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Bits from Practice, 1/27

January 28, 2015
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** Quin Snyder on the emphasis in practice today
There, you know, there’s a lot of things, really, you know, we kind of emphasizing, one of the things being our transition defense. Things that just, we absolutely, call ’em absolutes, you know, that we have to do or we’re not gonna be competitive.
** Snyder, looking ahead to the Jazz’s next two games
We’ve played the Clippers, we’ve played Golden State a lot, so you kinda know what’s coming — which doesn’t really make it any easier, you know, to play well or beat those guys. But yeah, it’s a stretch not dissimilar to the one we had at the beginning of the year, and it’s very possible that we could play well and lose, because the teams we’re playing, you know, play at a really high level. They’re some of the best teams in the league. And, but we’ll see. It’s, you know, it’s another good barometer for us to see, you know, where we are.

** Derrick Favors on All-Star voting
I mean, I really don’t pay attention to it. If I make it, I make it. If I don’t, I don’t. I really don’t pay attention to it…It is one of my goals, but you know how it goes.
** Favors, asked if his offensive or defensive game has progressed more this year
I think it progressed a lot offensively, as far as, like, hitting jump shots and you know, doing things off the dribble, passing…I think I had to get back to my defensive ways, though. You know, I think I took a little step back on the defensive end. Me personally, I think that. So I had to, you know, just [get] back doing what I do best, like blocking shots, rebounding and controlling the paint.
** Favors on his wristband/wrist wrap
I’m good. Fashion statement. I’m good, yeah.

via @tribjazz

** Enes Kanter on Quin Snyder saying he played with a lot of passion against the Celtics
We played really, pretty bad [in the first half]. I mean, that’s obvious. But at s–and coach Quin just talked to us in the locker room, and you know, he just basically said that we just, you know, he didn’t even, like, wanna say anything because we were playing so bad. We just–we have to figure it out. The players have to figure it out. So we just went out there and just played with the edge. And when we play with the edge, and we w–we saw what happened. I think we have to start the game like that and we have to play with the, every quarter like that.
** Kanter on his big offensive outputs recently
Just more confidence, you know? My teammates give me more confidence, and they give–pass me the ball. And also my coaches too.
** Kanter, asked if he has struggled with confidence during his career
Yeah, I’m, I think my focus was just, you know, when I start missing shots, I’m just say, “Oh man, I’m gonna miss a lot of shots,” something like that. I’m just, like, not focusing. … But now, just with coach Quin help with the new, you know, all the new stuff happening, I think it just keeping me focused more. I mean, if I’m not having a big offensive game, I’m trying to get it defense or I’m trying to get a rebounds and stuff, so.
** Kanter, asked if making the All-Star team at some point is a personal goal
I hope so, you know? Everyone wants to be All-Star, of course. But you know, we’ll see. We have to win first. So, that’s our main focus. Not the player, but the team.
** Kanter, asked if Rudy Gobert’s play puts pressure on him
You know what, I’m happy for him…He’s learning the game better. I’m really happy for him when he’s, you know, trying to blo–you know, block every shot and people get Goberted.* That’s what people said, Goberted. I’m really happy for him, and you know, not just defensively; offensively he’s getting better too. You know, he’s getting more confidence, and both ends he’s playing really good. And I’m, I want him to be really good too.
* Pronounced “go-bearded.”
** Kanter, asked if he looks back on his second year and wishes he could’ve gotten as much playing time as Gobert is getting, and wonders where he’d be now if he’d had
It was a different situation now. I mean, we have a goo–different coach now. I’m not even compare coach Quin with nobody. I mean, coach Quin is just doing an unbelievable job with everybody. So I mean, if we had coach Quin, I mean, it’ll be different maybe, but maybe not. (KALL)

Bit Not From Practice
ICYMI, Zach Lowe named Joe Ingles to his Luke Walton All-Stars team a few weeks ago:

A drinking game guaranteed to leave you sober: Drink every time Joe Ingles takes a shot! Ingles, a longtime Aussie pro who somehow always looks as if he hasn’t showered in days, is producing one of the most bizarro seasons ever for a wing player.

bogut ingles

In an interview with NBA Australia today, Ingles hilariously offered this response:

I actually heard about it through a few other people first. When they brought it up, I obviously went and had a look at it. I’ve never met the guy, and I probably wouldn’t say anything even if I did. That’s why I had to shave my beard a little bit, and do my hair prettier, so that I looked like I’d showered for him. Hopefully he’s impressed by what I look like now.

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  1. Alec permalink
    January 28, 2015 11:06 pm

    ” I mean, we have a goo–different coach now. ”

    That says it all. Great!


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