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Bits from Practice, 11/17

November 18, 2014


Quin Snyder, asked if it’s encouraging or discouraging to lose close games
I think it’s predictable on some level…If you can, you know, understand why [tough situations] happened and try to overcome it, I think it is, it’s a good thing. It’s encouraging for us. Now, whether we’re able to do that, I mean, here or not, is a whole ‘nother animal, but at least to be able to notice and be aware.

Snyder, asked what he’s most pleased with right now with the team
I just think the, some of the resilience, you know, it’s a long road. What we’re doing doesn’t come, you know, in a day or a month, and over the course of a season, it’s just kind of a steady progression. I feel like, if we can stay resilient, we can keep getting better.

Snyder, asked what the biggest thing he’s still not seeing
Really, just tw–three things that we call negative plays. One of the two we’re, one of the three we’re doing okay with, which is fouling. We’re not fouling and putting teams on the free throw line [excluding the Knicks and Toronto games]…but you know, we gotta take better care of the basketball. And we gotta do a better job on the defensive glass.

And some of the turnovers, you know, will come up as your pace comes up, and the way we’re, you know, if you’re playing with the pass and the ball is moving, there’s a greater likelihood, there’s great m–some more opportunities for you to potentially turn it over, but I’d say that’s not, you know, that doesn’t, we don’t want that to be just an excuse. It’s something we gotta improve at.

favors 1019

Derrick Favors on being in many more close games this season compared to last season
I think everybody’s a lot more comfortable with their role this year. Lot more experience, lot more familiar with what’s going on and what it’s take to be in games on the road and how to play and, you know, and that’s a big difference from last year.

Favors, asked about his matchup with Serge Ibaka
I don’t know if I’m gonna guard him. He play the “four.” I play the “five” now, so I’m probably not gonna guard him.


Gordon Hayward on his improved shooting
Definitely worked on it a bunch this summer. And then, just having the experience to know where my shots are coming from helped me out a lot, so just learning a lot from last year.

Hayward, asked if it’s encouraging or discouraging to lose close games
It’s both. I mean, it’s encouraging that we’re there, and we’re giving ourselves a chance. Discouraging when we make little mistakes that cost us the game, so. Hopefully they’re different mistakes and not the same ones. Those are the ones that are the most frustrating, when you kind of keep doing the same things over and over. But for the most part, I feel like our end-of-game execution’s been pretty solid, and we’re getting good shots.

Hayward on his “beard”
I’ll probably shave it here in a little bit, when the wife gets annoyed of it.

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