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Bits from Phil Johnson Interview, 10/28

November 12, 2014
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phil johnson

This team looks different under Quin Snyder than it did under Tyrone Corbin. What are some of the differences you’re seeing?
Well, Ty was, had some veterans that were on his team that they had brought in with contracts and so forth, to get salary cap money.

And so, you bring guys in that really aren’t committed to the program, and then, and he also had some guys that were very inexperienced. You’re talking about, you know, some of his young guys [in] Trey Burke, some of these guys.

So, it’s different from just the roster standpoint, that they’ve got younger guys [now]. They’ve got guys that are more committed and that type of thing. As far as coaching styles, I think [Snyder] is committed to more, as much, spacing the floor, ball movement, that type of stuff.

But it remains to be seen how effective all that stuff is. It all amounts to whether it works and whether or not you win games.

On the 2003-2004 season, which was predicted to be the worst team in NBA history
That team won 40 games. What we did was, we changed our style of play a little bit. We were m–we were not as much of an inside-type team going to Karl Malone, w–similar situation this year. We changed our offense a little bit. We were more of a perimeter-type team.

Andrei [Kirilenko] had a really good year. We had some guys step up and play well. And yeah, it’s a similar situation to what’s happening now, because we did change how we played, and, because of what, our personnel, and so, but you have to do that as a coach. You have to change as times go on.

** People calling Kawhi Leonard “Kuwamee Leonard”: Phil Johnson

On Rodney Hood
[Shooting] is really a lot to do with confidence…

He has a lot of confidence. He’s worked on his shot. He knows what he’s doing. He is an overall good basketball player. He has a good feel for the game. I look for him to ha–contribute quite a bit this year, because he knows how to play. He has an understanding defensively. He can pass; he’s not just a shooter. And so, I think he’s got a good overall game.

On Alec Burks and player development
I think that the way he was, has been brought along has really helped him be a good player.

For instance, last year, Trey Burke was hurt and they didn’t have Marvin Williams. I read in a paper it was only because of Trey Burke being out that they went one and four…Marvin Williams had a lot to do with that. Both those guys were out. And they did not have an adequate backup point, and so, Alec Burks played point last year.

Well, everybody would think, well, that’s terrible. Well, no it isn’t, because it’s great for the development of Alec Burks. And he came off the bench, and he developed his game, and now he’s ready, I think, to have a very good year because of the way that he was brought along. And so, he’s developed a lot, and so I think that is important to players, is how they, they’re not just given a spot.

For instance, okay, you’re gonna go, you’re gonna, we’re gonna play you no matter how many mistakes you make. No matter what goes on, you’re gonna play. That, to me, that’s the worst thing for a basketball player to learn how to play basketball in the NBA. (1280)

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  1. Diana permalink
    November 13, 2014 12:17 am

    defending Ty till the very end…

    Overall not a bad interview. I like that he likes Rodney Hood :)


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