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Bits from Randy Rigby (2/18) and Dennis Lindsey (2/19) Interviews

February 23, 2015
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randy rigby

You say any sort of move you make before the trade deadline, it’s simply to further the progress that you’re on and the process that you’re involved in. What type of move indicates that?
You know, I think from that end, I’m best at, that’s not my expertise. I don’t want to, I’m not gonna speak for Dennis [Lindsey], and, you know, and, for Dennis, Kevin [O’Connor], Justin [Zanik]. That’s really, their s–they’re looking at a l–there’s a lot of things out there. There’s a lot of talk going ou–on right now in the NBA.

And you know, I think it’s best, on my end, that I just would say that, I’m not gonna speculate right now spec–in any kind of, even, generic, kind of ideas. ‘Cause there’s so many variables of what it could be.

But again, I think the foundational things that I think is important, though, is, is that we’re continuing in this arc of developing foundational younger, to bec–from younger, to more maturing players, i.e. the Favors, the Haywards, the Alec Burks, seeing the, the m–to the younger ones, in the Trey Burkes and the Rudy Goberts, and Enes Kanters, those players continuing in their growth and development, and keeping ourself financially in a position so that we can look at moves that could potentially keep us in a financial situation that allows us to add some pieces to that, that then gives us a place that we can continue to move from being in the…trajectory that we’re at now, to, up to where we’re actually a, competing for now, playoff, to then, as we mature, to championship caliber.

Do you keep up to date on deals that don’t involve you?
Oh, very much so. Those, their phones are constantly, are constantly talking. They are constantly apprised of what is going on. They’re apprised of what is even just being talked about.

It is, it’s a very fluid process, with all of the, and then they’re getting very good intelligence of potentially speculation. They get good intelligence from other teams, of what other teams’ scenarios, of what other teams would consider doing?

Not even talking about specific names, but kind of holes and positions,* and it allows them to do, be looking at a variety of, then, individual team trades, multi-team trades.

It’s a very dynamic process, and it’s a huge, it’s almost like 30 people at one big, big chess board that’s very, that’s moving constantly.


Give us a good, solid, behind-the-curtains…trade deadline story.
Well, I think the one that caught us is really, wi–that caught me, was the time I was actually with our sponsors as well, on a trip, and it w–we were dealing with the trade deadline, and this was the Deron Williams experience.

And literally, I was checking in regularly with Kevin, Bob Hyde. Greg [Miller] was back at his office, and every indication was, it looks like the trade deadline was gonna come and go, and we didn’t think much with, would, there would be an opportunity.

And next thing I know, literally I’m getting, my phone’s r–going off the hook, and Kevin is now all of a sudden saying we’re making this move, it’s happening in three minutes. And literally, we pull off the trade with Deron Williams.

** The segment concludes with Spencer Checketts’ expert insider analysis that nothing will happen on the Jazz front before the trade deadline because the Jazz aren’t willing to sacrifice the structure of the team for a “malcontent.” According to Checketts, the Jazz won’t trade Enes “because they hold all the cards. And what Enes did last week was such a stupid misstep — and I don’t know if it was the ‘League of Shadows’ Max Ergul* telling him what’s what or Enes just decided to go rogue, but it was stupid. It was dumb. Because if I’m Dennis Lindsey, I’m like, dude, you just took away all of our leverage and now when my phone rings and it’s Danny Ainge or it’s, you know, Sam Hinkie or any general manager throughout the league, they’re gonna offer me dirt, you know, dirt-cheap price for you.” (1280)

* Just the epitome of classiness right there, mocking a foreign name. Way to go, Checketts. Way to represent the Larry H. Miller Group and the Utah Jazz.


Did Enes Kanter have both offensive and defensive limitations that made you think trading him was addition by subtraction?
No, I wouldn’t, we, you know, we would never go there. You know us, and we’re thankful for Enes. He, look, he’s worked three and a half years for us, very hard. He’s good people. He’s very motivated. You know, at some level, you get his angst about wanting more opportunity. I think that was more the first two years that he was here. And you know, emotional after, you know, any one game. …

Enes and I had a great conversation. His agent and I had a great conversation. And you do so much repeat business that, in this business, that you just never disparage anybody on the way out the

How much did Enes’ trade request come into play with the trade?
Zero. Zero…It had zero to do with the decision today, and zero to do with Enes Kanter and his character.

Was there interest from other teams due to a perception that you couldn’t pay all three young bigs and keep them all happy?
Well, one, we could have, but again, it’s, those resources, due to the collective bargaining agreement, are finite. And in some ways, you, we’d be better off talking about units, rather than dollars. Dollars elicit emotion, maybe more. When you spend those units, you’re done. And again, we sit here today with a very significant young player group; a burgeoning core, if you will. …

Rudy’s exponential growth, we didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect that, but you gotta react to it and acknowledge it a little bit…I didn’t anticipate Derrick [Favors] developing the power forward skills that he has today. It’s a credit to him and his commitment to Salt Lake City in the off-season and his conditioning. And so, you have to start looking at asset allocation, as cold as that sounds.

On trading a No. 3 pick for “intangible” assets
The last I checked, the future always turns into the present…Now, again, we don’t want to turn this into a perpetual rebuild, and we do think we have some things now that we can get better. And that “now” is Gordon Hayward getting better, becoming a better leader, doing what we’ve asked; Derrick gaining “four” skills that were, frankly, we never thought he’d have.

The third pick thing, I get. But at the end of the day, if it’s Wesley Matthews or Danny Green on a scrap heap grab and they have merit, you do, you grab that; if it’s Rudy Gorbert as a late first-round pick.

So, at a certain point in time, you look at what you’ve invested to initially gain the player, gain the asset, but you know, once you have a particular player, then you gotta assess the now. So, Rudy’s 27[th pick], Enes’ 3[rd pick] really, frankly, doesn’t go into the equation.

The Jazz will have a major addition next year
We’re gonna have a big addition to the Utah Jazz next year, and his name’s Alec Burks. … In some ways, Alec may be one of our bigger, if not biggest, additions to, you know, [the] 15-16 [season]. … Our best acquisition probably next season’s gonna be Alec Burks.

** People calling Rudy Gobert “Rudy Gorbert” in three different interviews: Dennis Lindsey.
** Dennis Lindsey, making Dante Exum sound like a drag queen: Dante Exum, with his tools and his makeup and his character at 19 years old, who knows what it’s gonna look like at 22?

Dennis Lindsey, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** On the Jazz’s goals: Our goals are long-focused and you know, our lens is very long and deep, and so, there’s multiple angles here.
** On Tibor Pleiss: What he is is, he’s a large man, and he’s getting bigger…He’s big. He has a very good touch.
** On how many deals he had on the table: There’s always a lotta conversation, and it’s hard to characterize ’cause you really never know what you can do until someone says yes.
** On the last few days before the trade deadline: Kevin O’Connor came in for the last few days and he was able to tell me where I was messing up, and he did so several times. And then you come together as a group, and you talk it out.
** On free agency: If that person wants to say yes to what they see, then we’ll jump on that as well. (1280, 700, Locked on Jazz)

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