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Bits from Practice, 10/14 and 10/15

October 16, 2014
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Quin Snyder on what game film revealed about Rodney Hood’s defense and Dante Exum’s turnovers (UDQM)
You know, I think the, that’s the key thing on the turnovers, is, you know, how is [Exum] getting ’em, you know, are they things, if you look at it, how can you fix it. One of the things he did a better job is he didn’t penetrate quite so deep. There was one possession where he got in there and he kept his dribble alive, and then he got out.

Making quicker decisions, where he doesn’t get boxed in. At that point, his strength, you know, becomes a little more of an issue, getting banged around down there.

So, you know, Rodney had some good challenges. Rodney, pick-and-roll defense and pick-and-roll offense is probably better than my expectation at the beginning of the year. And he obviously had a really tough cover in J.J. Redick.

We hadn’t worked on covering pin downs yet, either. It, there aren’t that many great pin-down players in the NBA. It’s a unique, unique guy that you can go to, ca–we had one last year in Atlanta, Kyle Korver. You know, obviously Ray Allen. There’s a few others, but it’s a tough cover, and it requires more than just one person.

Snyder on what he looked for in candidates for his coaching staff
Good teachers, you know? And passion. You know, I’ve, in one sense I’ve got a lot of experience coaching. You know, been doing it a long time and been a head coach in a couple different levels, but this is my first time in the NBA. So, I mean, I think that said, I think experience for us wasn’t weighted as heavily as some of the teaching stuff, and I think a lot of our work is done right now, as you see.

And as far as the game preparation situations, you know, been around enough people that are good at that to try to prepare and you know, outwork, you know, as much as we can in those areas.

But, when you’re a team, I mean, anticipating us having some growing pains, I think when those things come, to have a staff that can maintain an enthusiasm and a passion for the game is really important for young players to see. You know, to not be discouraged, to kind of continue to compete through adversity and get better. So, those are the two main things.

Snyder on what he took away from Kobe Bryant during his time with the Lakers
So much. I, he was teaching me without knowing what he was doing. I was just watching, and listening. I know he didn’t wanna hurt his ankle, but by the end of the year when he was getting healthy, you know, I got to sit by him on the bench. He was about, you know, a foot and a half taller than me ’cause he was on a high chair, but I learned a lot just watching the games and listening to him talk to his teammates.

And you know, there’s players that have higher basketball IQs than coaches, and we, you know, it’s our job, but you can learn, you know, a lot of players, you can learn so much from watching players. A lotta times, they’ll tell you, you know, different nuances of how to execute, and they discover things in the moment. And [you] just try to pay attention.

Trey Burke on how the team can improve chemistry
Well, I think it starts in practice. You know, just building habits as a team. You know, knowing who we want to be as a team, and then off the court, you know, going out to eat. You know, just spending time with each other off the court.

And we’re around each other every single day, so the chemistry’s gonna automatically build. But you know, we got a lotta guys on the team who are easy to get along with. You know, we hold each other accountable, so it’s gon continue to build from here.

Gordon Hayward on what he’s expecting in the next four games
Two experienced teams. You know, a team we’ve already played, so they’re obviously gonna probably make some adjustments or keep doing some of the things that they did well. And that’s something that we need to get better at, especially their little pin-down action they killed us on in the third quarter. Hopefully, we can defend Blake [Griffin] a little bit better too.

But I think we’re just going into the road trip trying to get better as a team. Try to keep improving on the things coach wants us to improve, you know, and we’ve taken steps to get better this preseason, and hopefully we can continue.

Hayward on what he likes about the new coaching staff
I think everybody’s on board. I like that. I like that everyone’s committed to what coach is trying to do. You know, it can’t just be us players. It’s gotta be the whole staff, and I know they’re working super hard for us. They’re here before us; they stay after us. You know, they’re trying to help us get better, and the staff has been super committed, and that’s been something that’s been really, really cool to see.

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