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Game 39 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Golden State Warriors (13-26)

January 14, 2015


Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on putting Enes Kanter back into the starting lineup
If you’re hurt, you don’t lose your job because you’re hurt. You know, if you’re hurt, you’re out, you don’t have a chance to compete. And we’re excited that other guys over the course of the year have stepped in…For us, it’s a question of, like, you know, we haven’t had a consistent starting lineup all year, really, so the idea of, like, who our “starters” are, you know, Gordon [Hayward]’s started every game. That’s probably about it.

** Gordon Hayward on the starting lineup with Enes Kanter vs. starting lineup with Rudy Gobert
Just different pieces, different players. You know, I think it’s obvious that Enes is a little more offensive-minded, a little better offensively than Rudy is. And Rudy’s, you know, dominant defensive player, so. You know, it’s different spacing out there on the court, but you know, I think it’ll be fine. We play with both of ’em, so.
** Enes Kanter on Rudy Gobert’s performance strengthening the team
Rudy play unbelievable, and also, you know, Trevor Booker too. And you know, Jeremy [Evans] got some minutes, so I’m just really happy to see those people, those players out there and just, you know, fight and it just really nice.
** Kanter, asked if being in a contract year weighs on him
Of course, I mean, it’s important. But you know, the only thing that we, I’m worry about right now, you know, just finish the season healthy and just finish the best we can as a team. So I mean, if I play the season really good and if we lost too many games or if we don’t get nothing out of it, it’s not gonna be helpful to me or to my teammates. So we just trying to get the best play we can.

Familiar faces on the Warriors bench, Part 1:

jarron collins

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, asked if the 44-point third quarter was Warriors offense or Jazz defense
Well, I think we looked tired, we–like, just the game, and they raised their level. So I guess the answer is probably both. They hit some shots. They were tough shots. They were contested, but there’s, against a team like that, when they get a, get it going, it’s not enough to just be near ’em. You know, you gotta be close enough to ’em where they’re really, really hard shots or they can’t shoot ’em. But they make that difficult, because they get in the lane. You know, that’s where the pace that, the pace gets ’em and it gets ’em in the paint. And then they collapse you.
** Snyder, asked if Dante Exum has hit the rookie wall
I’m not willing to say it’s fatigue. I think he’s gotta keep challenging himself to play with intensity, you know, to play every moment. But you know, we, he’s just gotta keep working. You know, I mean, everybody’s fatigued. You kinda have this idea of a, I think psychologically the rookie wall. You know, whether you’ve hit it or not, you know, you don’t, you hit the wall, you get up. I mean, you go around it. You know, you don’t just, “I hit the wall.” You know, we don’t, he can’t hit the wall. He’s gotta keep playing. We need him. And he needs to keep playing. That’ll help him get better.

exum sag

** Enes Kanter on the game
I think the first half, we played pretty good, I guess. Then, but second, I, they just make some tough shots. And you know, I think we just have to communicate more out there. So that was a problem, I think.
** Kanter on his ankle
It’s a little sore. I’m not really 100 percent, so, but I just wanted to be out there with my teammates. It’s been long, too long. I missed four games. I just want to be out there with my teammates, so I just try to get back.
** Derrick Favors on his offensive repertoire
I put in a lot of hard work since I came here. You know, a lot of people didn’t expect me to be a offensive player. Everybody expect me to be a raw offensive player with no offensive moves or whatever. So you know, I put in a lot of work and I just, you know, it just paying off for me.
** Favors on Rudy Gobert’s offensive impact on the team
Guys on the [other] team gotta respect him rolling to the basket, you know, and that open up a lot of things for the guards or for the other big out there…He’s a good passer. He set good screens, and you know, he does a lot more on the offensive end than people give him credit for.

** Trey Burke on the game
I definitely think we took a step forward tonight, even though we lost. We made things tough for ’em, and they just made shots…I feel like we competed at a high level. Third quarter is what killed us, man. It’s tied go–it’s tied up going into halftime; third quarter they came out and they made, you know, a plethora of shots. So it was tough for us, you know, to get back, you know, after that.
** Burke on the Jazz’s defense
As a fan or as a s–you know, as a spectator watching, you may not see [defensive improvement] because, you know, we lost, and you know, and they made shots, but it wasn’t easy for them at all. You know, they, it was a couple possessions where, you know, they made the crowd ooh and things like that, and it may have looked easy, but you know, we made things hard on them. We made ’em work tonight. … Our transition defense wasn’t where it needed to be. Mainly it was because we didn’t communicate, you know, w–at the level we should’ve communicated. And they got some easy buckets in transition, which was a co–which was costly. And we can’t allow that to happen.

** Rudy Gobert on the game
We know that [Golden State] is a great team, offensively and defensively. But I think we could’ve done a much better job, like, take care of the ball. And defensively too, communication and don’t give them easy shot, because that’s what they do. I think we should’ve made them drive, and try to give them something to the rim, because they just want to shoot the ball.
** Gobert, asked if he can feel the impact he has when he’s on the floor
I’m trying to be more confident defensively and be more aggressive, and the more I’m gonna be aggressive, the more my teammates gonna pass me the ball, and it’s just gonna keep getting better. And of course I’m here to play defense. That’s what I do, play defense. And I know that my teammates trust me on defense now, like, they know I have their back, and I can feel that when I’m on the floor, they’re just more aggressive because they know that if the player drives, I’m gonna clean it up.
** Gobert on communication
I think we could’ve done a much better job on communication … We can do a much better job. We communicate, like, one quarter, and then one quarter we gonna stop talking. And maybe we feel like it’s not important, but I think it’s very important because when you get to trust a teammate defensively, you gotta communicate.

Familiar faces on the Warriors bench, Part 2:

brandon rush

Random Stuff, etc.
** Scott Layden and some other dudes at the White House (via @NBA):

** Europe has really done a number on Fes.

old fes

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring on dancing fans in the crowd: You’ve got to practice your dance moves before you come.
** Harpring on Rudy Gobert: He wasn’t in for more than 30 seconds and already the Gobert Factor is here.
** Harpring on Trey Burke and Joe Ingles: Trey set that up perfectly, though. He slowed himself down to give off a sweet pass to Ingles.
** Harpring on Steph Curry: He fakes Joe out by cutting backdoor to get open, and Joe can’t believe it.
** Craig Bolerjack: You blink and eye or two, and Curry will go off.
** Harpring, relaying how Steph Curry was born: You know, really, his dad Dell Curry had a quick release.
** Boler on Derrick Favors free throw: Favors on his toes, nice stroke.
** Quin Snyder:

quin udqm

Red denotes most recent game.

game 39

Thanks to @dianaallen for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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  1. bebop permalink
    January 14, 2015 10:27 pm

    He looks like a….. methfez

  2. Paul Johnson permalink
    January 15, 2015 2:11 am

    I would have liked to have seen Jarron Collins sitting in the second row in a suit much, much, much more when he was a player for the Jazz.

    I loved Trey Burke’s use of the word “plethora.” Maybe in his interview after the next game he could use the word “ubiquitous.”

    From the looks of that picture, it is clear Fez has been spending way too much time staying up all night with his new wife.

  3. Paul Johnson permalink
    January 15, 2015 2:14 am

    Brandon Rush seems like that guy who makes the team only because he is the best friend of the star player.

  4. January 15, 2015 4:02 pm

    I think (not sure) Fes was playing with one of those face aging apps…


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