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Game 20 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Orlando Magic (5-15)

December 6, 2014



Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the state of the team
You know, we haven’t been playing well, I mean, and there’s times when we could play well and still lose a game. But you know, you just, you’re seaching. They’re searching. I’m searching. You know, regardless of what kind of the, you know, your long-term belief, your commitment, you know, to all those things, that there’s an immediacy when you lose that’s difficult…At the same time, it can’t, you know, we can’t hang our heads and feel sorry for ourselves.
** Snyder on what he saw from Rodney Hood
I saw energy. You know, I thought, I saw a guy that was out there competing, and you could feel his presence on the court when he was out there. And that’s what it looked like to me. He wasn’t, you know, wasn’t perfect. You know, no one is. But he was flying around a little bit and really working.
** Snyder, asked whether he wants to see Dante Exum being more aggressive
We want to see him be aggressive. I told him in one of the timeouts, like, you need to shoot the ball, especially when it’s swung to the corner. You know, if you don’t shoot that, the–we got up against the clock a few times today. And there were some possessions where we didn’t turn it over, but we basically, you know, we didn’t have a good possession, and it was basically the same result as a turnover.

unhappy-evansSome emotion from a Jazzman! Too bad it’s from a player on the bench.

** Derrick Favors, asked what the Jazz are doing defensively in the second half that they’re not in the first
I don’t know. Tell you the truth, I don’t know, man. Whatever we doing in the third quarter, need to do it in the first.
** Favors, asked whether it’s better to talk or not talk about the losing streak as a team
Pretty much don’t talk about it. You know, just go out there and play the next game.
** Gordon Hayward on the play where he fell down
Went to make a cut, and ankle just kinda rolled over. And when that happened, I went down, and just unfortunate, so. … It’s a little sore for sure. I mean, I rolled it. But it’ll be all right.

** Trey Burke on bringing the energy
We just have to make it a conscious effort, every single night. You know, obviously that starts with, you know, me and Gordon, and Fav, you know, to try to bring the energy. You know, I could probably bring more energy, you know, on the ball; on the defensive end, which would allow my teammates to get up. So, it’s, you know, it’s definitely something that we have to fix.
** Rodney Hood, asked if this is as big a test of mental toughness as he’s ever faced
I mean, I’m sure everybody before they got here wasn’t used to, you know, losing seven, eight games in a row. But you know, we just gotta stay, you know, tight-knit. You know, we gotta stay consistent with each other, and be honest with each other, and then, you know, go back to the drawing board. But we gotta find the juice that we have in the second half, in the first half, for 48 minutes. And I think that’s the only thing we need to work on. It’s not X’s and O’s. I think that’s the only thing.
** Hood, asked what is the biggest issue in the Jazz’s first-half lapses
I think it’s just energy. I mean, I think energy take care of everything else. You know, you more focused if you just, you know, talking to each other and you know, you might get some stuff wrong on the defensive end. You might not hear everything, but you know, if you playing with energy, you can make up for that. You know, I think we just gotta do that for 48 minutes. We do it for the second half, but you know, against teams that are, you know, that shooting well, we can’t do that. … I don’t think offense, I mean, sometimes it’s a problem, but you know, it’s more just the juice. Just the energy.

Random Stuff, etc.
** The ponderings of Trevor Booker:


** At least we can laugh over this:

attendance andy

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
Tonight’s UDQMs are brought to you by @5kl.

** Craig Bolerjack on Joe Ingles: Ingles drives inside, and the penetration gets a couple Orlando Magic players in the air.
** Ron Boone on Tobias Harris open 3-pointer: See there, all by himself. Gordon tried to get there, but just couldn’t do it.
** Boler on Gordon Hayward: His recovery time is unbelievable. (H/T @5kl)
** Boler on Channing Frye: Frye popped out, gave it a ride. (H/T @5kl)
** Booner on Harris: That’s twice that he’s been alone in the corner.” (H/T @5kl)

Red denotes most recent game.

game 20

Thanks to @davidjsmith1232 for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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  1. Diana permalink
    December 7, 2014 4:34 am

    Your microcosm is perfect.


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