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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 1/30

February 2, 2015
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How have Enes Kanter and Trey Burke reacted to calls for more minutes for Rudy Gobert and Dante Exum?
I’ll say this. You know, Enes is good people, and he cares. And he cares about his career. And you know, he’s 6-11 and skilled, and we’ve got him past, you know, the couple consecutive injuries here in the off-season, and he’s really buying into Quin [Snyder], and they’re communicating on a really good level, and, yeah.

Are there games where, you know, the flow of the game goes towards another set of bigs or set of players, and you have to be happy for your team’s success? Absolutely…I think Enes has responded, and, as he has all year long. He’s moved forward defensively. I think the last two games in particular have been two of Enes’ better concentrated efforts.

And that’s great, and that’s what we’re looking for, and he’s looking forward to improve as a player and as a competitor as well.

And then Trey, you know, he’s a smart kid, and Quin is a smart guy and a very good communicator. And I think he quickly understood that our second unit was truly [in need of] scoring. I think some people thought we were playing games with the lineups, and it really got down to, not really what’s best for any one player in regards to their notoriety or their status.

You know, we’re a team, and we want to emphasize that…

And so, you know, I know there’s story lines and plots and subplots that have to be talked about, but when you’re part of a group and you really care about the results of a group, you can move aside, you know, your personal agenda and do what’s best for the team.

And I think Quin’s such an effective communicator, he can easily and simply explain rationale behind the decision, and lay down challenges, and those have been accepted, and the, you know, really Enes hasn’t been affected other than, really, when Quin decides to go a certain direction in any particular game.

And then Trey’s — you know, starting lineups aren’t solid. You know, i–a lot happens during the year, and unfortunately for us, Alec Burks went out, and it changed Gordon [Hayward], how [Snyder] had to play Gordon, and then we hit a little bit of a rhythm, and our second unit, when we sub, was gonna be challenged.

And we can’t play Gordon 42, 44 minutes a game, and it was best for Dante [Exum] to play with Joe [Ingles], and Gordon, so they could handle some of the ball-handling and offensive responsibilities, and Trey can do what he does best with that second unit and still close the game.

So, they’re high-character guys, and that’s, as we lay down challenges and positions of the team moving forward, that they’ll accept what coach says because they understand he’s good people and he just has the best interests of the team at heart.

nutshell Enes Kanter is a good person, and Quin Snyder was able to effectively explain his decision to Trey Burke.

Do you have an update on Raul Neto and Ante Tomic?
Yeah, yeah. So Ante is, if not the best big in Europe, he’s one of the most effective bigs, and someone that has been under contract with Barcelona for a while. I’m not gonna get into specifics of the contract, ’cause that’s pretty personal. But we have noticed his play.

We have been in communication on a fairly regular basis with his representation. I think as he’s become more successful as a player and, in Europe and specifically in Barcelona and Madrid, he’s become more curious about the [NBA].

And unfortunately, their free agency period doesn’t line up with the NBA free agency period. They don’t have the rules in Europe and the Euroleague and the [Spanish] ACB [League] that we have, so sometimes contracts and things are done, really, outside of a time period that we can react to.

But he’s a good player, and potentially a good asset for us, and we’ll see what that means moving forward.

Raul, like Rudy [Gobert], had a terrific summer with his national team. He’s now with his club team in Spain. As everyone knows, he’s a very aggressive player with a good imagination as a passer.

Still turning the ball over a little bit too much, but that’s not necessarily a negative marker in young players. Young guards that turn it over, many times it’s a [sign] that they have some vision and some moxie and some confidence to try to make plays. So I think as he moves deeper in his career, we’ll be able to get more solid play with a player that has really good imagination.

We like his feet; we like his speed. We think he can be a good defender even though he’s not the tallest player. He has a really good body, so at the point of attack, he can really wall up and give some energy on the ball. We’re excited about that. We had him in our gym this summer, and he and Johnnie Bryant really worked on his shot, and he really had a great rhythm going into the World Championships, and had a very good summer.

So we’re excited about both, and we’ll see how they grow and see how it potentially fits with our roster moving forward. (1280)

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