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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 1/28

January 30, 2015
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randy rigby

Derrick Favors is an example of a player that has developed really well. What does Dante Exum need to do to take the next step?
Well, you mentioned Derrick. I’ll mention Derrick. I think Derrick and Gordon [Hayward] this year, you’ve seen them go from being young men to, really, men in this league, and it’s, really taking on, their bodies, their mindset, their leadership, they’ve matured. And we’re gonna have to have that kind of patience with Dante.

Number one, what we do like, there’s a young man who has got a great heart. He’s got a great family upbringing. He knows the game. He loves the game. He’s been playing it. But he’s now gonna have to have some NBA experience. He’s gonna have to get his body stronger.

And mentally, he’s gonna have to be prepared to play — this is a game that, you know, 82 season games, plus eight preseason games. Ninety games, versus where they’ve been used to, and he came out of, now, the high school experience. So, he’s seeing so many more games, and the wave of games just keeps coming at you, coming at you.

And it’s a mental preparation thing that really takes some time to learn it, and understand it, and embrace it. And he’s going to, he’s gonna have to experience that in this rookie year, and learn some things, and I think we’re gonna see steady growth and development from Dante Exum, as he continues to commit to, really, becoming a very, very good, if not a great player, in this game. …

It takes you some time…both physically and mentally, to be, make that mind shift, and change.

On Mother Nature and players’ bodies
We’ve gotta look at, statistically, where most NBA players are at, and it takes some time, and you know what, you can’t race, you can’t speed up Mother Nature and what the development, natural development, of a person’s body. And we’re seeing that, and that’s where it’s gonna take some patience.

But we’ve got a great regimen. We’ve got great strength and conditioning coaches and great programs that are really helping our players to, really, I think, mature and develop as fast as their bodies will allow them. And we don’t want to overly push it. But we want to move it along as an expe-itious, expeditiously as possible.

On the Jazz’s next week of games
There’s some huge challenges, but hopefully, it’s knocking off those rough sto–those rough edges on our stone sooner than later, because we’ve gotta get past these team anyway, to get into the playoffs, and it’s just gonna make us, I think, stronger, faster, to be able to make those next steps in being a championship-caliber team.

** The segment ends with Spencer Checketts saying there’s still time to get game tickets if you want to get away from your wife and kids. (1280)

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