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Mid-season: Highlights of Opponent Game Thread Highlights

January 20, 2015
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Sports fans are funny…and can be quite colorful and creative in their use of words. Below are some of the descriptions of Quin Snyder and a few Jazz players found in opponent game threads so far this season:

** scary as fuck (Mavericks)
** hot (Pistons)
** Batman villain (Pistons)
** Die Hard villain (Pistons)
** superhero movie villain (Pistons)
** shitty boyfriend of protagonist’s love interest (Pistons)
** shitty stepdad (Pistons)
** mean drunk (Pistons)
** Ray Liotta in the wild (Pistons)
** stockbroker serial killer (Pistons)
** Benicio Del Toro (Pistons)
** guy in tequila commercial (who may or may not be Ray Liotta) (Pistons)
** guy looking for his coke dealer (Pistons)
** beleaguered news editor (Knicks)
** movie villain (Knicks)
** Joker (Dark Knight) impersonator (Warriors)
** Kato Kaelin (Nuggets)
** crazy person (Kings)
** legitimately scary looking (Kings)
** the Joker (Kings)
** Patrick Bateman from American Psycho (Kings)
** a good Riddler (Kings)
** Robert Patrick in Terminator 2 (Hawks)
** on the backend of a coke binge (Wolves)


** Hulk Bieber (Blazers)
** Haywood (Suns)
** Heyward (Knicks)
** a shorter Dunleavy (Heat)
** one of the frat boys that hassled Will Hunting (Wolves)
** Robbie Van Winkle (Wolves)
** Macklemore (Wolves)
** the kind of guy who would wear pants to play basketball (Wolves)
** good looking basketball player (Wolves)
** American Beckham (Wolves)
** HAYFLOP* (Warriors)

** went to the barber and said “Give me the Conan O’Brien” (Hawks)
** hairstyle is 1950s cool (Nuggets)
** looks like he belongs on one of those vampire shows with that hairstyle of his (Heat)
** needs to stop with that hairstyle and all that playing with it (Heat)
** hair cut is some ugly stuff (Wolves)
** Hair Gordon (Wolves)
** has that “40s Boxer” thing the hipsters are doing (Hawks)
** Justin Bieber hairdo (Wolves)

** a guy who can touch both rims simultaneously (Blazers)
** freakish reach (Thunder)
** fucking shit up by just being tall (Rockets)
** super fucking long (Rockets)
** arms down to his knees (Warriors)
** a fake person made in 2k (Nuggets)
** a fucking monster (Nuggets)
** gobstopper (Spurs)
** a giant sized Beasley (Heat)
** rather large (Hornets)
** getting bigger and bigger (Hawks)
** huge (Hawks)
** just too long (Hawks)
** one long annoying fuck (Bulls)
** Gobblert (Rockets)
** Gobbler (Rockets)
** The Gobbler (Rockets)
** Gobzilla (Warriors)
** a monster (Warriors)
** so long and so large (Spurs)

ingles 112
** Who the fuck is Ingles? (Pistons)
** Who the fuck is Ingles (Bulls)
** who the fuck joe ingles (Wizards)
** Who is Joe Ingles? (Hornets)
** a YMCA league guy (Spurs)
** a drunk uncle (Hawks)
** pulled straight out of the gutter before the game (Hawks)
** homeless (Hawks)
** looks prone to being in a bar fight (Hawks)
** looked like came from the old man league (Hawks)
** looks like he’d smell like Jack Daniels when he sweats (Hawks)
** my building super (Wolves)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Diana permalink
    January 21, 2015 12:08 pm

    Thanks for compiling all of this. I love it!

  2. JuMu permalink
    January 21, 2015 10:28 pm

    This is incredible

  3. brian permalink
    January 22, 2015 12:58 am

    hair gordon is my favorite. also happy that ingles is going for the homeless look. about time someone started repping that demo.


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