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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 11/7

November 9, 2014
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On Gordon Hayward’s marriage and muscles
We got to Vegas, and I was like, “Oh my, what happened?” …

He said, “As it turns out, I’m newly married, and my wife is a very good cook.”

In hindsight, maybe he wasn’t eating, he was eating like a bachelor instead of a married man. So, I’m sure that pleases all the women out there, that we need ’em.

Did you know Trevor Booker could have this kind of effect on this team?
No. No. No. None of us did. Now Quin [Snyder], Quin had a lot to do with us taking a second look. Trevor had a, some good moments against Paul Millsap, and you guys know how we feel about Paul, and how Quin feels about Paul, and Paul feels about Quin.

And so, there, we always knew, and when [Booker] played college ball, that he had some real fight. And the one thing that the system has allowed him to do is play-make a little bit. I’m not saying he’s Boris Diaw as a passer, but he’s playing that, where he can take his guy off the dribble and make a pass or a lob to Rudy [Gobert] with his left hand.

And certainly, we want to emphasize our spacing and he’s not gonna shoot 50 percent from three. But h–I think Quin has given him [the go-ahead] as far as his shot goes, especially from the corners, allowed him to take it. …

Frankly, I’m worried he plays so hard, we gotta make sure that he’s taking care of himself on off-days and recovery days, ’cause he’s just a naturally hard-playing and tough guy, and we needed that edge.

On the foul that Derrick Favors was called for against LeBron James
I like my money. I work hard for it, so I don’t want the league taking a piece of my check. I’ll say this. I put in a call to the league. …

Derrick did leave his feet, but I feel like he landed and twisted. So, as much as anything, you have to communicate with the league, and the league officials who work really hard, and really good at what they’re doing. And I really like how our game’s officiated, and I say that sincerely. I think they’re working really hard. …

You do want to learn from these, and that way Quin can go out and instruct Derrick and our other bigs in this situation. “This is how you have to play it.” And so, I’ll reserve judgment until I’m able to talk to the league.

Lindsey, Snyder and Randy Rigby all spoke at length this week about how much they respect NBA officials and what a great job the officials are doing. Coincidence?

On playing the Mavericks, UDQM
Really, what Quin and our coaching staff want our young guys to focus on is their mindset tonight, going into this game, because the Chander-Nowitzki-Monta Ellis, that, Monta Ellis rubbing off Dirk Nowitzki, or Chandler, Tyson Chandler going to the rim and Dirk’s space, that’s a unique combination.

It’s a little bit like when Deron Williams was rubbing off Carlos Boozer, and you had Mehmet Okur in the weakside slot, lifted.

It’s a very tough coverage, so you better communicate. You better be physical. You better help. You better recover. When the ball goes up, you better get to a body early, and stick ’em. And if we don’t, then it will happen again. And then we’ll have another big, long video session and some habit counseling, if you will.

What attracted you to Joe Ingles when he was released by the Clippers?
Really, a credit on that is going to Quin. Look, [the Spurs] have scouted Joe since he’s been 16, 17 years old. He’s no secret [in] professional basketball, and he moved from, to two very good clubs in Barcelona two years ago; last year, he won a Euroleague championship with Maccabi Tel Aviv. David Blatt was the coach.

And we s–we respect international basketball, and so we’ll make sure that our coverage, our pro personnel coverage, is very strong. Joe was the team captain for Team Australia. I think he averaged 11 points a game, shot 40 percent from three.

But really, his best characteristic is that left hand. He can really pass the ball and find angles. And Quin was a passer as a player, and sometimes you gravitate to guys that are ball-movers. And we like big wings. Joe’s body, you wouldn’t think it, but he’s all of 6-8 and 225. He’s a little thicker than you’d, than his jersey hangs on his body. And he has a little toughness.

And he was actually, this is a small, ancillary point, but he was Dante [Exum]’s basketball hero growing up. He was Dante’s first autograph.

And so, we, Justin and I, Justin Zanik the assistant GM, and I went over to Spain to watch the World Cup this summer, and Dante was rooming with Joe, the team captain, right, to make sure the young guy’s doing the right thing. And he talked about how much he loved Joe, and we’re like, “Well, how’s it going?”

He said, “Mate, you’re in a room with another guy for 35 straight days. You tell me.” But yeah, so there’s certainly a connection with Dante.

And really, Quin, when he was an assistant coach at CSKA Moscow with Ettore Messina, competed against Joe several times. Had coffee with him in the lobby, and knew that his DNA fit our DNA. And so, we have high hopes that he can find a real role for us. (1280)

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