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Get to Know: Trevor Booker

December 8, 2014
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From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series; recorded around September


Childhood snapshot: Outside playing baseball, basketball or football with brothers and cousins
Childhood room: Trophies and accomplishments; no posters
Best Christmas present ever: Guitar from fiancee two Christmases ago, but still haven’t learned how to play it
Best basketball moment ever: Advancing to the second round of the playoffs last year and feeling a part of a team
Worst basketball moment ever: Losing in the second round last year
Favorite class: PE or math
Least favorite class: Chemistry
How do you treat yourself? Get a massage and pedicure, and then go home and have my fiancee give me another masage
Why do you wear No. 33? Have worn No. 35 since freshman year of high school, but it’s retired in Utah
If you were an actor, what kind of actor would you be? I think I have good acting skills, so I want to try it out one day
Worst job or chore ever: High school job at a distribution center labelling and putting boxes on a conveyor belt. Worked there for two to three months and hated it. Worst job was wishing dishes because it would hurt my back. I had to bend over in the sink.
Superpower: See stuff before it happens

Five most frequently used apps on your phone: Instagram, Twitter, Wells Fargo, American Express and Candy Crush
Top five musical artists: J. Cole, Drake, Biggie Smalls
Top five non-NBA athletes: Serena Williams, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, Ken Griffey Jr. and Ronaldinho
All-time NBA starting five: John Stockton, Michael Jordan (alternate: Allen Iverson), LeBron James, “best power forward of all time” Tim Duncan (alternate: Kevin Garnett) and Wilt Chamberlain
Five things you can’t live without: Cereal, family, basketball, sports and air

Mom: Supportive, has always been there for me, did good job of raising me. Was both disciplinarian and lover, but dad was more the disciplinarian
Good day in the Booker house when: Everyone is home at the same time
First person that recognized your talent: AAU basketball coach Steve McNally(?) and high school coach Joe Pitt
“If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be here today” moment: AAU tournament in Houston. Had a good tournament and all the offers started coming in

First basketball team: Can’t remember the name. Rec basketball league at around five years old
First buzzer beater: High school scrimmage
First dunk: Ninth grade
First pair of basketball shoes: No clue
First time your ever saw yourself on television: College
First video game: Mario Kart
First nickname: Trev
First car: 1995 Chevy Tahoe in college
First CD: Couldn’t tell you
First jersey: Ken Griffey Jr.
First autograph: Kevin Garnett
First big purchase: Suburban purchased rookie year
First time you ever got in trouble: I was always into something. Probably fighting with brothers
First pet: Dog named Candy
First time you got dumped: High school. I tried to have two girlfriends. They heard about it, so they both called me on three-way. I didn’t know the other one was on there and they caught me. So they both dumped me.

Favorite food: Stewed beef and rice
Least favorite food: Celery
Favorite NBA arena: Portland. They’re pretty loud.
Least favorite NBA arena: Boston. I hate their seats.
Favorite thing you do every day: Spend time with my family
Least favorite thing you do every day: Getting up early. Not a morning person
Favorite fast food: Waffle House
Least favorite fast food: Jack in the Box
Favorite personality trait in people: Humble
Least favorite personality trait in people: Cocky

Word Association
Utah Jazz: On the rise
Defense: Wins games
The greatest: MJ
Australia: Sydney
Jay-Z: Top five
Breakfast: Cereal
Gordon Hayward: All-Star
Bananas: Monkeys
Bart Simpson: Homer
William Shakespeare: Too deep for me
Milwaukee: Bucks
Miami: The Heat

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