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Get to Know: Rodney Hood

December 3, 2014
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From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series; recorded around September


Childhood snapshot: Always had on a Penny Hardaway jersey. Always dribbling a ball.
Where did you play most of your basketball as a kid? Boys and Girls Club
Mom: Hard-working, caring, always does her job, always there, very fun to be around, very good teacher
Good day in the Hood house when: Dad comes in b-boxing (“He grew up a long time ago, so he loves to b-box.”)
Best basketball moment ever: Watching the clock tick down and throwing the ball up in the air in the high school state championship game
Worst basketball moment ever: Losing to Mercer in the NCAA tournament
Why do you wear No. 5? Five people in my family: mom, dad, sister, brother, myself
If you were an actor, what kind of actor would you be? An extra. Don’t like the spotlight.
Best superpower: Fly
Dinner with three people, dead or alive: Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and Sylvester Stallone

Five most frequently used apps on your phone: Twitter, Instagram, Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Snapchat
Top five musical artists: Jay-Z, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Eminem
Top five video games of all time: NBA Jam, any 2K, Call of Duty, Sonic and Pac-Man
Top five non-NBA athletes: Peyton Manning, Ken Griffey Jr., Serena Williams, Derek Jeter and Cappie Pondexter
All-time NBA starting five: Penny Hardaway, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Karl Malone and Shaquille O’Neal
Five things you can’t live without: Family, phone, food, car and mall

First basketball team: The Blazers; city league team
First buzzer beater: Junior year of high school, game-winning tip-in in an All-Star game
First dunk: Eighth grade
First pair of basketball shoes: Chris Webbers with spinning wheels
First time your ever saw yourself on television: Ninth grade, on the news
First video game: Donkey Kong on Game Boy
First nickname: Lil Hood
First car: Van passed from older brother
First CD: Ludacris
First jersey: Penny Hardaway
First autograph: Joe Johnson
First time you ever got in trouble: Didn’t really get in trouble
First pet: Dog named Roxy
First time you got dumped: Ninth grade. “It was kinda a mutual thing, you know, so I wouldn’t say dumped.”

via @hoodie5

Favorite food: Cabbage
Least favorite food: Squash
Favorite team: Duke
Least favorite team: North Carolina
Favorite athlete growing up: Penny Hardaway
Least favorite athlete growing up: Bill Laimbeer
Favorite musical genre: Hip hop
Least favorite musical genre: Opera
Favorite thing you do every day: Play basketball
Least favorite thing you do every day: Cleaning
Favorite fast food: Five Guys
Least favorite fast food: Hardee’s
Favorite personality trait in people: Fun and energy
Least favorite personality trait in people: Grumpy about simple things
Favorite class: Ninth grade English class with favorite teacher Miss Michaels. She was always perked up and wanting to teach.
Least favorite class: Science

Word Association
Utah Jazz: Greatness
Defense: Hard
Australia: Dante
Jay-Z: Greatness
Breakfast: Pancakes
Derrick Favors: Atlanta
Instagram: Fun
Life: Short
Jesus Christ: Our Savior
Bart Simpson: Funny
William Shakespeare: poetic

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