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Game 45 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Boston Celtics (16-29)

January 27, 2015

quin stevens

Pre-Game Quotage
**Quin Snyder on the chemistry of the new starting line-up
We’ve just got good guys…They’re thinking about the team all the time. So it’s not something that–you know, I’ve referenced the European game, where, you know, guys in different roles, different positions, I mean, I think they wanna do what helps our team right now, and whatever that is helps them, and you know, it’s circular like that. You know, you give to the group, the group gives back to you.

** Gordon Hayward on former Butler teammate Ronald Nored
One of my [Butler] teammates is now working with the [Celtics] too, and he came into town and said he needed me to do some laundry for him, so. I was like, “What do you think this is, dude? We’re out of college.” He was one of my roommates.*
** Hayward, asked if he sees himself as underrated
You know, see myself as one of the elite players in the league, and whether you’re popular or not, to me, it doesn’t matter…We gotta just be better as a team, and I think a lot of the players that we have on the team will start to be more popular.
** Dante Exum on what Quin Snyder said when he told him he was starting
It was just basically to come in, lead the team. You know, try and bring that energy. Also bringing the pace, ’cause you know, I liked to push the ball before, and you know, trying to get the guys to, yeah, just bring the energy, from the start.

* Check below for the next part of this conversation, which included Hayward gifting us with one of the worst UDQMs ever.

favors block

bench reaction

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the first half
I think it’s one of those problems that permeates everything. We just, we didn’t play hard. And I, maybe it’s a little more complicated than that. We played soft, as much as anything. You know, we just, nothing we did with any force, so they just knocked us back offensively, and then we were just, you know, there wasn’t an urgency on defense that we’ve been playing with. … We were weak, and we didn’t assert ourselves and kind of try to, you know, impose our will on them. We allowed that, them to do that to us.
** Snyder on Joe Ingles
A couple weeks ago, I really challenged him, because I think he’s an intelligent player and sometimes you can be content to be intelligent on offense, but he can be equally intelligent on defense. And I think he felt, you know, he started guarding the ball, and was just really active, active hands. Played with a lot, you know, he played like we were down 20 points. And it was good to see that, that urgency in him, and I think our team fed off that.
** Snyder on player combinations and Trey Burke vs. Dante Exum
Who we play and who we start and how that mixes up, you know, we’ll, you know, Enes [Kanter] tonight played with so much passion. I mean, you could feel it. You know, and so, i–sometimes guys don’t, like, a player can force you to play them. Like, coaches want to win. You know, so as far as minutes come, you may go into a game thinking Trey or Dante, and if they’re both playing great I’m gonna try to play both of them. Tonight, Dante looked really tired to me, and so we, you know, substituted Trey earlier in the second half. But you know, I want both those guys, you know, if they can push each other, that, all the better.


** Gordon Hayward on the game
I think they definitely were really physical with us, and you know, we didn’t respond, for sure. We were passive out there. Kinda let them dictate where the ball was going, what we were doing with everything, and that’s how we got down by so much.
** Derrick Favors on the first half
Yeah, I think, you know, we came out kind of lackadaisical. You know, wasn’t really going hard with the offensive plays, and you know, playing kind of soft on the defensive end. But I don’t know, I think it just, we just didn’t give a lot of effort in the first half.
** Favors, holding himself accountable
Next game, you know, we gotta be a lot tougher. You know, I think guys look at me first to set the tone. You know, offensive–on the offensive end and the defensive end. So you know, I put it on myself. I have to come out there and provide the energy and provide the motivation to get going early. … Somebody just gotta come out there and just bring the energy, and you know, just bring the fight and all that so I can–I guess I just have to it next game, just to get everybody else going.
** Trey Burke on the game
Tonight, it was more of, really, the defense wasn’t where, or, wasn’t where it needed to be, pretty much. You know, first half, our offense was sluggish and you know, we didn’t execute at a high level because we kinda let them push us around. They denied us a lot. But throughout the game, you know, our defense was what really killed us.
** Burke on the team’s second-half “attitude adjustment”
Coach didn’t even show us no film when he came into the locker room. It was kinda like, you know, we have to compete on our own, and fight to get back in this game…He didn’t say much. We nee-we knew that, you know, the way we were playing was poor. And we’ll watch film on it tomorrow, and you know, grow from it.

Unintentionally Dirty Moment of the Night

ingles turner

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Dante Exum on Marcus Smart: I went up against him briefly at the Under-19 World Championships.
** Gordon Hayward on Ronald Nored and their laundry: It was one of those things where I would maybe use his grandma…’cause the grandma lived right around the corner. So I don’t know if he’s trying to get me back for that or what.
** Craig Bolerjack, pre-game: There’s Gordon Hayward and his old coach from Butler. They’ll go at it tonight.
** Boler: The Jazz will bang you to death. (H/T @5kl, @carlsston)
** Boler: I’m hoping Favors can get back up.
Ron Boone: Favors right on top of that.
Boler: Hit a slick spot underneath that basket. (H/T @5kl)
** Booner on the Celtics: Some of my notes here, and it’s what I saw last night. You can go backdoor on this team. (H/T @New_OrleansJazz)
** Boler: How about Sullinger, though? 280, and Trey Burke goes 185. About a 100-pound difference. And a few inches to go with that.
Booner: I asked Sullinger about that, and he says, “Trey’s always been the little fella.”
** Boler on Hayward block: I tell you, his recovery time is amazing.
Booner: Half of the blocks have probably, coming up from behind.
** Boler: Millsap will give Joe Ingles a blow.
** Boler: Right now, Quin Snyder is riding Trey Burke.
Booner: Oh yes. Absolutely. Trey’s, has the hot hand.
** Media member to Derrick Favors, post-game: Talk a little bit about one thing that Quin Snyder has rubbed off on you.

The things #utahjazz announcers get away with saying… #UDQM

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