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Preseason Game 6 of 8: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers (4-2)

October 20, 2014


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Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, post-game
[29 turnovers] is obviously too many, and I think, you know, they were aggressive in their pick-and-roll defense early in the game, and we did a good job of moving the ball and not trying to fight it…We just weren’t very tough with the ball, not very tough-minded, and that’s what happened…It was kind of a, one of those, you know, Jekyll and Hyde things. We, I thought there was a number of guys that played very well the first half–like I said, when the ball moved. And when people started trying to do too much on their own, you run the risk of hap–that happening, especially against a team that’s playing hard.
** Snyder, asked whether giving players rest was worth it
Well, I’ve kinda maintained all along that this is a growth process for us. So if we can learn from this, whether it be Dante Exum, Rodney Hood, Rudy Gobert, to have those guys in a position where they had to compete to win without help from Derrick [Favors] and Trey [Burke] and Gordon [Hayward], I think it’s important. I mean, those guys are gonna have stretches during the year–that’s our bench, you know, and they need to be able to play at a level that, you know, can help us either maintain or give us a boost, and they’ve done that. You know, tonight we could play better.
** Snyder on what he’s seen from Ian Clark
I, you know, he’s been good. He’s been, he’s done a lotta good things. I think especially when he’s played with, you know, Dante, Trey. We have some other good ball-handlers, which allows him at times to get off the ball. But the, really, the best thing he’s done is defend. I mean, that’s why he played a lotta minutes the other night, is ’cause he was doing a great job on J.J. Redick.

throwback sunday

** Ian Clark, asked if it’s good he didn’t get many minutes last year so he doesn’t have a lot to unlearn this year
Definitely. Last year, I, it was a learning curve for me. You know, first year in the NBA and everything. Of course you wanna play, but you gotta sit down and wait your turn. And coming in this year, with the new offense, and with the guys that we have around, it’s really helpful for me and the rest of the teammates.
** Clark, asked where he is in the learning curve, and what’s working and what he working on (UDQM)
I, getting up our pace is working. Playing with the pass, playing with each other. I’m still working on pick and roll and point guard skills, but I mean, I’m coming. Coach is helping me, my teammates are helping me, and it’s coming natural, a little bit.
** Gordon Hayward, asked if getting a rest is a two-edged sword, or did he appreciate the rest
I definitely appreciated it. You know, I think it’s one of those things where, you saw we were rolling in the first half, so we were clicking and we’ll be rested and ready to go for OKC.

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Alec Burks “Burke”: Matt Harpring
** Quote of the Night: It’s truly a hybrid between an offense and a nothing. — Steve Brown on Byron Scott’s “hybrid” offense
** Gordon Hayward is red-shirting this year:

hayward sun

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Uncle Steve Brown on Carlos Boozer: He’s good. He’s the best that I’ve seen in a long time with both hands.
** Matt Harpring on Gordon Hayward: He’s longer than you think he is. (H/T @5kl)
Brown: I’m just amazed at how loose he is both on and off the court.
** Brown on Boozer and Rudy Gobert: Boozer’s got the moves down there, but nobody really realizes how long Rudy is until they get in there with him. (H/T @UGottaLovItBaby)
** Brown: That’s a couple of times that Boozer has reached around. (H/T @5kl)
** Brown: Another tight one coming down the stretch.
** Brown: All tied up at 69. (H/T @5kl)
** Brown on Kobe Bryant’s push-offs: And he’s not gonna do it subtly, either. Until he gets caught, he’s gonna bang it away if you want to put that hand even close to him.
** Overheard on truck feed, post-game: Let’s feed him your Ian Clark package.
** Overheard on truck feed, post-game: That one didn’t feel smooth, Steve. That one felt pretty rough.
** Overheard on truck feed, someone coordinating post-game interviews: You want Gordon? Yeah, we’ll take him if Gordon wants to do it…Oh boy, I don’t like that shower behind him. Don’t put that online yet.
** Overheard on truck feed, someone coordinating post-game interviews: Hey Ryan, who else do you need?
Ryan: Alec Burks. Either Ian or Alec.
** Overheard on truck feed, post-game: [sound of someone gargling] It says “Do not swallow,” so what do I do?

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