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Bits from Quin Snyder Interview, 2/5

February 6, 2015
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On how Trey Burke has reacted to the move to the bench
It’s hard when someone’s started every game probably their whole life, really; certainly in college and in the NBA. And it’s unusual th–for a rookie to start. You know, that’s the first thing. So, when that’s happened, you know, it’s hard not to perceive a player then coming off the bench as not being some sort of demotion.

And you know, had we not had the injuries that we had, there’s a good chance that may not have ever happened, at least, you know, right now, or if ever. So, for that to happen, I’m sure it’s not something that he saw coming. I certainly didn’t.

And it wasn’t just about Trey. It was about our team and about Dante [Exum]. And you know, the way Trey’s handled it has been, you know, has been unbelievably professional and I think it’s the right thing, too.

I’m not willing to, you know, to fall all over a player who handles coming off the bench the right way. I think, you know, these guys are committed professionals, and that’s what you’re supposed to do. You may not like it, but the team is bigger than any one of us, and given the chance to demonstrate his understanding of that, Trey’s done exactly that. And he’s continued to get better.

On the Jazz’s front court
Yeah, you know, I mean, I think the thing, and I’ve mentioned this before, with Enes [Kanter] is Enes really gained some momentum and then he hurt his ankle. And particularly for a player that’s kinda, you know, gradually finding his own identity, stepping out of the lineup and missing some games can be hard.

And the thing about Rudy [Gobert] and Enes, and I would throw [Derrick] Fav[ors] in there too, is they’re all very different players. And there’s gonna be certain games that fit Rudy better. We saw Rudy’s impact the other night in Portland. He’s a unique defender who’s able to really have an impact on LaMarcus Aldridge.

You’ll see games when, you know, when Enes, on the offensive glass, just dominates because of how good he is there.

And Fav’s been our most, you know, our best all-around player. His ability to finish and attack the rim, and he’s been our most consistent offensive player.

So you know, the–those guys work good together, and I just don’t want them to fall into a trap of, you know, these two are starting and the other one’s some sort of stepchild. You know, that’s just not the case, and I don’t see it that way.

And I think it’s just an easy way to characterize — there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just, it’s more complex than that.

On the Memphis game
[Portland] could’ve handled us, you know, pretty substantially, and that didn’t happen. And Memphis literally being here, waiting in the market, with a day off, was tough. And I probably should have recognized that Derrick was dragging a little bit earlier in the game.

I did notice it, and I asked him, but of course, you know, players are always gonna tell you they’re OK, even when they’re tired.

What has been your message to Dante Exum?
Well, to take his shot when he’s open, ’cause I think sometimes when he struggles, it’s a little bit of a hesitation. He’s not sure whether to shoot or not, whether he’s open.

You know, he has some trouble sometimes late in the shot clock, when he’ll pass, when [I say] just stay aggressive, and he’ll have some days where, you know, he makes a good number of [shots] and gets on a streak, and he gets confidence.

The other thing I [watch for is] at the beginning of the games that he really pushes the ball up the court, and the pace for us — you know, we’re not always gonna shoot in the first six, seven seconds of the shot clock, but getting the ball up the court quickly and getting it moving and getting side to side is really important for the way we wanna play…

And the last thing, you know, is just the way he defends on the ball. I mean, it’s just an important thing for him and our team’s growth for him to be able to pressure the ball, and be good defensively.

So those are the consistent messages. I think there are things that he’s capable of doing, which I also think is important that we not overload him with too many things and want too much too soon, and just let him build confidence and momentum as a player.

On the Super Bowl
I feel horrible about that whole situation, ’cause you know, I think there’s logic to what they were doing. You know, [the Seahawks] had three downs, and you know, you throw the first in, it’s an incomplete pass and you got plenty more time.

And you know, and the biggest thing is, I’m certainly not a football coach and I wasn’t there, and I hope it doesn’t take away from what that team has done over the course of the year, ’cause it’s, you know, we’d all love to be in a situation to have a chance to make a decision like that, and Pete Carroll’s got a Super Bowl under his belt, and national championship, and that’s a great team. Hopefully, they’ll be back.

You know, I remember talking to [Mike] Bud[enholzer] last year in Atlanta when the Spurs, you know, lost Game 6 to Miami, and all kinds of speculation about whether they should foul or not, and those things just happen in athletics.

And I think, you know, it made them have even more resolve, and they got back there last year and won it. So hopefully, that’ll be the same thing that happens with the Seahawks. (1280)

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