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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 1/15

January 15, 2015
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How are you, Randy?
I’m doing great. I, in fact, I couldn’t be doing any better. I just left my daughter’s house. I had to pick up one item, get ready for this show. And she placed in front of me–my daughter, Michelle–a delicious cup of Mexican hot chocolate and some homemade–she called it a sweet bread conch.* And I chowed that down with my granddaughter Zuri and grandson Rigby. So, I just had a delightful time.

Your grandson is named Rigby?

Yes, how about that? Is that a cute name or what?

So is it Rigby Rigby?

It is Rigby Monson.

* Concha, probably.

On Rudy Gobert
Yeah, Rudy is, I’m impressed with the steps that he’s making each and every week. He, almost each and every game, in, his confidence is building. I mean, his line, I believe last night, another double-double, but he had, what was it, 16 points, 11 rebounds, was it four blocked shots, two steals?

I mean, he had some other statistics that was really good to see, which showed that he’s active, he’s engaged, that, you know what, he’s making a difference and he’s making players in other teams second-guess what they’re trying to do, and that has a huge impact.

And then it gives confidence to the rest of your teammates, and lets them be, play a little more aggressive and have some confidence as well.

On Dante Exum
Well, I think Dante is really, you have those ebbs and those flows, particularly young players. This is the first time in the league, and we say it again and again: This is a man’s league.

And Dante’s 19 years old, and he hasn’t been playing that much basket–I mean, in a regular season, the competitiveness and the degree and intensity that he’s going through is something that he has never experienced before. And I think it has its effects on his game.

The thing I’m very happy with Dante though, his, he s–keeps an attitude of being positive. He keeps smiling, he keeps pushing himself, and he’s working through it. He’s not letting it get the best of him.

I think the numbers sometimes are st–are worse off on some given nights, but mentally, he’s fighting through it and he’s believing in h–th–and seize the opportunity and is enjoying the opportunity of being there, [continuing] to push himself, and w–our coaching staff is continuing to work though with him, to keep his attitude up as he continues to work through his first year in the NBA.

There’s a lot for him to learn, and he’s gonna learn a lot these next couple of years, but it’s gonna make him better and it, we’ve all seen the bursts and the talent and the abilities that he has as he continues to just apply himself and his body gets stronger, and he gets mentally stronger.

On Trey Burke
Well, we’ve talked about Trey, and if you look at his historic past of how he has improved himself and made teams better each year he’s been on, that’s been the M.O. of Trey Burke. He doesn’t rest on his laurels and get satisfied.*

And I, th–I really know that if he is feeling, you know, the pressure a little bit, maybe of a Dante Exum getting a chance to be in that starting role, and his competitive juices saying, “Hey, that’s my position. I–” You know what, that drives him. Him wanting to be better and being one of the best players in this league drives him. Those things, I think, are seeing an impact.

But at the same time, there’s been a lot of work that our coaching staff, Quin [Snyder] and his staff have taken some very good time as well. And Trey has asked for it, to really be a student and learn more, to be using video more, and really studying his game, and making those improvements.

So, it’s a combined effort from a lot of people, but primarily the hard work and efforts of Trey Burke, that is, I think we’re seeing the fruits of that type of commitment, and something that we want to continue to see and have continue to grow, ’cause I think there’s a lot higher level that we can see from Trey Burke as he continues to apply himself.


On Derrick Favors
Well, Derrick Favors came into this league, and he no sooner was drafted, and all of a sudden his name is being floated out there, of being traded. You know, and no sooner was he, shortly with the team, and he was traded.

And that’s pretty impactful on a young, fragile rookie, and, in this league, and a person of Derrick’s quality and character, but also he’s a very humble, down-to-earth person, and very introspective in a lot of ways.

I think it’s taken some time for Derrick to work through that, and at the same time, to see, he has a home now here, of literally, physi–not only physically making a home here in Utah, but also mostly seeing that the Jazz believe in him. These fans believe in him. We want him here.

He is a foundation to what we’re doing, and building that confidence, and having times that he had with Karl Malone and now with our coaching staff, spending the time, the off-summer time that he really worked on it, and paying the price.

And now we’re seeing those fruits that, this young man can be a real imfa–impactful player, and has the abilities of really being a star in this league, and being a real foundational person for the Utah Jazz, as he continues to apply himself.

He’s seeing the formula. He’s seeing what the hard work and the efforts can produce, and he has the mindset and the desire to want to continue to be better. And I think with all those formulas in place, the best is still to come with Derrick Favors, but is another piece that we’ve all gonna be, as Jazz fans, as front office, we’re very happy we’re seeing, and excited to see what we can continue to develop.

Can we get a Randy Rigby victory guarantee for the next game against the Lakers?
You’ve got, from the front office standpoint, you’ve got my commitment that we’re gonna get us a win. (1280)

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    January 15, 2015 9:38 pm

    I am so thankful we have the mighty Quinn …. for good interviews. :)


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