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Nitpicky footnotes on an off-day

October 21, 2014

From Hang Time Blog:

“Staying healthy is a skill” is the way some old-school types have put it, and while that might be too broad — neglecting simple ingredients such as luck and good genes — there is no doubt that durability is an asset. To a player and to his team. …

One way to gauge the durability of players is to check the rate at which they “showed up” for their teams on a given night. Call it a player’s “availability average,” as determined by his appearances as a percentage of his team’s total games during the same period.


I just wanted to add that Karl Malone’s availability average during his 18-year career with the Jazz was 99.3 percent, which would put him at the top of the list. Karl played 1,434 of 1,444 regular season games, and only six of the 10 games were missed due to injury. Four were due to league suspensions. And Karl would have played in at least two of the six injury games but was overruled by Jazz trainer Don Sparks on one occasion.

As for John Stockton…

stockton nash

If you want to read more along these lines on this gameless day, I suggest this post.

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