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Bits from Practice, 1/12

January 13, 2015
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Quin Snyder on what was his emphasis in practice today
A lot of talk about communication. You know, I think trying to get more efficient with our execution, which will help, you know, turnovers, basically. We made a lot of mistakes handling the ball, some of it because we’ve got a lotta new faces. We’ve had a few injuries, guys coming back from injuries. They’re getting reacclimated. New faces need to figure plays out.

And so that, you know, that was a concern following the Houston game, is that we turned it over too much. You know, just, really, just getting a little rhythm together, playing. And you know, we’re continuing to focus on the things that we need to be doing defensively to be better. …

Our group is, talking on the court is hard when you’re competing, when you’re fatigued. You know, I think we’ve got a group that is close, and you know, their communication amongst one another is good. Just when you get out, when you’re new to one another, especially, you know, when there’s duress, it’s difficult to do that. It’s just, it’s really, really hard.

You gotta keep, we gotta keep trying, keep emphasizing it. They gotta keep wanting it, and know how important it is to–just improves everything.

Snyder on Enes Kanter’s strides on defense this year
You know, he’s been doing everything we’ve asked, and embraced it. And you know, I’ve said this: For a guy that’s as big and strong as he is, he’s very agile. You know, his ability to guard perimeter players, you know, that’s the area where I think he’s continued to improve, is, you know, just being out on the floor, finding a comfort level with that. You know, I’m really pleased with his progress there.

ingles 112

Joe Ingles, asked if communication is harder on a quiet team
I mean, we do have quiet guys. It’s, you know, obviously it’s just their personalities; not that they’re bad guys or anything. Just gotta, I think once you cross that line on the court, you can kinda be whoever you wanna be, you know, if the, to be that quiet person you are in day-to-day life. So, we’re trying. We’re doing things and it has got better.

It’s, you can notice it, I think on the court when we are talking and locked in, we’re pretty solid defensively, and when we are quiet out there is when we have breakdowns. So it’s a, it’s pretty obvious difference, and then, we know that and we’re trying to work on it…I’m happy to talk and probably do, probably guys get a bit sick of me sometimes. …

Me and Steve [Novak] are probably the two most talkative-slash-outgoing kind of people in the group, and I mean, in the locker room it’s fine. I mean, obviously we don’t sit in the locker room and everyone’s quiet and nobody’s talking. We do communicate and talk, and, basketball and non-basketball stuff.

It’s just, I think it’s like I said, one of those things where once you cross that line, you c–you really can, you can be whoever you want to be, and you don’t have to be a quiet person.

So, you can go out there and scream your head off, and then once you cross that line after the game again, you can go back to who you are and I don’t think people are gonna judge anyone on court for talking too much. So, it’s just something we gotta keep working on and yeah, I think we’ll get better and better.

Ingles, asked if he trash talks
In the, me? To–hell no. Twenty-seven-year-old rookie, I ain’t got nothing to say to no one. No, I mean, I’ve got, obviously got under a few people’s skin, but no, I don’t talk. I got nothing to say…When I score 50, I’ll say something. Which will be never, so.

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Trey Burke, asked if he’s enjoying the process of the Quin Snyder system
Yeah, I’m loving it. You know, he’s holding us all accountable, and, especially me. He’s on me every single day, whether it’s on the court or off the court, on the phone or, and things like that.

He’s talking to me about, you know, just continuing to, you know, make improvements on the defensive end, and you know, he lets me know things are gon come, you know, on the offensive end. But he’s really on me on defense.

Burke on his improved shooting as of late
Yeah, I think more than anything, it’s just shot selections. You know, I think against Atlanta, I felt like I had some, a lot of open shots that I missed. But I felt like I forced some shots as well, and that’s why my percentage was so bad.

So after that, you know, I watched it, and you know, just learned from it, you know, and I think my shot selection and ability to get into the paint and get higher percentage shots has been, you know, much better since then.

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