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Enes Kanter’s agent, Max Ergul, addresses trade request reports

February 13, 2015
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Does Enes Kanter want to be traded from the Utah Jazz?
I wasn’t there, but after the game, that’s what he told a couple of guys from local media, and that’s what it came up. I think his exact words was, he said he hoped to be traded by deadline.

Why do you think that would be?
You know, I don’t think it’s a one-game, one, you know, post-game interview outburst. I think there’s a outgrown sensitivity with Enes to, relating his first couple years, how little he has been used, and how little, he feels like he’s been — him and his family — and some expect, I do believe, that was definitely lack of investment in his development.

And I believe when we talk about development for 19-years-old player, arguably or not, he was one of the most dominant player of his generation.* If he wasn’t, Kevin O’Connor wouldn’t draft him in the No. 3 pick, without playing much significant games in U.S. soil. …

Euroleague is a pretty tough league, second best league next to NBA. He was, as a young, young player, pretty good enough to be able to considered in those rosters [as a 16-year-old]. So you always believe, you know, he could’ve do a little more than 12, 13 minutes [in his rookie year with the Jazz], but staff back then had different ideas and they had a different look to it.

And he was confused, and his confusion lasted another year. You know, that leads to today. He is, he became little bit sensitive about, you know, the minute distribution. He just wants to, you know, play. Just, you know, I mean, I don’t really have to say no more about the matter. You just look at those two years. I think it’s 13, 14 minutes and then the 15, 16 minutes.

By the end of the third year, I think he was averaging 18, 19 minutes. That’s very little minutes, and very valuable time for young player in Enes’ caliber, to take it away from him. So he believes, like, he was robbed in that sense, and it’s very hard to get those back.

And now, today, and sometimes people believe the bloggers and really talks about his deficiencies, and yada yadas, or “unknown sources” as very popular, you know, terminology todays. According to unknown sources, I’ve been saying many things and demanding many things, which is not true. Basically, I was agreed to do this interview because not really true. I don’t demand things from anybody.

I had few conversations with Dennis Lindsey, but that’s only normal. He’s an executive; I’m an agent, and we get together time to time. We bounce ideas, exchange ideas. If I needed anything to come out public, I would’ve gone to public. I would’ve had no problem, “We want this, we want that.” And that’s not the truth. That never happened.

You know, and I respect Dennis’ privacy, and Utah Jazz’s privacy, and they do mine, vice versa. So those are the conversations for each others, and we move forward…

Enes is under contract with Jazz, and he’s, if they can get something, that’s their job to figure out what to do with it.

* My opinion: by “of his generation,” Ergul was either talking about in youth competition or of Enes’ draft class.

In Enes’ perfect world, what kind of contribution would he like to have for his team?
Maybe, you know, that might be your opinion and that might be some other people’s opinion, but that may not be, he might have different expressions and different idea…I understand you want to put it behind. You want to put it back the first two years, but you can’t. You know, that’s a matter, it’s been taken away from him, and he never see that opportunity.

But my point is, this is strictly basketball. Kanter really, really, really like this city, the state. He want to be part of the community, and you can ask a guy from Jazz, that he work a lot with community. He always ask — he always did what he has been asked. And you know, he work with the local banks. He work with the local car-makers. He, this is not about lifestyle. This is, he just envision himself in different role, you know?

In this year for, with all due respect, I think coach has done great job with Enes, and his relation with his coaching staff is phenomenal. I mean, and you guys can ask that to coaches and you guys can ask Enes…

But then, there has also been times this year minutes has been, you know, little bit inconsistent. In New York game, after that, and after that there has been some instances, and he doesn’t understand, And well, you know, I think, I’m not really sure, don’t quote me on that, but if you look at it, I think he’s having the least minutes in all starters in the Jazz.

So, and I know they have a really nice players on that, in that position and they have a nice rotation. It’s a hard job for coach Q[uin Sndyer] to, you know, deal with everyday basis. So you know, this is just different opinions.

In your opinion, what is Enes Kanter worth?
You know, I’m an agent. My job is get the best for my player. That’s what we promise them, right? I mean, there is nothing wrong for me to fight for my player to get the best he can. And, although it’s not up to me because I’m not gonna be the one to write the check.

So, that’s why maybe Jazz wants to go to restricted free agency, the offer sheet process, to see what it is. I don’t know, you know, but I would tell you I like to shoot for the best I can, the most I can, ’cause that’s my job. That’s my responsibility to my player and his family.

If Enes is still with the Jazz when training camp rolls around next year, what can he do to make sure his mind is in the right place?
Well, he will, that’s how it is. This is the CBA we have. And as I said, for young players and their limited players’ freedom, and they sign up to it few years ago. This is the rules we have to work with. His responsibility is A) you know, return what he gets paid for. Bring the best he’s supposed to and do the best he can. And you know, train as hard as he can, which he always does — I don’t think anyone can complain.

He has couple of, you know, unfortunate incidents, and his rehab process is six months. His willingness to work and get better is, in my opinion, stellar. I don’t think anyone can disagree to that. And so, do the best job he’s supposed to.

He respects fans a lot. He loves fans, and so, I don’t think it’ll be a problem with Enes. He might even work harder because now he has to, you know, he has to show up for what he said. You know, he has to walk the talk, you know?

Do you feel Enes’ comments last night hurt your ability to negotiate with the Jazz in the future?
No, I don’t believe that. Things always changes. You know, we don’t know the future. We project things sometimes just based on our fears…

We don’t know what happens. He might be Jazz, you know, for long time, which, that was my envision, basically. You know, I really like that state, and I really like that city…So if that’s the future is holding for Kanter, we’ll do the best of it.

Does Enes feel like he’s getting the proper coaching and development under Quin Snyder? Is he happy with the current staff?
Yes, he does, and I believe that too. I think, I really, you know, and I don’t wanna go into, you know, the areas of, like, you know, critic[iz]ing anyone, or, but I can’t deny the fact the difference between the development part and paying attention to, you know — no, it has been really good. It has been really good. (1280)

nuno tweets

One of the hosts of the show, whether intentionally or not, referred to Ergul by the wrong name throughout the interview, calling him “Max Eragul” and “Max Eragon.” His name was also misspelled on 1280’s website.

Just totally shocking that they would make fun of a non-native English speaker’s English. After all, this is also the [Jazz-owned] station that said the Jazz should interview Karl Malone for an assistant coach position and then set him up to fail by saying “Karl, you can have this job if you can say one sentence in perfect English.”

The Trib’s Aaron Falk also talked with 1320 today about what happened in the locker room with Enes last night:

After the game, you know, we’re kind of waiting for various guys to get ready, get dressed, get their interviews, and I spotted Enes and went over to check on how his eye was after getting hit in the face by [Al-Farouq] Aminu, and you know, he said basically, “I got a story for you.” And he did.

You know, he, you know, told me he hoped to be traded; kinda asked me to give him a little bit of time to collect his things before we broke anything on it. But you know, I mean, no uncertain terms, and his words were that he hoped to be traded…and you know, these are frustrations that have kinda been building up for a while.

You could sense being around him. I’ve broached the subject with him a few times before — not about trade demands or anything — but just kinda, you know, his general mood this season, and he’s kind of always hinted, but without ever saying, you know, that he might want to talk about this at a later time.

And last night was the time he wanted to talk about it. Didn’t want to talk about it very long. You know, basically said that that’s what he wanted to say, and you know, said his eye was fine, that he didn’t play the fourth quarter but not because of injury, and didn’t want to say much more after that.

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  1. bebop permalink
    February 13, 2015 10:09 am

    Americans love giving other Americans a bad name. I don’t know why the Millers let their radio station mouth off and make them look bad too.

  2. February 13, 2015 10:27 am

    Shame on 1280. Shame on the Millers for continuing to keep on staff culturally/racially insensitive individuals.

  3. 28sinan permalink
    February 14, 2015 12:11 am

    Hey turkish NBA fan here(Rockets fan actually :D) I followed Enes through his career in Utah and I really really like the parts in place. You guys have some really great talent! Some pretty tough battles are waiting for us in the future. Anyway I was shocked when I first heard the news because I really liked SLC for Enes’ even w/Rudy and Derrick. A 3 big rotation of Derrick/Rudy/Enes would be at least in my opinion a pretty neat deal for you guys. Especially since coach Snyder took over. Seriously for the first time in Enes’ career I feel like he is impoving and most importantly not hurting his team or being a negativ factor. I’m getting a little frustrated with his PT myself when I’m watching him play @3AM here in Germany. But still he should have handled this better. I mean he did this kind of thing at the end of last year where he complained about his PT as well. Don’t just take the easy way. You want something? Work for it! Do it like Rudy, make the coach play you because of your on court performance.

    After reading all those tweets I didn’t want to actually listen to the interview but I found your transcript and I have to say the interview was not bad at all. People on twitter made him look like a total fool but that wasn’t the case at all. Actually he said all the right things about SLC and the Jazz. Seriously this feels more and more like a teenager(I know he isn’t one) just being frustrated and just saying the first best thing that came to his mind.

    Btw I still hope somehow Enes has a future with you guys and they can figure somethings out. Maybe trade Trevor? I know he is a fan favorite but seriously somebody has to go and at least I think with how their contract are structured Trevors deal is way more valuable than Enes’.

    • February 14, 2015 7:25 am

      Thanks for reading! I agree with a lot of what you said. The Jazz-owned media tried to make Ergul sound like a crazy idiot when that was not the case at all and if you actually take the time to try to understand what he is saying, he said the right things.

      Hope it all does work out in the end for Enes. I love having him on the team.


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