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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 3/11

March 12, 2015
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On the Utah Jazz
You know, this is still a young plant that is, the roots are just starting to grow. But you’re seeing the results for, of this, and if we continue to nurture it properly, continue to l–water it and see this thing grow, I think it can be something that we’re all very proud of, and that can bear the fruits and results that we are hoping that it’ll produce.

On the Jazz going 10-3 in their last 13 games
I just left a great meeting with some of our dear friends…and a number of people there just recently said, “You know what? I’m now a Jazz fan again.”

And I, you hear that constantly from people sh–that are following the team again and they’re, they love what they’re seeing. They l–they’re loving the enthusiasm, the energy and the style of play that the team’s producing.

* Rigby on Nov. 6, 2014 after the Jazz’s 0-4 start last season:
“Our fan base is really enjoying it. We’re seeing some great basketball.”

Rigby on Dec. 4, 2014, when the Jazz were 4-15:
“And people say, ‘You know what? You guys have been brilliant in what you’re doing. I support what’s going on.'”

Just sayin’.

On Derrick Favors’ performance against the Knicks
Yeah, Derrick, I’ll tell you, last night, I thought, really played like a man. And that’s what we need when you have Gordon [Hayward], is, it was not there. We’re seeing more consistency from Deron — from, sorry, from Derrick.

You’re seeing Derrick having, I see an energy level and a confidence and real love and fun that Derrick hasn’t had to this level before. And it’s exciting to see the potential continuing to grow from Derrick Favors, and his love for the game continuing to grow, and his confidence, and, in our style, and in his abilities as well.

A few months ago, a win was a win. Now, it matters how you win. Is that an indication of how far you’ve come?
I think that is an indication. It’s a s–indication of the maturity, and I think it’s also an indication from Quin [Snyder] and his expectation. I think early on in the season, we were satisfied with just getting a win and with, you know, accepting that we’re the, we, we’re in, a team that is learning a new system and that we’re coming together and growing together.

But now, we don’t use that any longer as an excuse. The, this is a team now that, they know what their coach is expecting. They know what the system is. They know what we’re supposed to be doing together and what their role is, and when Quin and our coaching staff sees that they’re not meeting those expectations and doing what they know they are expected to do, to help us win and to put teams away, they’re not measuring up to the bar that we want.

And that’s a measurement that we want to set, and a habit and philosophy that we want going forward, so as we become even a more competitive team, and a cham–and a playoff-caliber and then a championship-caliber team, that it’s a style that is ingrained in these players, and expectations in these players, to have that tough mindset. ‘Cause I think g–they need to have that to get to the levels we want to get, and that we expect to be at.

Is the only suitable result for this period of development the playoffs next year?
Well, I, you know what, that’s one of our next steps that we want to shoot towards, is being a playoff-contending team, as getting to the playoffs…

I’m not gonna say that the playoffs have to be in our position for next year at this time. I think, I do expect us to still stay on the track of improvement and development, better than where we’re at this year, in next year, and in fact is gonna be strong enough to get us to a place of the playoffs…

But again, I want our fans to, you know, we’ve all said we wanna be patient in a unpatient business, and I’d hate for us to continue to have the great growth and development and for some reason we didn’t make the playoffs because of these other eight great teams that are in the West, that we say that it was a failure. (1280)

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