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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 11/21

November 24, 2014
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Regarding Quin Snyder’s technical, did you know he had it in him?
Yeah, he’s yelled at me and gave me a look a few times. So, there’s no question.

On Alec Burks’ improved rebounding
Quin’s got a certain way of challenging guys, that it’s very pointed and direct and, but yet not demeaning.

And I think the nice thing with Alec, all the past three-plus seasons we challenged him to do something, whether it’s getting back to Salt Lake, or working on his finishing, or improving his free throw shooting, in this case just being more attentive to rebounding, and guys of character will respond.

On reacting to other teams vs. forcing other teams to react to you
There’s a lot of train of thoughts, and I’ve seen it done very well, where you’re matching, you’re a matchup team. So, meaning you get a matchup in your favor and maybe you play through that particular player inside of a scheme. And you can milk that and get the defense in rotation.

And especially with the old illegal defensive rules, it was unbelievable strategy. Rudy Tomjanovich was one of the best I’ve seen at milking matchups, and you, of course, guys had a long time to see John [Stockton] and Karl [Malone] on particular matchups and on switches.

The issue comes with, when you’re rolling the ball into the post or particular matchups, many times you gotta reorganize the court and the ball stops. And so, [Gregg] Pop[ovich] attacked being efficient on offense in a much different way, where we were much less matchup-oriented, and we wanted to play what San Antonio calls “motion,” what we call our “flow.”

And we play into situations, and we would rather the ball not stop. Not necessarily, not that it won’t ever stop when you get a “one” switched on a “five” and you roll ’em into the post, but we would rather the ball move over the period of 48 minutes, more than most.

And so, how we played in San Antonio when I was there, starting in ’07 and how we’re trying to play now is, is a little less matchup-oriented, and we’re playing into our schemes. So we’re a little less worried about what you do, because if you do this, we react this way.

But no matter how we react, it’s a non-negotiable: Don’t stop the ball. Don’t massage it. We, many times we don’t even want foot fakes and ball fakes. We want you to catch it and pull it and have a good idea of what you’re going to do with the ball even before you receive it. And it’s a different way to play; it’s a different way to teach.

And so, but certainly within every game, there’s going to be things that you’re gonna want to capitalize out of a timeout or out after a free throw on the, when the play stops and you can organize your group. But right now, as much as anything, playing into our flow, we’re playing into concepts more than matchups.

On Stephen Curry
He’s a handsome young man.

Dennis Lindsey schools Spencer Checketts
Checketts: The real question, Dennis, obviously now that you’ve seen ’em play is, would Kentucky beat the Philadelphia 76ers?

Lindsey: Oh man, come on now. Come on. It’s, you kn–there’s, that, nonsense like that doesn’t give respect to the league.

Look, it’s, if, I love college basketball. I love what it stands for, the product. Certainly love my teams that I have allegiances to. I love the local teams. But you move up close to NBA action versus non-NBA action with a shot clock, with the athletes. It’s, it, you kn–questions like that really, you know, are nonsense.

I think Vegas went through, and their lines, and as you know, those guys and their algorithms are pretty sophisticated, and they came back with lines that Philly would smash–Philly’s very young, and Philly’s hurt, and certainly competition in the league is very difficult when you’re of the age that us and Philly are in, and the window that we’re in.

But these athletes at the NBA level, with a shot clock and our rules, I, you kn–I’d like to, it, for it to play out once so everybody could see the difference in the level of skill and size and athleticism.

Checketts: You know, just to be clear, I was asking in jest. The answer is obviously a resounding no. I was just hoping to get a chuckle. So. Just to be clear. Hey, welcome home. (1280)

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