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Bits from Practice, 2/2

February 3, 2015
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** Quin Snyder on the Super Bowl
It’s tough. … I’m a fan, and you know, I love [the Seahawks]. I love what they stand for. You know, we’ve played video of Richard Sherman in particular just communicating, and how much he’s talking, how much he’s studying watching film.

And you know, Pete Carroll’s someone that I’ve admired for a time. The fact that he was a college coach for awhile — he was an NFL coach, college coach, NFL, and just seeing that journey for me is interesting.

But, so, I like them in addition to them being from, you know, I, me being from Seattle, and kind of a link to my, you know, my childhood. I don’t wanna sound too nostalgic, but that’s the truth. And additionally, just because of who they are as a team.

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** Snyder on what criteria he uses to evaluate the team’s defensive progress
There are some speci–you know, obviously, your effective field goal percentage is really, really important, in that, essentially, you know, more than any other, you know, factor, that’s gonna determine — there’s different reasons, then, why teams are shooting well or not shooting well against you.

And that’s really, I mean, you can’t just hope that field goal percentage goes down, and basically they miss. You gotta do what you can to disrupt them and make ’em miss. So, you know, everything from contesting shots to deflections.

You know, we want ball pressure, so some of those things become more subjective. That would be one example. You know, transition defense is something that’s essential, ’cause, you know, if we don’t get back, we don’t get a chance to play half-court defense, and layups are pretty high percentage shots.

** Derrick Favors, asked what he has to do to defend LaMarcus Aldridge
Well, I mean, I guess I, I guess you make him a driver, I guess. I don’t know. You know, he a tough guy, a tough guy to guard. You know, he a good jump-shooting big. So, I mean, he a tough player to play against, so it gonna be tough guarding him.
** Favors, asked if the team has a completely different defensive mindset under Quin Snyder than in years past
I think guys just buying into it now. Just on the communicating part, you know, Quin keep, Quin preach it every day. In practice, you know, in games, you know, walk-throughs, he just preach communication every day, and I think guys probably getting tired of him, tired of hearing it, so we just start going out there communicating so he won’t have to keep saying it.
** Favors, asked if Snyder was extra grumpy today
Nah, ’cause I don’t think nobody said something to him, but Imma make sure I say something to him. You know, he keep bragging about the Seahaw–he bragging about the Seahawks all year. So Imma make sure I say something to him when we get on the plane.
** Favors, asked if he would’ve given the ball to Marshawn Lynch
Of course I would’ve given it to him, but you know, that’s the play they called.

** Dante Exum, asked for his in-depth analysis of the Super Bowl
The guy probably shouldn’t have thrown it to the other guy on the team. That wasn’t a smart play.
Would you have handed the ball to Marshawn Lynch?
Well, I heard his name is Beast Mode, so why not?
** Exum, asked if he likes starting
Yeah, obviously I do. You know, it gives me an opportunity to get in, go against the starting point guard a bit more, and you know, get involved a bit more defensively. And you know, it gives me a chance to lead as a rookie, so it’s just about kind of developing and getting a feel for where the guys want the ball and everything, so.
** Exum, asked if he’s had to change his game as a starter
No, I don’t think so. I’ve had, I’ve been playing with them, you know, with the rotation, so yeah, it’s just about doing the things I’ve done to get there, so.

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