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Game 3 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Phoenix Suns (1-2)

November 2, 2014

Derrick Favors not only dominated and scored a career high, but he also completed possibly the first bucket-and-1-cartwheel in NBA history:

#DerrickFavors Cartwheel and-1 #UtahJazz

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Meanwhile, Quin Snyder got his first NBA win and first win with the Jazz, and the Jazz got their first win of the 2014-2015 season.

Oh, and by the way: The Jazz are now the owner of the NBA regular season championship belt.

For those not acquainted with said belt, here’s Grantland’s definition:

The winners of the previous season’s NBA Finals start with the title. Whoever beats them takes the title from them. That team holds the championship until it loses, and so on, and so on. It’s just king of the hill, played out over 82 games.

The Spurs retained the belt in their first game against the Mavericks, but lost it to the Suns in their second game. The Jazz beat the Suns today, taking the belt with the win.

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Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on Alec Burks’ extension
Well, I think Alec’s shown that he’s a good player right now, and can grow into a very good player. I’m really excited to have him as part of the program…He’s one of those guys that finds the gym, as they say. He finds his way to the gym, he likes to work, and it’s always good to build on that.
** Snyder on where Burks and the team are defensively
I think he’s become very effective on the ball. He’s gotta be a little more disciplined. I told him, you know, I want him on the floor as opposed to sitting next to me. And I think all of our guys, off the ball, we’re not there, with our habits. So that’s just something we gotta continue to work on.
** Snyder on people saying the Jazz are this year’s Suns
I think it’s a mistake, you know, to compare our–we’re a very different team than Phoenix. We’ve got guys that have only played here, and you know, their team is a mix, I think, of players. Some veterans, some young, and they did a great job of melding that group together. And obviously, I think the biggest thing about Phoenix is they really have an identity. Defensively, they play really hard and tough. And you know, on the offensive end, obviously they’re, they run. They run as well as anybody. And you know, the fact that Jeff [Hornacek] recognized, you know, their strengths and really played to their strengths, I think is what made it such a, you know, such a really, really good job that he did and they did.

** Alec Burks, asked how much of an emphasis it was for him to get his extension done before the deadline
I mean, it was a big emphasis. You know, I didn’t want to worry about it during the year, you know, having it in the back of my mind when I’m playing, trying to help my team win. So I’m glad it got done. I’m thankful, and I’m excited.
Did you tell the Jazz you wanted to stay in Utah?
I did. I did make it, I made it known, you know? I told my agent, you know, I had him tell the Jazz I wanted to be there. I wanted to be part of the future. I see something bright in the future. You know, got some great players. You know, I just want to be part of it. That’s all.
What makes you so optimistic about the future of the Jazz?
Just the commitment to the young guys, you know? They signed Derrick [Favors], signed Gordon [Hayward], you know, they bring a lot, good young pieces in with some great veterans, and just, great coach we got in Quin [Snyder]. You know, just, some bright things ahead in Utah, and I just want, I want to be a part of it.

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Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the game
It’s nice to win, but we won doing the things that I think we wanna do. We were rewarded for playing the right way. There were times when we almost overpassed the ball. You know, guys were–you want to pass it to get more high percentage shots, and sometimes we passed up great shots to get good shots. But I would much rather have it that way.
** Snyder on the first quarter
Really, I don’t think we were playing that bad [before the first timeout]. We had some good looks. You know, there was a couple balls that didn’t go our way, and I just felt like, just wanted to keep our poise and do what we do. And [Derrick] Fav[ors], obviously, you know, responded at that moment as well, and throughout the night. And just, his leadership, and Gordon [Hayward] as well. Gordon was terrific. Fav’s line jumps out at you, obviously, and Gordon’s line isn’t too far behind…Those two guys, from a leadership standpoint, they just connected.
** Snyder on Derrick Favors’ defense
Sometimes Derrick is so, he’s so unselfish defensively, like, he, and sometimes you don’t think of that with a bi–there’s a way he’s defending pick and roll, like, he’s like, you know, Ray Lewis…He’s controlling everything, and that’s hard, to play that way defensively. You know, that’s, we’ve talked about some of the best defensive centers in the league. It’s not always just blocking shots. You know, in this age, it’s being able to stay in front of a guard, and get back to your man. And [Alex] Len is so big. You know, sometimes those lobs can go over his head, and when that happens, I think the most significant thing for Derrick was to keep trusting his teammates, that they’ll be there, and to s–keep being there for them. And those relationships are what is gonna help this team grow, as much as anything, and it starts with Derrick having that confidence.
** Snyder on Rudy Gobert’s performance
The thing that I think people overlook about Rudy, is his, really, an intelligent player. I think s–the exposure that he had this summer, both with the [French] national team and also playing against, you know, the Pau Gasols and, you know, players from, you know, diff–Serbia or wherever, he’s seen a lot, in terms of his preparation defensively and also offensively. So, I expect Rudy to impact the game like that now. I think, you, there’s an expectation when you put him out there, that, you know, there’s some things that he can do, even more than just run the court and block shots. It’s, he has a presence with his, my–when they went big, when they went with [Shavlik] Randolph, who’s a shooting “five,” you know, there’s not many 7-2 guys that can get out and run–or how tall he is. He’s, doesn’t really matter. He’s Rudy. But he’s big–that can get out there and hedge and play pick and roll the way he can. I mean, that’s unusual, and, to play with that kind of urgency.

** Snyder on Enes Kanter’s performance
Enes actually did a really good job in pick and roll, in hedging. You know, he just got early foul trouble, and that limited his minutes in the beginning. Then he got his fourth, and you know, when it was really time for him to go back in, you know, Trevor [Booker] had been playing really well. And you know, they’re a different team. You know, I thought Enes, you know, Enes played good. He just didn’t get as many opportunities tonight, and you know, he’ll get ’em against the Clippers.
** Snyder on on Trey Burke’s shooting struggles
I don’t care if he misses his shots. I mean, this is the same guy that was [shooting], what, 50 percent in preseason? I, and I shouldn’t, you know, obviously I want him to make his shots, but I really, he, right now, his leadership with our team on the floor, that’s what I want from him. You know, and that doesn’t always, that’s not always reflect–I felt a little bit like I wanted him to hit a shot, just, you know, sometimes we make a shot and we feel better about ourselves. And I think he’s redefining even how he evaluates his performance. And we all know Trey Burke will make a shot, you know, and he’ll make ’em when they count. So for me, the way he defends and the way he leads, the way he communicates, and, I think that’s something that’s new to him. You know, he, it’s one thing to play, and it’s another thing to lead and talk and communicate and play, and it’s harder. It takes it outta you. Playing defense and doing that, you know, that’s where we want to see him go.

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** Derrick Favors, told it looked easy for him tonight
It wasn’t easy. You know, I think I just had to take my game to another level tonight, ’cause you know, we came out kinda slow, kinda sloppy, and you know, I saw the team kinda start feeling bad about themselves, so I just tried to come out and just add a little bit more energy, especially at the beginning of the game. And you know, we just picked it up from there. … They were denying the wings, and you know, we needed a spark, so I just took it upon myself to do that.
** Favors, asked if the team did anything for Quin Snyder’s first win
Quin got a game ball and everything, you know I’m saying? It was, you know, we celebrated for, like, three seconds. You know, told him congratulations, whatever, and that was it. Time to move on.
** Gordon Hayward on Snyder’s first win
We gave him the game ball and I told him sorry it took us three games to get that first win, but you know, here’s to many more. And hopefully, we can keep executing what he wants us to do. We had a long talk on our day off, and talked really about executing defensively, and for the most part, we did that, especially in the second half.
** Hayward on Trey Burke
He’s, you know, our point guard, and so he’s gotta be able to get our pace up, and you know, bring the ball up the court, and get us going in what we want to do on offense. So, whether or not he’s shooting the ball well, I mean, it’s one of those things where he’s gotta just continue to keep playing and keep the pace up. And you know, if he’s walking the ball up the court or if he’s putting his head down, then that kinda gets us all down. So, he’s gotta continue to do what he did tonight.
** Dante Exum on getting called for a foul and Joey Crawford
I got a blocking foul, which I thought should’ve been called for a charge. And you know, I got elbowed in the face, so you know, it was just a, he saw a little bit of blood on my nose…I told him that maybe it was because I got elbowed in my face…So you know, I got a laugh out of him, so.

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Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling “Aussie” a language: Steve Brown
** David Stockton was selected in the third round (40th overall) of the D-League draft by the Maine Red Claws.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Quin Snyder on the NBA: It’s a product that, you know, obviously I like, and that fortunately a lot of people like. And as a result, you know, people want to watch.
** Steve Brown: You know, the old Alec Burks might’ve tried to force that, but he looked and found an open man.
** Brown on Isaiah Thomas: Nice job of sliding through. Booker gave him a chance to slide through.
** Ron Boone on free pizza with the purchase of tickets: I’m getting it free to give away free.
** Brown on the pizza/ticket offer: If you’re reaching into those pockets–I never seen a guy with pockets down to his cuffs on his pants.
Booner: You work with Hot Rod [Hundley] 20 years, what do you expect?
Brown: That’s true. Something rubbed off. Hahaha.
** Brown on Isaiah Thomas shot: Watch this baby.
Booner: Watch how nicely and soft this is, though. It just goes right over the fingertips.
** Gordon Hayward on Trevor Booker: When he’s really rolling and being active, and not even necessarily scoring, but just his activity, his energy, it brings us all up for sure.

Big thanks to @cubsmodano for his assist with the W-L record tonight.

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