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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 10/1

October 3, 2014
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Spencer Checketts: Randy! Knock knock.
Randy Rigby: Who’s there?
Checketts: Interrupting cow.
Rigby: Interrupting cow? Who?*
Checketts: Hahaha. That was my joke.

* To anyone wondering why it doesn’t say “Interrupting cow who?”: “Interrupting cow? Who?” is how Randy responded.

What have you observed in the first few practices?
You know, I’ve seen a number of practices, and I’ll tell you. This is as good as I have ever seen us in preparation and in work ethic, in planning, in strategy.

Quin [Snyder] has done a masterful job of, really, preparing his coaching staff, coming into it with game plans, and with, really, tight schedules.

He is, he’s pushing his staff, he’s pushing these players, and he’s establishing the expectation level right off the get-go of what we’re expecting offensively and defensively, and holding players accountable. And as issues arise, he’s not afraid to stop, regardless of who it is, and talk about it, and not only point out what was wrong, but why it’s wrong.

And I think that’s important, is, you’re not only telling what to do, but why we’re doing it. And so, there’s very good training going on and I’ve been very impressed with the intensity.

We understand that Quin has gotten after players pretty good in the first few practices, especially Dante Exum.
Well, you know what, and he’s doing that. Exactly right. He, and he is, he’s got on him really good, but, and what I’ve liked him doing is, just an example, is he says, “Okay. No, here’s what you’re doing wrong. I’ve talked about this. We’ve talked about this. You still did it wrong, and because you did it wrong, you’re gonna have to run.”

And then he says, “Now, whoever wants to run with Dante, get to the line.” And so it’s, you know what, you see your teammate, do I run with him? And then they do a sprint. And he made it very clear to him, “You know what? Until we get it right, then we’ll run until we’re willing to accept this.”

And i–yeah, you know what, he is no respecter of persons. Everyone on this team is expected to do a job and to be held accountable, and that’s the messaging he’s sending out to our players.

Dante Exum has worked hard, but does he really know what’s coming?
I don’t think Dante totally understands the degree of what’s coming. And I’ll tell you, when you start looking at, i–whether he’s playing the “one” or the “two” position, and you start thinking about every team that’s coming through here, and then who he’s gonna guarding each and every night, that’s a monumental task.

And it comes as a constant wave. And you don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself or get over it because you’re playing the next night or two nights later, someone almost equally if not better than who you played the night before. And that’s something that you’re just, you know what, you just have to go through it.

You have to experience it. And he’s gonna have a real learning curve this year, but the thing I’m happy with is the mindset of, the character that I’ve seen, the personality that I’ve seen with this young man.

He is really a pleasant individual to be around. He enjoys life. He has a good outlook on life. He has a confidence in himself, but in, not an over-confidence. He’s, he is a, he’s a humble young man that’s willing to learn, and wants to be in this game, in the long haul, has very, very good upbringing and very good parents.

Randy Rigby’s weekly report on Gordon Hayward’s marriage
I think he has got to the point where he is much more mature, physically and mentally, on, I think being married now, has also brought him to a new dimension in his life, and a stability in his life.

What do you hope to see out of this team by Christmas/New Year’s?
Well, you know, I, number one, as we all look at the schedule, I’ll tell you what. November is a brutal, tough schedule, and I, I’m, there’s gonna be some hot–hard-fought games in there. But I’m hoping to see, and then, then come December, the schedule gets a little better, for us.

But besides just wins and losses, which I’m really hopeful that we see an improvement over last year what our win-loss record was in November and December, so that’s one there that I would hope to see, I’ve ho–I’d like to see our players settling in to really, total buy-in, to our offense and defensive system, and now fine-tuning it to where they’re really using it to help us not only compete, but actually maybe win some of those games that last year we just didn’t, we weren’t able to go over the hump with.

So I would hope that we can see some real improvement with our players accepting and then implementing this new offense and defense, and really the team buying into it to a point now, they’re starting to have fun and it’s starting to come, instead of thinking about it, both offensively and defensively, that it coming, starting to come natural to them in how they’re playing.

What did you tell the players about your expectations when you addressed them?
I talked about, one of the things we’ve started a couple years now is respecting our country and the flag. And our players have been very responsive to that in standing and putting their hands over their heart, and that’s an initiative that we’ve felt very important.*

And we also dealt with the personal issues of what we do as a team in standing behind one another, and, for the good and the bad. Yes, we’re gonna hold everyone accountable.

At the same time, we’re also in this for one another, and to have a care, and empathy, and stand behind our teammates and lift them when they’re down, and when we have challenges, we’re gonna lift together, and move on as a team. (1280)

* So by now we know Enes Kanter was asked to put his hand over his heart last year for the U.S. national anthem. Wonder if Rudy Gobert, Dante Exum, and Brock Motum will be as well.

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  1. Diana permalink
    October 5, 2014 2:14 am

    I love America as much as anyone but seriously it bugs me so much that they make our non-american citizen players put their hands on their hearts!


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