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Game 18 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets (5-13)

December 2, 2014

alec ouch

Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, asked if he’s happy with where the team is
I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with where we are. I mean, you always want more. That’s just, you know, I feel like that’s my job, to want more. That said, you know, you can still recognize the efforts of your team and the progress that’s been made. You know, I think, you know, we’re better than we were a month ago.
** Snyder, asked if he’s concerned about the bench’s lack of offensive production
You know, I think it’s a overreaction to get, you know, too concerned about any one thing. You know, there’s always gonna be something, and you know, certainly we want that more from our bench, but our bench is also playing really, they’re really active defensively. You know, so hopefully we can generate some stuff. You know, when you play a few rookies off the bench…there’s gonna be some growing pains. But I believe in our bench, and I believe in playing a bench and developing a bench.
** Snyder, asked if he’s had thoughts about changing the starting lineup
We talk about any way you can get your team to play better. I think it has more to do, for us, with when we substitute, who we substitute out. I’m not, you know, I’m not sure that the starting lineup is as impactful as it is, you know, who you start affects who you sub, and it affects combinations.

thats so pop

** Trey Burke on what is the team’s biggest defensive focus
I think the biggest thing is just communication. You know, I think we all know where we’re supposed to be, you know, on the defensive end. You know, we just have to get to that point where we’re trusting each other as much as, you know, so much to where we’re communicating with each other. You know, if a guy is getting iso’ed or posted up, you know, the more we’re talking to each other, the, you know, the better we’re gonna be defensively as a team.
** Burke’s assessment of the first month of the season
I think we’ve came far, a long way. You know, I think we’re further along than what we expected to be, you know, with the new coaching staff and the new guys coming to the team. But you know, obviously it may not look like that, you know, being on a four- or five-game losing streak, but I think, you know, we’ll snap out of it.
** Gordon Hayward on whether losing streaks this year feel different than last year
It doesn’t feel the same. I think we’re learning from ’em a lot more this year, and we’re watching a lot of film, I think, both as a team and individually with, through some of our assistant coaches. And we’re getting there, you know, so hopefully we can shut this losing streak down tonight.


Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, post-game mix tape
I think for us, it’s less about, you know, tweaking [the rotation] and making little adjustments as it is about big picture. Understanding who we are, building our identity, whoever’s on the floor. … What I felt was we were playing faster [in the second half] because of our defense. And when you get energized, everything moves quicker. … I thought we executed down the stretch as well as we have all year. … I felt like we did enough things to win.
** Snyder on Gary Briggs’ technical foul
I’m fortunate to have him as a trainer, with all his experience, and you know, it was probably my fault for not calling the 20[-second timeout], you know, not realizing the situation. So you know, whatever–I don’t think it’s a situation where you can place blame on anybody. That’s about as inconsequential in my mind as anything. But I know the question was a good one. But you know, I think the world of him, and now we both got one T.
** Snyder on communication
For me, [communication] is the next step for this group. You know, I wanted us to be unselfish, and we’ve been unbelievably unselfish. I think that’s kind of become part of what we do and who we are. And the next thing, you know, we gotta communicate, in every, you know, it’s a skill. It’s something, you know, that doesn’t just, I mean, some people are, it’s easier for than others. But you gotta know what to say too. You know, so, but that’s, [communication] is a really important word for our group.


** Trey Burke on his last 3-point attempt
It was a tough look. I definitely thought it was going down. You know, every time I get a shot like that, you know, late in the game, I have a lot of confidence it’s gonna go in. And it looked good when it left my shot, or left my hand even though I was fading to the left. But it was definitely a rushed shot. It was only four seconds on the shot clock, so you know, next time hopefully we can get a better shot.
Did Quin Snyder call for a 3-point shot during the timeout?
Well, whatever, he said whatever’s available…But I felt like, you know, the hand-off right there, I had a, I could see the rim. You know, I had an open look. You know, it looked like it was gonna go in. It just didn’t.
** Burke on what’s causing the slow starts or second quarter issues
It’s communication and concentration. The two C’s. You know, we definitely have to, we have to fix that…We’re not as focused as we should be, collectively…Someone’s not focused out there, it’s gonna mess up the whole team.
** Burke on guarding Ty Lawson
I tried to do everything [Quin Snyder] told me to do…There was a couple times where he beat me…and the help wasn’t there, so. You know, it was definitely a, you know, a tough matchup, obviously with how fast he is.
** Gordon Hayward, asked what was the issue defensively in the second quarter
I think lack of communication was the biggest thing. It’s ha–it’s so hard when you’re guarding a guy and you kind of feel like you’re on an island and nobody’s talking to you. You don’t know where the screens are coming. You don’t if there’s a screen. And we kinda left Trey out there on an island a little bit, and ther–once they get into the paint, you know, it’s tough.

enes-afflaloLove you Enes.

** Alec Burks on Arron Afflalo’s flagrant foul
I mean, it is what is, the game of basketball. You know, we grown men out here. You know, grown men are physical. It is what it is…You know, he did what he had to do.
** Burks on Enes Kanter standing up for him and Gary Briggs coming over to check on him
It’s a family here. You know, it was, see one of your brothers down, you know, you gotta go just check on ’em. You know, just stick up for ’em. And that’s what we all did. You know.
** Enes Kanter on his performance tonight
My teammates and my coaches give me that kind of confidence, and I’m just, you know, shooting the ball. And I really appreciate it, you know, my point guards, my, you know, coaches and my teammates.
** Kanter on standing up for Alec Burks after Arron Afflalo’s flagrant foul
He’s, you know, my, I’ve been playing with him for four years now. He’s my brother. I mean, nobody can, you know, foul him like that. I mean, I don’t care if I get, you know, technical foul or whatever. I’m just gonna go at, I mean, just, he’s my brother. So I’m just gonna go stood up for him.

quin rudy

In the words of @5kl, RIP Rudy (Vine via Tyler Gibbons).

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Alec Burks “Alec Burke”: Craig Bolerjack and Matt Harpring
** People calling Enes Kanter “Ee-nis”: Nuggets announcers
** Always have to go watch opponent broadcasts to see Jerry. >_<

jerry 1201

** Also in the house tonight: former Jazz trainer Mike Shimensky (his son is the current Nuggets’ trainer):


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Jazz superfan John Sudsbury: I came to the games. I got on players. I had fun, and you know, I obviously must’ve done something right, because as the old players come back with their [new] teams, they always come over and say, “Hi Big John, how you doing?”
** Matt Harpring: Watch the pressure. Nate Robinson is going to get all over Dante Exum…Nate’s giving up about seven inches.
** Harping on Rodney Hood being in and out of the rotation: Just seems like Hood is finally comfortable. And it’s hard.
** Craig Bolerjack, Subway ad: For a limited time, try the big, hot pastrami (melt). (H/T @5kl)
** Gordon Hayward on Rudy Gobert: He’s huge for us, especially when he’s focused and making sure he’s in the right position. He’s just such a big guy.

game 18

Thanks to @davidjsmith1232 for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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