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Bits from Practice, 1/15

January 16, 2015
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** Quin Snyder on Elijah Millsap’s technical foul and technical fouls in general
I was disappointed. You know, that’s not the way that you want to start, you know, a 10-day [contract], let alone a career. So, the, it’s not OK. And he knows that. You know, it’s not OK that Joe [Ingles] has gotten two either. You know, I don’t like when our guys talk to the refs [because] usually you’re complaining about something, and the game’s going on at the same time. And you know, we’re not a team, we don’t walk on the court and expect the respect that teams that are perennially, you know, contending for titles–we need to earn what we get…It’s just not, it’s the wrong approach philosophically, if you’re gonna bitch about a call instead of doing what you need to do better. It’s pretty simple to me.

Gordon Hayward sometimes doesn’t get calls…

Yeah, I mean, you have, I mean, there’s guys that over time, you develop relationships with the referees, but you don’t develop relationships by whining all the time. And you know, I think that, my whole thing is, let’s control what we can control. The referees are gonna make mistakes, and you can either focus on how you’re getting the shaft, or you can figure out how to be stronger and get an and-1 when you get fouled. So you know, I just think it’s the wrong mindset…I just don’t, it’s not my DNA to whine and complain and cry about the officiating. Just be better.

** Snyder, asked if he’s experiencing a coach rookie wall when he doesn’t believe in player rookie walls
As long as I don’t have to move again next summer, I’ll be all right. But I move every summer, so that’s my fatigue. When June rolls around, I see the moving van coming. So, that’s a good thing.

favors 1019
** Derrick Favors, asked if he experienced the rookie wall
I didn’t feel it. I didn’t have time to feel it. You know, by the time, I was in New Jersey. I guess I was starting to hit it, getting a little tired. Next thing you know, I got traded. Came to Utah, and I was like, I was re-energized then. So I really didn’t have time to feel it.
** Favors on using more possessions straight at the basket this year vs. more on the left block last year
You know, last year, I was used to getting the ball on the post, but when Quin got hired this summer, we talked and he told me he wanted me to start playing more at the elbow, more mid-range. And some in the post too, but more mid-range. So I had to start working on that this summer…I feel comfortable either spot, but you know, I guess the elbow area and the mid-range is working a bit better for me right now.

** Dante Exum, asked if he believes in or has hit the rookie wall
You know, playing all these games, everyone’s gonna run into a time where they’re fatigued. And you know, I’m just handling it the way I can handle it best, and that’s trying to get sleep and a lot of food. But you know, everyone’s gonna go through fatigue, and so-called walls, so I wouldn’t just say it’s a rookie thing…I’d have to say [the season] is more mentally fatiguing [than physically]. You know, you’ve gotta be focused 100 percent of the time…So, just the fatigue of having to deal with the scouting reports and going from team to team, so it’s just an adjustment.
** Exum on watching game film of himself
You know, yeah, we always watch film of myself, and it’s just those possessions where, you know, I’m not ready, or I’m not where I should be. And it’s just that little lapse where, you know, I normally would be there, and you know, that’s just something I gotta adjust and get through, so…It’s one of those things where you kind of think you’re doing it in your head, but you’re not. So it’s just, like the coaches know, and the coaches are just trying to do it as a constant reminder that, to put me in that same position where I should be, so.

** Elijah Millsap on getting his second 10-day contract
Ecstatic. I’m fortunate. I’m blessed. I’m just happy to be here.
** Millsap on brother Paul
Actually, he called me and, he was the first person that called me and told me about the 10-day. So he knew before me and he played a little joke on me, so…He was trying to act like it was an emergency, and that I needed to pray, pray real fast. So, once I caught him, he told me what was going on.*
** Millsap on Quin Snyder
You know, some people just have that look…With Quin, you know, I think he just, you know, gets that look sometimes. But he wasn’t, I don’t think, in Ian [Clark]’s face about the turnover [in the last game]. I think he was telling Ian not to worry about it. He’s that type of guy, you know? He tells us to, you know, just relax. You know, it’s not as serious as it really, you know, seems. So he’s a great coach, and he knows how to reach out to the players and make us feel comfortable on the court.

* He previously declined to offer details on how Paul pranked him.

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  1. Diana permalink
    January 17, 2015 4:01 am

    Thanks for all your hard work you do to share this info with us. You are my Jazz news, Jazz social media and basically everything Jazz outlet!


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