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Bits from Quin Snyder Interview, 11/20

November 21, 2014
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Did you get T’ed up on purpose?
I don’t think I can talk about that. I, the league office will get upset with me. But…I knew our team needed some juice. So we, there was some frustration, I think, all the way around, and it worked out okay…It was a timely technical, I guess.

Were you yelling at the refs or your players? It was kind of unclear.
I think it was both. I think it began with the referees, and I made my way pretty far down the sideline, and then realized how far I’d gone down. And then when I sat back down, I felt like there was still more to say, and this time it was to our players.

On fatigue and losses
The Toronto game was a source of frustration because I think we really prepared well on a back-to-back, and you know, it was six minutes in the game and we were tied. But I think that game took a lot out of us.

We just reached a point where, you know, it kind of caved in on us. And the recovery point from the travel, especially coming, you know, east, and the time change and all those things, it takes some time to kinda get your, you know, to kind of overcome the fatigue. And I think we saw a little bit of that the other night in that OKC game.

Do you measure progress in wins and losses, or in other things we don’t see?
I think the majority of it right now is some of the other things, although the wins and losses especially, being put in those situations, I think, are part of the growth process.

You know, so even if the game doesn’t turn out exactly the way we want, I think to put ourselves in a position to compete, you know, and have that experience too, is, I think is part of the growth.

And it’s still not visible in the won-loss column, but I think it’s about learning to win, and learning to close games, and you know, and putting yourself as a team in those positions that, you know, eventually you draw on that experience as well.

But you know, I’m hesitant to really peg down our group on the numbers, especially given, you know, our schedule’s been so tough and it just affec–you know, it affects you in so many ways, that that’s why I don’t want our guys to evaluate themselves in a group based entirely on that. Although it’s, you know, it’s…obviously a factor and a part of it. …

For us right now to define ourselves right now in terms of wins and losses, I don’t think it’s healthy for our team, and certainly not for our individual players either.

How do you balance coaching with sanity?
It’s hard. You know, I’m lucky that it, you know, I have a family that understands that, and you know, you go home and you kinda, you know, you can get your focus and get your mind off some of that and put it somewhere else.

I, you know, I’ve had a few hobbies in the past. They seemed to have eluded me of late. So, that’ll potentially come back around, but it, it’s, you know, I think right now, especially when you’re starting something and building something, and to be quite honest it’s all-consuming.

And you know, whether you can find a chance to try to exercise, or you know, read something that takes your mind off it, I think it’s just, that’s been hard for me right now.

Quin Snyder: Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** On Brad Jones trying to hold him back when he got the tech: Brad didn’t know I still got a little quickness left in the old bones, yup.
** On getting back to work after a loss: In and of itself, that’s really hard, I mean to come every day. Pretty good to come every, you know, come after a loss. Come after you, you know, you don’t play well, and run into a juggernaut in Dallas and you see those points going up on the board, and you feel kinda helpless, and you get up the next day and watch the film and try to learn from it. Sometimes, you know, that’s tape that people don’t wanna watch, and that’s what we can’t do. (1280)

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    November 22, 2014 7:19 am

    more actual info from the coach :)


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