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Game 33 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Atlanta Hawks (11-22)

January 3, 2015

The Jazz need to do something about the screaming kids behind the scorer’s table. That is all.

korver millsap

Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, shootaround
I’d rather, even in transition, sometimes I’d rather have us, you know, err on the side of aggressiveness. You know, I think, that’s really one of the things that we found about pace, is if you’re not shooting the ball great, you know, it’s tough to shoot it quickly. You want to make the team defend you, and, but if we have open looks, particularly when the ball–I like to see the ball break the paint, and then when the ball’s kicked for those early threes, I think they’re easier shots.
** Snyder on his relationship with Mike Budenholzer
Well, my relationship with Bud is, I think, unique, in that I’ve known him for some time, and have, you know, a tremendous amount of respect for him for, you know, for that same amount of time. The opportunity that I had in Atlanta with him was a great one, particularly the timing of it, where he gave me a lot of respect and freedom. And it felt like he listened to me. Obviously, he’s the head coach. He ultimately made the decisions that he believed in, was comfortable with, but I think he encouraged me to offer input, and it made me think a lot about if I were to be fortunate enough to become a head coach, kind of how I might do it. And a lot of things that we’re doing are, you know, the direct result of things that I saw him doing, and learned from him. So, I owe Bud a tremendous amount for, you know, his tutelage and also for the dialogue and just the friendship as well.

millsap tweets

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on Patrick Christopher’s injury
He’s a tough kid. I think everything that he’s, you know, all the times that he’s competed to get to, you know, a moment like this, where he’s playing in an NBA game in a significant way–to have that happen, it’s just really, it’s really, really unfortunate. So, we’re, you know, thoughts and prayers with him. Hopefully, he’ll get better, and be able to resume his career, you know, on the same level that right now he is on.
** Snyder on Trey Burke’s performance
Well, I thought he competed defensively…My biggest thing with all our guys and probably with Trey as much as anybody, because he spearheads it on the ball, is just to battle. And I thought he had a lot of clean looks. They just didn’t go in. It was one of those nights, and I know he feels, you know, that’s a tough thing for a guy that, you know, that’s used to making those shots and making big shots.
** Snyder on Dante Exum
You know, I saw emotion from Dante, which I like. … You know, Elton Brand is diving on the floor for loose balls. You know, he’s trying to play another year, and another year, and another year. And I want Dante to play like he, you know, like he doesn’t have all those years in front of him, like he doesn’t have all those minutes in front of him. And when he does, you know, we see him attacking and we see juice and energy and competitiveness.
** Snyder on Kyle Korver
The one thing people don’t realize about him is he’s a really good defender. You know, I mean, I remember last year when people would try to post him up, and we kinda, you know, early on, Bud, we kinda wondered if maybe we could give him some help on double team, and he was adamant that he didn’t want that. And he never needed it. You know, and I think that’s, he’s just, he’s a competitive guy…I don’t think it’s about him scoring. It’s about, you know, he’s about winning.

** Trey Burke on the game
We stayed confident out there. I think it all kinda went a little downhill, you know, when Pat, you know, hurt his knee. And you know, we tried to stick together, and you know, we were still a little sluggish after that. … Second half, we picked it up a bit and we had a chance to win at the end.
** Burke on his poor shooting night
I really can’t explain it. It was just, I felt like I got in the paint, you know, I feel like I may have settled a little too much, shot too many threes. But you know, I just tried to make plays for my team, tried to just be aggressive, and take the look that they gave me. Coach Quin just told me to kept, you know, keep being aggressive, getting in the paint, and shots just weren’t falling. I think that was, you know, one of my worst shooting performances ever as a basketball player. So I just, you know, can’t get too high or too low in this league.
** Dante Exum on being more aggressive
Yeah, Quin’s been, you know, on me a lot about being aggressive and getting to the basket. And he actually, during practice, was telling me to just drive it, just keep driving. And that’s what I’m trying to do, but also trying to get my 3-point shot as well, so.
** Exum, asked if he sees injuries to Alec Burks, Rodney Hood and Patrick Christopher as a chance for him to step up at shooting guard
You know, I know I’m a point guard and I’m trying to do whatever I want to do, but if I roll into that position, which I did a bit tonight,’cause we needed it, then you know, I’m happy to.

jensen tweet

** Paul Millsap, asked what’s the biggest difference with the Jazz since he on the team
Their style of play. Style of play is different, man. A lot different than where, when I was here. There’s more spacing, more pick and rolls at the top of key. You know, anybody could handle the ball.
** Kyle Korver on Utah
I am a strong defender of Salt Lake City in the NBA. Whenever the Jazz come up, I always let everybody know that this is a great place, and you know, I got a lot of friends here and a lot of great memories, and you know, we had some really good times here.

quin-hugsEverybody loves Quin.

Word Association: “Quin Snyder”
** Mike Budenholzer: Amazing.
** Paul Millsap: Intelligent. Smart. Basketball smart. IQ.
** Kyle Korver: Oh, stare. Someone, I came into town yesterday, and everyone’s talking to me about the staredown he had during the last timeout, and I, they showed me on the Internet, and he had this, like, it was like this turning head. He kept on, like, turning this, like, mean stare. I was dying…No, Quin’s great. He’s a great basketball mind, and you guys are in, you guys are lucky to have him.


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring on DeMarre Carroll’s bloody nose: Just plug it up, right?
Craig Bolerjack: That’s what it’s all about.
** Harpring on Trevor Booker: Now that guy can get up. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Phil Johnson on Gordon Hayward: They’re double-teaming him, and the other guys have got to fill in. They’ve gotta make, take advantage of that.
** Tony Parks to Hayward on Jazz injuries: Boy, when it happens this quick, this often and right away, it’s gotta be something that shocks the team a little bit.
** Hayward, post-game: The past couple weeks, we haven’t done that. We haven’t fell behind and gotten into a big hole.
** Steve Brown to Hayward, post-game: It’s gotta drive you crazy, getting behind in that hole, doesn’t it?
** Hayward, post-game: It’s tough whenever somebody goes down. You never want to see that. But we’re gonna have to, you know, maybe play outside of our positions, play some different roles.
** Quin Snyder on Dante Exum: To have me on his tail, hard, and to battle, is great.
** Trey Burke, post-game: And the second half, we came together as a team, you know, and just couldn’t pull it out.

Red denotes most recent game.

game 33

Thanks to @davidjsmith1232 and @dianaallen for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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  1. Kashif permalink
    January 6, 2015 4:37 am

    Couldn’t agree more about the screaming kids behind the announcers, sooooo annoying!!!


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