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Game 6 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Dallas Mavericks (2-4)

November 8, 2014


Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on Thursday’s practice
We had a film session, which was teaching as much as anything. Just need to be better in our pick-and-roll defense, and I think that we just gotta keep, you know, beating that drum and continue to get better in that aspect of the game…We had about 30 pick-and-roll defensive clips, so whatever enthusiasm there was [about the win], I tried to mitigate it with some reality.
** Snyder, asked how high is Gordon Hayward’s confidence right now
I think he’s confident. What we need him to continue to be is vocal. And when he’s vocal–you know, he needs to share his confidence. You know, being confident by yourself is better than not, but you know, helping your team be confident, and I think that’s the next step for him.
** Snyder on being not outwardly demonstrative when it comes to officiating
You know, I’ve known a number of the referees in the league a long time, and respect them, and you know, obviously there’s plays where, you know, you wanna be heard…I think it’s an important example for our players, that, you know, until we achieve, you know, more and grow and get better and earn the respect of players and referees and teams around the league, we shouldn’t, there’s no reason for us to talk to anybody other than ourselves. And it’s just not productive…I don’t think it helps for us to worry about what happened as opposed to what’s gonna happen.
** Snyder on whether he’s ever wanted a player to learn to shoot Dirk Nowitzki’s one-footed kickback shot
Rudy [Gobert] thinks he can get it…My wife actually suggested that he learn it. I tried to explain to her, it’s like, down the list as far as my, Rudy’s development as a player. Who knows? Maybe. Maybe later. Kickback left-hand jump hook.

** Gordon Hayward on what happened after the game winner
Phone definitely was going crazy. You know, I can’t, couldn’t text back all the people that texted me. You know, everybody was just really, really excited about what happened. A lot of people texted me, said they couldn’t sleep. But, just went out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory like I always do, and called it a night.
** Hayward on his conversation with Raja Bell before the Cavs game
For the most part, we were just catching up on life. You know, I asked how his kids were. You know, he was like, “You got married now? What’s up with that?” You know, I asked if he could still hoop, and he says that he can. He said he’s enjoying the front office thing. He said he did some commentating, some broadcaster work. And, so a lot of it was just about life, you know? It wasn’t necessarily about basketball, but how his family was, how he was doing, and just good, it was good to see him.
** Derrick Favors on the time Dirk Nowitzki slapped the ball out of his hands
Yeah, that cost me $25,000. So, I don’t know, I mean, it ain’t nothing physical. I mean, I’m kinda mad I still lost that $25,000, but it’s all good.
** Favors on how hard it is to break last year’s defensive habits
It’s kinda tough, but you know, guys so used to doing things that we did last year or wherever they was at last year. So I mean, it’s difficult. You know, but Quin, he stays on us a lot during practice, during the games, to break out them old habits, and you know, just start trusting the defensive system…Transition, pick and roll, half-court defense, everything. You know, just gotta break out them old habits, and you know, learn these new habits that Quin trying to teach us in the new system.
** Trey Burke on game-winning shots
It’s a blessing, and sometimes it’s a curse to certain players because, you know, you think about it so much, it’s like it w–it leads over to the next game. But you know, I think we all are kinda, you know, simmering down from the win. (KALL)

rudy-finger-wagRudy Gobert giving the ref a Dikembe Mutombo finger wag after getting called for a foul.

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the game
We wore down defensively, too. I mean, we didn’t see the ball go in the basket, and you know, we’ve gotta try to continue to be that committed when the ball’s not going in. And then we hurt ourselves too. I mean, w–the turnovers, we weren’t making good decisions either. So we just, it’s the first time, we just felt like we were really stuck in mud, and then guys got a little hesitant, didn’t drive it…I thought they had us discombobulated offensively…I thought the offensive rebounds were deflating too. Even when we did get some stops, they were on the glass.
** Snyder on when Gordon Hayward comes out of the game
There’s been times when he’s gone out that, you know, other people have to raise their level, and you know, that’s part of developing a bench. You know, I don’t wanna play Gordon, I’m not gonna run him into the ground…We need to learn to, you know, to play, whatever we need to do when he’s out of the game, we need to figure out how to be effective. And we, obviously our substitution pattern, we w–we get him out, and, to get him back so he can be a stabilizing force. You know, that’s something that we’ve looked at, so.
** Snyder on the Dante Exum-Trey Burke tandem
One of them’s length, you know, scoop shots. The other one’s mid-range jump shots, you know? I think, you know, Trey’s, we gotta get, Trey was probably our best player in the pre-season, you know, and he’s working, and we just gotta keep at it and get him going. You know, Dante’s been, 19, and has good games and bad games, and I think we, you would anticipate that, and hopefully he can continue to get better. I think they complement each other well…I think I’ve said before, that that’s a lineup that I think can make sense.

** Gordon Hayward on the game
I think a lot of what happened was they were going under almost every pick and roll. All of our sets they were going under, kinda daring us to shoot the outside shot. And we took it early and just, they weren’t falling, and I think that caused us to kinda be hesitant a little bit. We second-guessed ourselves, and then the offense becomes stagnant because we’re not really taking the shots that they’re giving us, and now we’re forcing passes that aren’t there, causing turnovers. I think we just need to be confident in ourselves, step up and hit those shots and if that’s what they’re gonna give us, we gotta take it.
** Derrick Favors on what’s been most frustrating about the Jazz’s defensive struggles
I think we just been playing a lot of good 4-men, a lotta stretch fours, and it obviously causes a lot of problems. I mean, we can’t really leave Enes [Kanter] out there all by himself. You know, we just gotta help him, and help the helper, but overall, you know, we learning. Everybody doing a great job on, playing defense on they man and helping. But you know, it just, those are the things we gotta continue to work on.
** Trey Burke on missing shots: A lotta times, you would just get down on yourself, but we kept shooting those shots. You know, those are shots that we can hit, and it’s just something you gotta shoot your way out of…I think that’s why our turnover numbers were so high. We started trying to attack more, going into the defense instead of taking the, you know, the open shot. … I definitely think we stayed confident, but in the second half, you know, shots still weren’t going in the way we wanted ’em to, and it affected our defense. We can’t allow that to happen.


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Gordon Hayward on the last game against the Mavericks: We can’t get in a hole like that.
** Steve Brown on picture above, pre-game: Yeah, it’s gonna be a threesome apparently tonight.
** Brown on Chandler Parsons shot: I think he expected to be challenged on it, and when he wasn’t, he shifted it to the other hand and calmly put it in.
** Brown: Enes Kanter turns to the official, says, “Hey, I got rubbed off with a pick.”
** Brown on Derrick Favors and Tyson Chandler: Spins into him, and Chandler kind of backing up. Goes down. And now he’s staying. He’s up now, but he’s shaking it off.
** Brown on Alec Burks: His body control, Booner, I mean, it’s just amazing.
Ron Boone: Well, he puts his body in some awkward positions…Regardless of what position his body’s in and how he’s going to the basket, he keeps his eyes on his target and is able to finish.
** Brown on Jae Crowder: Boy, he’s got some hair there, doesn’t he? Wow. Now, his dad didn’t have that. He had nowhere near that, if I remember rightly.
** Trey Burke on being physical: Sometimes, you know? You really don’t need to. You know, some–if you may–you’re behind on a play, you may, you know, grab the, you know, the opposing guy, or something like that, do something.

* Note: I suspect all Steve Brown UDQMs are actually IDQMs.

game 6

Thanks to @davidjsmith1232 and @UGottaLovItBaby for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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