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Bits from The Trey Burke Show, 10/21

October 23, 2014
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You didn’t play in the last game. How are things with you?
Everything’s good. Coach [Quin] Snyder just came to me the morning of the game, and said, you know, he felt like, you know, I could use a rest today. He wanted Dante [Exum] to, you know, get more minutes, and Ian [Clark] to play more time at the point guard position…

I felt like I could’ve learned by watching. You know, last year, after I got hurt, I learned a lot by watching from the sidelines, so it’s kind of an opportunity to, you know, actually see the game from a different view. I think I was able to learn, you know, as well.

In your opinion, can you and Dante Exum coexist on the floor?
Yes, I believe so. You know, Dante, he’s a versatile guard. You know, he can play two positions. You know, at times when I do come off the court, he can play the “one.” And even when we’re on the court, at times he can play the point guard position and I can play off the ball.

So, I definitely think so. You know, it’s not gonna be easy at first, you know, obviously with him, you know, this being his first year and him having to make adjustments. So, it’s something that we can continue to work on, you know, as a tandem.

What do you think Dante has done well in this preseason so far?
Well, I think he’s definitely done a great job at, you know, being himself out there on the court. You know, I, at times I tell him to, you know, kind of slow down, and you know, just to play and relax.

You know, as a rookie, you know, this being your first year in the NBA, that’s something that I went through last year. Going out on the court, and you know, sometimes trying to do too much and then at times, you know, kinda getting discouraged, you know, if things weren’t going my way.

But he’s definitely been himself. He’s relaxed on the court, you know, since summer league. He’s slowed down more than anything, because with his size, he doesn’t have to play, you know, as fast as he thinks he does. You know, he can get into the paint and make plays, you know, when he wants to.

So, that’s something that I try to continue to encourage him on, just try to, you know, make plays for the team. You know, get in the paint and do what you do best. Just be yourself out there.

Quin Snyder said your defense has become the definition of your game. Is that something you take pride in? Are you glad to hear him say that?
Yeah, I’m definitely glad. It’s something that I do take pride in. You know, I know my, in, you know, I know I can be a good defender. And you know, last year, you know, at times I’d die on the pick and roll, and that’s where, you know, I needed to get better at.

So you know, this summer, coach Snyder came in and he kinda challenged me on it. So, it was something that I, you know, made a conscious effort to get better at, you know, in practice. And now I have to continue to, you know, get better at playing defense and it’ll carry over to e–other things. (1320)

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    October 24, 2014 7:17 am

    thanks for the info :)

  2. October 24, 2014 7:57 am

    Did you macro “you know” into your computer to save your fingers from fatigue?


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