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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 12/5

December 8, 2014
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On Jeff Van Gundy’s statement that you’ve got the wrong guys if they need wake-up calls to start playing
Yeah, I have no, take no argument with that. There’s, but there’s always intrinsically motivated people, and those are the type of people in any business that you wanna surround yourself with. I think certainly there’s always context, right? Age, experience, talent level, who you’re facing, the circumstances around your schedule, their schedule, injuries.

So, certainly, I, you know, there, to, our starts have to be questioned, and, on a number of different levels. On what we’re doing, on the players that we have out there to start games. And there’s, as you would imagine, those starts have been strongly addressed by Quin [Snyder], and it’s something that we’re paying attention to.

And starts, middles, finishes, you just wanna have the right result, and you wanna feel good about, if you are young, with your club, the response, certainly. And so, yeah, it’s certainly something to be noted, and we’ll move forward and react appropriately.

Are you happy with the aggressiveness of the team, or does it need to be pumped up?
Richard Smith made a great point in regards to, we, I think right now, because we’re young, we’re finding our way, we don’t have someone that’s really initiating aggressiveness maybe outside of Trevor Booker, and Trevor adding that element has been a value-add. So, to get someone in with great energy, with great physicality.

And I think the overarching thing that I see so far with just our personnel in general, it’s young.

And Dante Exum’s strength doesn’t match his size, much like Rudy Gorbert.* So, we have to improve that. But it’s safe to say over the next 12, 24 months, we’re going to have to add a physical component. I think night in, night out, we need a real set of bodies at the guard, at the wing, at the big man position, to provide the level of physicality you need to play in the NBA.

And I think much of that can be addressed with internal development moving forward, and just good body development. …

Somewhere along the lines of the roster, you know, I’m, we’re gonna have to address our level of physicality. … If you wanna protect your great players, certainly physicality’s always gonna be in our game…but get great shooting. That’s how you protect your great players.

* Not a typo.

On Dante Exum
I love his size. I love his length. I love his speed. But more so than that, I’m really ecstatic with his makeup. He’s just unique. He already has a firm grasp of the offensive system.

He, Quin said this–and we were talking about Dante and him picking up things–sometimes he can’t execute ’em because he’ll get pushed around the court a little bit, but [Snyder] said, you know, this is a long way away, but at 30,* we’ll be coming to Dante asking him what he sees and what he wants to do out on the court, that he’s already got that grasp and feel.

* That would be the 2025-2026 season.

Is Enes Kanter “getting it” defensively?
Yeah, so, her–a couple things. One, it’s unfair to lay our defensive issues just at Enes’ feet. We have a young team, and we have a team at spots, especially when we sub, that lack some physicality, and that’s on me, frankly.

And so, collectively, and look, and this isn’t an alibi for Enes, but Enes lost two seasons…Enes Kanter is 22 and should be playing against University of Texas right now. …

The nice thing with Enes is he’s intelligent. He’s hard-working. And so, we’ll let it play out and I’ll continue to be very patient because 6-10, 6-11 who can play “four” and “five,” who can step out and shoot, who can drive his man, who can rebound, who’s as mobile and as coordinated, those guys don’t grow on trees. Those are special.

And I’d hate to go through the process with our young players, any young player, and go through all the trials and tribulations, and then let some other program reap the benefits when they turn 24, 25, 26. ‘Cause they’ll get there someday, chronologically.

On Marc Stein’s tweet about a possible Jeremy Evans and Toure Murry for Andrei Kirilenko trade
Yeah, I saw the tweet. And you know, Marc’s a good reporter and guys have jobs to do, but we would never confirm nor deny anything like that. But I appreciate you asking.

Compare DL’s response to this question to Kevin O’Connor’s responses when he was asked about tweets in the past:
Oct. 2011: I read one once…Didn’t like it. So I shut it off.
July 2012: The last time I thought about tweeting was when I used to watch cartoons with Tweety Bird.
Jan. 2013: In today’s day and age, with Twitter and all the blogs and everything else, nobody has any responsibility. They can throw out anything they want, all the minutia that they want, and with all of that stuff being out there, they really don’t have any idea of what’s going on.

** People describing Arron Afflalo’s foul on Alec Burks as “a guillotine”: Dennis Lindsey. (1280)

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