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Joe Ingles talks boring, passive American NBA fans and Dante Exum’s “terrible” mustache

January 30, 2015

ingles 112

On differences between professional basketball in the U.S. and Europe
I mean, everyone’s obviously quicker, faster, stronger. I think the hole of, like, having 12, whatever, 13 guys that can all come in and contribute, where in Europe, a lot of the teams, they’ll spend money on the first four or five, six guys and then it kind of drops off.

And then you have locals, and you have to have, some leagues last year in Israel, you had to have two Israelis on the court at all times…Sometimes, like, I mean, we played some teams in Israel that, guys that wouldn’t make bloody street ball teams.

Like, it was just, some of the guys we played were terrible. So, where, now you’re playing obviously five guys and then they come, guys coming off the bench that are all pretty impressive players. …

Europe’s a lot more slower, a lot more half-court, run through your offense, move the ball side to side, and obviously there’s some teams over here that do that.

But a lot of the game over here is pretty quick, fast-paced, and try and score 140 points. In Europe, you’d be lucky to score f–60, 70 points, and it’s, obviously, it’s a shorter game as well, but yeah, it’s definitely quicker over here. …

I’ve had all kinds of things thrown at me, and fans spit at you, and s–gyms that look nowhere near like this place…I had teammates been hit with objects and start bleeding. Spit, drinks, yeah. You name it, I’ve either had it thrown at me or one of my teammates has. …

It’s nice that fans don’t throw bottles at you or whatever it is, and there’s not just a piece of netting protecting you that’s got holes in it anyway…It’s nice to go, just to go into an arena and not get abused and stuff thrown at you every week.

On being Dante Exum’s boyhood basketball idol
Those stories started to come out when Dante first got with the Australian team, and we were roommates with the national team, so it was more of, like, them asking questions about me.

And then it went to the point where [he said] I was his favorite player growing up, and — I played in Melbourne my first three years professionally, and he would’ve been probably three years old at that point.

But yeah, he grew up watching me and actually has one of my jerseys and from what he’s told, I was the first autograph he ever got as well from an athlete or a professional athlete…

He does regret saying all that now, ’cause I bring it up to him all the time that he has to listen to me ’cause I’m his idol.

Does Dante Exum need to shave?
He’s got this terrible little mustache that he thinks he has to trim regularly. Which is ridiculous, ’cause it’s clear that he doesn’t. But he’s actually never shaved any other part of his face.

On living in Utah
I mean, I love it here. Very much like my hometown in Adelaide, in Australia, where I’m from. And it’s a bit quieter and smaller and easier to get around, but I mean, when you play so many games and you travel so much, I don’t think you need much more.

It’s nice to come back to a nice town…I think in some ways, bigger cities, you can get caught up in a bunch of other things because there is so much to do. And yeah, you can’t really get in trouble in Utah, can you?

** Joe Ingles on trying to make it in the NBA, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine: My biggest supporter and help have probably been my fiancee, through it all, from obviously getting cut and not knowing what to do, and I mean, even to the point where sometimes you don’t really want to know if you want to keep trying and keep trying, ’cause it does get hard sometimes, especially when you get older. (KALL, 1320)

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  1. Paul Johnson permalink
    January 31, 2015 4:16 am

    There’s some good fodder for the Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine over on Salt City Hoops, with Dan Clayton writing about which Jazz players have “game balls.”


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