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Bits from The Trey Burke Show, 10/28 and 11/4

November 5, 2014
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Was there one thing that was more difficult for you to adjust to making the transition from college to the NBA?
I think the biggest thing was, you know, just getting adjusted to the NBA game, period. You know, finding ways to, you know, affect the game if my shot wasn’t falling. You know, getting into the paint. I think that was one of the biggest areas that I feel like I improved in…Getting into the paint more and making plays, not only for myself, but for my teammates.

How do you deal with back-to-backs?
Well, that’s a big adjustment as well. You know, you’re not used to playing two games, you know, within 48 hours, especially traveling and playing those two games. So, you have to get adjusted to that, you know, definitely. You know, your body’s not used to it, and it’s just hard ’cause you have to, you know, kinda fight through.

You know, you have to take care of yourself off the court. You know, eating right, you know, getting the proper rest and things like that. So, I think that’s another big adjustment that I’m used to now, you know, just playing those two games in two nights, and then, you know, sometimes playing four games in, you know, six or seven nights.

So you know, that’s tough, you know, on your body, but you know, as a professional athlete, you just have to, you know, find ways to fight through it.

Has the team set specific “number” goals?
It’s not something that we kinda talk about, you know, “We wanna win X, Y, Z amount of games.” You know, we just wanna try to find a way to be in that playoff picture, you know, come April.

Do you feel like the players have really figured out Quin Snyder’s offense yet?
Absolutely. You know, I think it’s still an adjustment process for all of us, you know, obviously, you know, especially for the guys that were here last year, you know, bringing in a whole new coaching staff and a whole new system. You know, you’re not gonna, you know, automatically, it’s not gonna automatically click right away. But he’s pushing us, you know, at practice every single day. …

I think as a team, we understand what he wants from us and how he wants us to play as a team. And you know, I feel like we’re doing a, you know, a really good job of playing the way he wants us to play, with more pace. And I think that we’re a little ahead, more ahead, than where he thought we would be, as a team.

How much faster are you playing this year than last year?
I think we were best when we, last year we were best when we were out in transition and, you know, kind of playing more freely. This year, that’s kind of like the, you know, the, that’s kinda like our team, period. You know, we’re out in transition, and you know, the offense isn’t really stagnant. It isn’t just a half-court offense. It’s more of a uptempo type…

I think that plays to all of our strengths. You know, me, Gordon [Hayward], Alec [Burks], you know, the guys coming off the bench, you know, we’re capable of making plays in transition, you know, for the team.

How many people did it take to make Rudy Gobert feel better about himself last night?*
Yeah, it was, you know, that was a tough play, you know, but you know, guys, you know, you get on him about it. After the game, you know, you might have a little bit of fun. Obviously, we lost yesterday, so we didn’t, we weren’t really laughing about it, but you might have a little fun with him after the game, but you know, as a player, you gotta move forward from those type of plays.


Do you feel like you’re defending well right now?
I think so. You know, I think I–there’s always room for improvement, you know, but as far as where I was last year compared to where I am now on the defensive end, I think I’ve improved, you know, a lot. And you know, I just have to continue to–I think that’s where film comes in. You know, continue to watch film to, you know, see where I, what I could’ve done better, you know, the last game on the defensive end.

Is defensive improvement technique? Is it making better decisions? What are you actually doing to improve?
I think, really, the hardest part is, you know, as a young player, not knowing how to get better on the defensive end. Like I said, I think it starts with film.

You know, technique, w–you know, I think, I feel like everyone has, you know, pretty good technique or basic understanding of how to play defense, you know, because you’ve been playing basketball for so long and you understand what you don’t want the offensive guy to do.

But at the same time, if you don’t know what’s coming, you know, from that other team, then you may get a bli–you might get blinded by a screen or you may not be in position, you know, [not] in position you’re supposed to be in to, you know, help the team get a stop. So, I think film is really the biggest thing, you know, watching film and understanding what’s coming next and where you should be, you know, on the defensive end.

How do you feel like you guys are coming together on the floor? Is the dynamic different than last year? Do you feel like you’ve figured out where guys are going to be?
I think so. You know, the chemistry’s growing every day for us. You know, we’re a young team with a new coaching staff, so you know, things aren’t gon click right away. You know, that’s impossible.

But I feel like we’re working really hard in practice, and you know, we do know each other’s tendencies, where guys like the ball, so you know, I think that’s great for us. You know, for us to not be on a level where we are right now, I think, you know, we’re gon continue to work hard and you know, we’ll get there eventually.

Everyone’s asking us to ask you what happened to Derrick Favors last night. Is that just different opponents? Different style?
It’s not just one guy who struggles with consistency at times…As a player, when you do, you know, face some adversity, you know, you may have a great game and then you may have a, you know, a poor game. You know, you just have to stay confident more than anything. You know, it’s nothing you can really do about it.

But for me, you know, I wanna make a conscious effort, you know, to, you know, get my assist numbers up. Try to find ways to, you know, get in the paint, make others around me better, and I feel like I haven’t been doing my job with that. So you know, you have to find other ways to affect the game, more than anything.

You know, and you know, people who probably were watching Favors yesterday, they didn’t see him scoring as much as he did the last game, but I’m sure he, you know, affected the game in different ways rebounding and the way he played defense. So it’s just, it’s something you’re gonna face as a player, but it helps you grow. (1320)

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