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Game 43 of 82: Utah Jazz at Milwaukee Bucks (15-28)

January 23, 2015

enes tweet

Remember the 4OT game against Atlanta three seasons ago? Enes Kanter had the best end-of-game bench reactions back then, and he’s still got it:


Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on starting Dante Exum over Trey Burke at point guard
It’s something we’ve been looking at, you know, generally speaking, for a little while. We’ve had trouble scoring, and, particularly with our second unit coming off the bench, and I think Trey just, give us a little more pop in that respect. And I also think, you know, as Dante grows as a player, I think him being in the game with that first group, particularly with Gordon [Hayward], will help him, you know, in handling the ball and kinda relaxing, so.

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the game
The turnovers, we, you know, continue to be something we gotta work on, and the one thing I’ll say is that we played with the pass more tonight than we have recently. And it’s not an accident in my mind that you make more shots from three, because those passes and the ball movement, you know, it takes some pressure off you as a shooter because they’re, you know, there are shots, and not just one guy where he’s gotta make it. So I was, you know, if there was one thing I was pleased with tonight, that was it.

enes postvia @tribjazz

** Enes Kanter, asked what allowed him to be successful the last two games (47 points and 33 rebounds)
Just my teammates, man. You know, I just give my whole, all my credit to my teammates. You know, they believe in me. They pass me the ball. And also, m–you know, head coach Quin is, you know, unbelievable. He’s, you know, when I was down, he was just, you know, pushing me back and he was just saying, “Come on, get back to play”…And also, you know, assistant coaches too. So I’m just giving my credit to all my teammates and all my coaches.
** Kanter on Rudy Gobert
Man, Rudy Gobert. What a player he’s becoming. You know, I mean, I think he’s just giving 100 percent every night, and you know, he just getting used to NBA every night. Every time he plays, he’s feeling more comfortable. And you know, he’s talking to me about taking that mid-range shot too, so he’s working on it. By the way, he beat me on it too. He beat me on it 2014. So, I don’t know. New year, I told him to work on it, see who’s gonna win.
** Kanter on how it felt to see the ball go in the basket, and hitting a 3-pointer
I don’t know, man. Ask [Thurl] Bailey. He didn’t want me to take 3-point.* I don’t know. Ask him if he wants me to still take 3-points. But seriously, I think it was really good. You know, tonight we made some tough sho–we made some shots and we made some tough shot, but I think the most important thing was defense. So, I think we just put a, put some, you know, really effort on defense, and everybody put theirself at 100 percent.

* Good memory, Enes.

** Gordon Hayward on the game
Yeah, man, it was a great win for us, for sure. You know, we escaped — definitely, they had chances at the end of the game, but I think the way we competed, you know, the fight we had. They stormed back there in the second half, and they put up, like, six or seven[-point] lead on us, and we continued to fight. Played really hard tonight, especially off the back-to-back. It was really good, and so we deserved this one.
** Dante Exum on what instructions he got from Quin Snyder
Pace of play’s been a big thing for us, and and that’s one of the reasons, you know, he put in me in the starting lineup, just to kinda push the ball, bring a bit of energy to the team. And it’s about getting those deep outlets and getting everybody started, so.
** Exum on the final play
Yeah, I got screened really hard. You know, I tried to yell at Joe [Ingles], but Joe didn’t listen as Joe does…But we knew [Brandon Knight] was gonna miss the shot, so that’s why we let him have it. (laughs)

rudy joe turiafWe’ve got so much international flavor.

Random Stuff, etc.
** Frankenstein Rudy:


** Mrs. Hayward was rather bored.


** In the crowd: Guy in a Jazz Boozer jersey:

boozer jersey

** This game will live on for posterity as the day Craig Bolerjack and Matt Harpring began their careers as agony aunts doling out (unsolicited) relationship advice. Their advice to this young couple:

agony aunts

Harpring: You might as well end it now.
Boler: You know, just walk away. That’s all I got to say.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Bucks commentator #1: I don’t know what it is about you working with me in Milwaukee, but balls fly at us when you’re here.
Bucks commentator #2: Well, I’m glad you have good hands, because I was watching the monitor and not the basketball, and your quick hands, Jim–
Jim: My hands had nothing to do with it.
Bucks commentator #2: –saved the day that time. (H/T @mac_jazz)
** Craig Bolerjack: Mayo goes down along with Booker.
Matt Harpring: Jazz can’t afford another one.
** Harpring on Hayward: He goes hard to the hole on this play. This is how you take it to the hole.
Boler: O’Bryant was in the restricted area.
** Dante Exum, asked if it felt like “just another game”: Yeah, no, it didn’t. That’s what I wanted to come in and make it feel like. I didn’t wanna come in, you know, make it feel like a, anything more.
** Gordon Hayward on turnovers: I think part of the issue is just our youth and inexperience. Also, you’re mixing in a bunch of different guys, and that stuff’s gonna happen.

Red denotes most recent game.

game 43

For the second consecutive game, there was no halftime interview. On the Bucks broadcast, meanwhile, the halftime interviewee was none other than Greg “Throat Slash” Foster.

greg foster

Jazz record when the opponent’s halftime interviewee is a former Jazzman: 1-0. (H/T @Bwightman84 and @mac_jazz)

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  1. Matt permalink
    January 23, 2015 10:58 pm

    OK, I’m good with Foster doing all the halftime interviews!

    I didn’t know he was with MIL. Last I heard he was barking instructions at the combine, I thought he was affiPHIliated with the Sixers.


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