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Bits from Walt Perrin Interview, 3/9

March 12, 2015
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What are you looking for when you’re scouting? What kind of player does this team need?
Well, I, you know, our defense has come along really well this past year. I think our offense still needs a little work, so I’m trying to find some guys who might be able to shoot the ball a little bit better than what we have. Guys that might be able to also make plays for his teammates. So, I’m looking, I’m really looking for shooting, ’cause I really think we need a lot better shooting on our team.

Which things are translatable to the NBA level?
In terms of what I look at, look for, when I go out and watch guys, first of all, I just look at the body. See what kind of body structure they have. If they have long arms, if they have big hands, if they have, how big their feet are. How high are their legs.

And then as they play, just watch and see if they have intensity in the game, if they play hard enough, how smart they are. And then we kinda look at whether or not they can score the ball, whether they play defense, how smart they are playing with their teammates. There’s quite a few things we kinda look at.

Update on Ante Tomic and Raul Neto
Well, we’ve been over to, and I’ve seen Tomic play this year. We’ve been over to see those guys play. We’ve been in contact with their people.

I think that’s a decision that once this season is over, once we start gearing up for summer league and the draft, I think that’s a decision that we–or a discussion that we will have at that particular time. Right now I don’t know, per se, myself, I don’t know if anybody’s talked about it.

Again, I’m out, I’m on the road quite a bit. I don’t know if Dennis [Lindsey] and Justin [Zanik] and Kevin [O’Connor] have talked about it in the office, ’cause we haven’t talked about it among us ourselves on the staff. And again, I think that’s something that comes up a little bit later in the year.

What about Quin Snyder makes you think he is the right man for the job?
The thing that I s–well, besides the defense, how much he’s put emphasis on us becoming a very good defensive team, I think he’s holding everybody accountable. I mean, and that’s from himself on down; his assistant coaches and the players. And I think he’s done a great job of that.

He’s got everybody basically on the same page on what we need to get done to become a very good team, to be a playoff team and then a championship team. And they, and everybody bought into it so far. And I think he’s done a super job in that regard. (1280)

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