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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 2/4

February 6, 2015
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On his observations of the team
Our team is believing in the system that Quin [Snyder] and our coaching staff has put in place, and they’re really working together as a team.

I, and the other thing I’m seeing, in our practices as well: Our players are having fun with one another, and they’re enjoying it. They’re enjoying each other; they’re enjoying our coaching staff. You’re seeing a camaraderie that’s happening between coaches and players, players with one ano–with each other, and that I think is really fun for us to enjoy.

Is Trey Burke really OK with coming off the bench?
I hope not. I hope Trey Burke, I hope he has a fire in him, to saying, maybe, I want to, you know what, keep competing to see if I can get back in the starting lineup.

And then, let’s see if that’s where his, then, role, where he starts liking — there are some players that like to come off the bench, and it fits well with their style and their attitude. I have not heard that yet from Trey, that that’s where he wants to be.

He’s always seemed to be one that likes to be in the starting role. And I’ve liked seeing him competing and showing his grit. You know, let’s, over time, let’s, we’ll assess that, and I know the coaching staff will assess that with, and make those decisions.

But I like seeing Trey keep fighting hard and working hard. It seems to be working to motivate him as well, in really wanting to prove himself and prove that he can be better.

‘Cause I really feel the main part — Trey Burke can get better and should be better. And I think he sees that. He knows that. Our coaching staff knows that. And they’re pushing him for that.

What have you learned about Quin Snyder since he was hired?
I give a lot of kudos to Dennis Lindsey, who’s, really, one that says, this is the man that we really need to take a hard look at. He knew, and he’s known, and, Quin’s, he knew some of the challenges that Quin’s had to deal with in his career, but knew of his character and his potential abilities, and t–kept putting him out there for us to all look at. …

But I would say this, Quin Snyder has been everything that we would hope that he would be. Above everything, his passion for the game of basketball, his basketball knowledge and mind, I’ve never see anyone work i–harder than Quin Snyder, and he pushes himself, night and day.

I–you text Quin at one o’clock, which I have. I’ve gotten responses from him at 1:30. It shows you where he’s at. …

Quin is passionate about it, and he’s thinking it all the time, and sometimes, I know we’re saying, “Quin, you need to slow down a little bit,” and, but he’s, and he’s got great support from his wife, Amy, and his family, but he loves the game. He respects the game. He works hard at it.

He pushes his players. He pushes his coaching staff. And we’ve seen that…And it’s reconfirming to all of us, that this system that we’ve all bought in on, and we’ve heard Quin and Dennis talk about, and the s–and belief in what we’re doing, in the work ethic that they’re putting in, is paying off the fruits that we see.

Quin Snyder answers tough questions straight-up, with none of the spin and BS you often see with coaches…
Yeah, a lot of people try to spin. There’s no spin with Quin Snyder. He faces things straight-up.

I, what I love about it, when we go into the ga–af–into the coach’s room after a game, the first person that Quin is really challenging and questioning is his own self. And in, is, as comfortable in his own skin, to also feel comfortable to know that we can talk about, should we have done things, could they have done things as a coaching staff better.

But you know what, they’re questioning and challenging themselves in a way to say, we want to be better, and what can we work on, then, tomorrow? What should we be doing? It’s always with an intent, and you can feel the spirit of, we’re gonna get better. And we trust each other, believe in each other, and we’re gonna help each other get better.

And that’s a great and comfortable atmosphere to really be in, and it allows growth to really flourish and grow, when you have that kind of trust and feeling, yet, and desire from everyone to see improvement, from players to each other. (1280)

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