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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interviews, 10/24 and 10/31 (Alec Burks Extension)

November 1, 2014
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What do you find most fascinating about Quin Snyder?
Yeah, you know, he, Quin’s an interesting man, and obviously very bright. I think the thing that maybe gets lost, a, with, you know, the intelligence, and you know, his charisma is maybe that he just really loves basketball and he’s a very hard worker.

And just jumping in the foxhole with him, I just really appreciate how he’s gone about his job, and how much effort and energy and thought he puts into the job.

So, it, as you would imagine, that answer would probably be wrapped around basketball circles. When we start talking about solving world peace or something, I’ll let you know.

Tell us about Quin Snyder’s offensive terminology.
Yeah, so terminology is a very interesting part of teaching basketball…

[Quin] wants a really strong, unique communication system, and that our words mean something, in that there’s strong connotations. So, we’ve had silly things where we’ve tried to find terminology in French and Turkish and Aussie, mate. So yeah, there’s, sometimes those little touches like that with your vocabulary and how you communicate are really important…

You can get cute with it and I think if you really work hard at your communication system, it can give you an advantage.

What do you hope this system does for Gordon Hayward?
For Gordon Hayward. I, yeah, that’s a terrific question. I haven’t really thought about it for him specifically. I think what I’ve seen so far is the overall defense has allowed Gordon to play a little bit like a linebacker and roam and get his hands on balls.

And there’s certain guys that you’ll let ’em slightly get outside of the system ’cause they have superior instincts and they can “blow up a play.” I think there’s been a good 10, 12 plays that Gordon and Derrick [Favors] have guarded their men a–well, have been in great body position, but then have anticipated a play and just blew up the offense.

So, I think the defensive system may allow Gordon–besides having great communication and great stance and great body position–allow him to use his instincts. I think we’ve seen that a little bit in the preseason. I’m, my hope is, is that’s not just a, something that is happening in the preseason. I could see a carryover there.

I think the natural inclination that Gordon has on offense to pass the ball, to create for others, will–this system, with its spacing, the tempo of play, how quickly screens can be flipped, angles can be changed, fits into some of his natural abilities as well. …

I would hope that Gordon would also–it’s already happened in the preseason, but continue to find his leadership voice.

How does Dennis Lindsey watch a basketball game? What are you looking for?
Nervously. Yeah, so quite a few people make fun of me that I don’t sit down very much, and some of that is strategy. Every so often, I’ll go back and, back in the locker room to check replays, check other games.

Certainly, if I lose composure, it’s probably better done in the tunnel than, under the stands, than out in the public. So, I’m not perfect, and I know myself, so a quick escape. So, I watch games–it’s a multiple-choice question for me, ’cause I watch in different ways.

There’s some personnel that I’m watching for our team, and other teams and how that can pinch–potentially fit. Certainly, the schemes on what we’re, how we’re playing on both ends, how the other team’s playing, and then what our counters are to their schemes when they’re taking things away…

Some of the best teams, Utah Jazz, with [John] Stockton and [Karl] Malone, they have very simple, defined systems. And then when you take that away, they immediately know what they’re going to do. So, I pay attention to a lot of counters and what’s going on. It just, you know, it’s an inclement, inclination of mine of being an ex-coach. I really like strategy. (1280)

What is the candy of choice at the Lindsey household?
It’s M&Ms, peanut M&Ms. Yeah, we’re a big M&M family, that, and my waist line’s showing it right now.

On Alec Burks’ contract extension
We’re thrilled for Alec. We’re thrilled for our organization, the community, th–look, he’s a unique kid: 6-6, 210, great speed, unbelievable lift, a unique ability to score from the free throw line and at the rim while improving his shot the last two years.

And we certainly know, and no one knows more so than Alec, that he’s got to continue to grow in areas, and we expect that he will do that, and we think he can be a core piece on a contender…

You know, we pushed them in some areas, they pushed us in some areas, and we think we have our starting 2-guard locked up for the next five years, and, at 23 years old with the ability to improve. So we’re excited about that. …

Alec–all of our young guys have done a really good job with our off-season programs, but never once have I had to call [Burks’ agent] Andy Miller or Alec Burks to find him. He was the first one here for last two seasons of open gym. He’s been through a–in our open gym period in September.

He’s never skipped a day. Always honored our request to be out at P3 for training, and testing. He’s developed a really good relationship with Johnnie Bryant, and he’s improved on his non-dunk finishing. That was an area that we really wanted to emphasize this year, so he’s really worked hard at that.

I think Quin was an important piece. He could envision Alec in our offense.

burks memo

What does Burks’ extension mean for Dante Exum?
There’s probably some other questions around time and opportunity, but I think it shows a commitment from the organization when a player worked hard, improves, follows the messages of the coaches, finds the gym, gets stronger, looks at himself in the mirror and says, “Hey, I need to improve on these areas,” and do so. …

I think when the younger players are watching our young vets get better and then be rewarded, with our ability, in our attempt to keep the team together, I think it sends a good, sound message.

burks extension

Why does Alec Burks’ offensive prowess not necessarily translate on defense?
I think concentration, mindset. I think when you’re as gifted as Alec is and you have the ability to score, I think coaches will tend to keep you on the court [at] lower levels. …

There was some lateral movement issues that had to do with his upper body posture [when he was first drafted], and so Mark McKown, Isaiah Wright, P3 really worked hard at some postural issues, and Alec’s been able to overcome it.

Now, we didn’t defend very well last year, and I think, you know, Alec certainly is a part of that, and we haven’t got off to a great start in the regular season even though we did defend well in the preseason.

But I think one that Alec has in, you know–it passes the eye test, the, it passes the analytical tests when we start looking at measures–he’s become a really good individual defender in isolation situations.

He’s really improved at taking his verbal, adjusting his body in pick-and-roll situations, because he does have that body where, you know, if he puts his body on the other defender, w–it’s a, there’s a soccer term for it that we’re using. It’s called marking up. The offense does feel him. (1280)

Dennis Lindsey: Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** On Randy Rigby’s Halloween costume: He came with a sun visor and a Jazz sweatshirt. All he needed was a pair of sweatpants
** On his wife: She usually makes me be very generous in doling out the candy.
** On preseason expectations: Our group is like any group of people, and especially young people. They saw some results, were excited about it, probably got prematurely excited…It’s safe to say that there’s a good chance we were too excited way too prematurely.

Randy Rigby was V. Stiviano for Halloween. Who saw that coming?


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  1. Diana permalink
    November 2, 2014 1:17 am

    That visual of Randy just in a sweatshirt and sun visor….

    I like how open Dennis is now that he isn’t in KOC’s shadow and now that Ty is not our coach.

    Yay for real interviews about real basketball!

  2. russellkanning permalink
    November 2, 2014 1:46 pm

    exactly …. I guess he didn’t want to say much last year


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