. He’s an unbelievable player. I mean, it’s, takes everything you can do just to make it hard on him. I just have a ton of respect for him, and I really, I love his game. Our guys worked. You know, we just, everybody was on, tried to work hard.
** Snyder, asked what he was saying to Rudy Gobert on the sidelines at the end of the third quarter
Rudy and I, we have a great relationship. And it’s gonna continue to get better, the more he listens to me. So, he wanted, he’s very, he wanted Trevor [Booker] — one of the best things about Rudy is he’s smart, you know, and he understands the game, and he wants to understand more of the game. But in doing that, you know, you get into conversation with him about things. He wanted, I think he wanted us to play pick and roll with the f–with Book, and I wanted him in pick and roll because they were switching one through four. So I wanted him in pick and roll, and I eventually got what I wanted. But that, those interactions with Rudy are part of the growth process, and they’re part of, for me, coaching a young team, you know, and figuring out how to talk to guys and how they’re gonna listen. And you know, I’ve been as hard on Rudy lately as anybody, and he’s great. I mean, he’s tough-minded, and he knows I want him to be better, and you know, it’s part of the process.

push-offBrad Jones, playing the Phil Johnson role, trying to save Quin Snyder money.

** Gordon Hayward, asked what pleased him the most about the game
Really pleased with the way we guarded throughout the entire night. I thought we did a great job executing coach’s game plan for us. Everyone was pretty dialed in throughout most of the night. And, got off to a good start. And we kind of never looked back, so I mean, the biggest thing I was proud of is just our defense.
** Rudy Gobert, asked if he considered sitting out the rest of the game after injuring his ankle, or was it not a big deal
That was a pretty big deal, but I just wanted to make sure we win the game.
** Gobert on the feeling of the win
It’s great, you know, because we’ve been working hard, you know, to get to this point. Even if we not, you know, nothing yet, but you know, to get to this point defensively, and it starts to pay off, you know? And I think it’s very encouraging for the future, you know, because we, I mean, we have long shootaround, long practices, and sometimes a little bit tough for us, but it start paying and now we are very glad we had those long practices.
** Gobert, asked if he’s noticed he’s getting more national attention
Of course. I mean, I’m on Twitter so I see what’s going on…I try to have as much followers as Joe [Ingles], but maybe in 10 years, I’ll get it.

** Trevor Booker on Rudy Gobert’s performance
Ten and 10, I think, in the first quarter, so — I didn’t even notice, and Josh Smith said something, and then I looked up. It’s pretty impressive.
** Booker on the Jazz’s growing chemistry
We getting used to one another, and it’s kinda scary for the rest of the NBA.
** Booker on his cereal of choice after the win tonight
I got a taste for some Frosted Mini-Wheats.
** Rodney Hood on his status and starting
Yeah, the minute restriction’s gone. I’m not sure, you know, what was the reason for starting me. I’m glad I did…[Getting the start against James Harden] is a big confidence booster, you know? Every single night, I feel like, you know, I have to guard the better wing. And you know, obviously, you know, it’s a little relief knowing that he’s the best scorer in the league and you don’t have to just stop him. You know, it’s a team thing. So you know, we did a good job tonight.

booker tweet

fournier tweet

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Donatas Motiejunas “Dun-AY-tas”: Craig Bolerjack*
* This is actually an improvement from the last time we played the Rockets, when Boler repeatedly called Motiejunas “Papanikolaou.”
** Good ol’ days, Part 1 (via @mehmetokur13):

** Good ol’ days, Part 2 (via @ak47cska):

ak fes

Here we have Andrei Kirilenko posing at or perhaps promoting a “Small and Tall” store. Kyrylo Fesenko’s comment, Google translated: Kirya, do they have really big sizes? (Emphasis mine.)

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Gordon Hayward on shots: I like it all over. If it’s open, then I like it.
** Craig Bolerjack: Hayward two-hands it. Ingles loves it.
** Matt Harpring on Rudy Gobert: Montiejunas just puts his head down, like, “What am I gonna do with this guy? He’s so long.”
** Harpring: It’s hard to get any love when James Harden is on your team.
** Boler: Here comes Big Joe.
** Harpring on Gobert: He’s so long. A lot of people don’t realize until you get to see him in live person, how long he is.
** Harpring: There you go Big Joe, sneak it in. (H/T @seanp33)

Red denotes most recent game.

game 64

Thanks to @AllThatAmar for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    March 14, 2015 4:24 am

    can’t get enough of it

  2. Other Barry permalink
    March 14, 2015 1:29 pm

    People calling Donatas Motiejunas Donatas MoNtiejunas…Moni :P


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