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Bits from Dante Exum (11/15) and Joe Ingles (11/16) Interviews

November 17, 2014


Biggest NBA adjustment?
I think the pace. The pace has been kind of a step up. And definitely the physicality, from what I’ve played in kind of the juniors to playing professionally against men in the NBA.

Have you spoken with John Stockton?
No, not yet. But we have Jerry Sloan, who’s around for a lot of the practices, training sessions, and even [at] summer league. So he’s talked to me and kind of said, like, you know, you’re doing well and just keep going. And you know, that’s good, from such a great coach, to hear that.

Which NBA player are you keen on matching up against?
I think it would probably have to be Derrick Rose. He’s kinda been a player that’s, obviously been up and down with his injuries, and it would be good to go against him. And I’ve watched him and kind of looked at his game and studied it over the past couple of years, so just to go up against him, you know, would be pretty good.


Biggest adjustment from Europe to the NBA?
Probably just the speed and, I guess, strength of some of the guys. It’s, Europe’s a lot smaller, and just the style of play is slower…It’s taken me a little time to adjust, and I mean, I came into this program pretty quickly and started playing from the get-go, so it’s been a bit of a fast transition.

What’s been your experience playing in Quin Snyder’s system? You seem like a perfect fit.
Yeah, Quin’s a great coach, and I think his experience in Europe and what he’s done over there is, has kind of helped me transition a bit easier, ’cause a lot of the stuff we run is European stuff, and some of the stuff, the styles that we play is European style.

So, it’s helped me adjust probably a lot quicker than what I would’ve if it was a kind of normal American situation with a more, I guess, a coach that [doesn’t have] experience in Europe. And yeah, I’ve just kinda fitted in nicely, and I mean, the guys have helped me out a lot…

I had one practice [before playing in his first game with the Jazz], and so I wish I could’ve spent more time to learn the system and so I’ve just been slowly picking up and offensively getting kind of better by the game, but it is hard. You kind of lose where you are sometimes. And yeah, the guys have been great. I just gotta keep improving, watching video, and hopefully it’ll all come together a bit quicker.

Who does the best and the worst Australian impression on the Jazz? (UDQM)
The guys are a lot quieter here. The locker room, the Clippers was very rowdy, and pretty enjoyable. It’s just a different enjoyment here. So to be honest, no one’s really, it’s more the coaches and trainers that try and do it than the players here. …

Alex Jensen’s my little, we all have individual coaches and he’s mine, so yeah, we just like to get into it. It gets me going a little bit. (Nick Metallinos on Youtube; H/T @Texas)

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