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Utah Jazz Media Day 2014: Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter

October 1, 2014


** Can you talk about the release of your nude photos?
Yeah, you know, publicly, I want to first and foremost apologize to my family, apologize to the Miller family as well, and you know, my teammates as well. You know, we already talked about it in the locker room, and you know, from this day forward, it won’t happen again, you know? They were old pictures, and you know, they were meant to be kept private, but you know, they weren’t. So you know, from this day forward, you know, my actions and my judgments will be much better.
** How difficult is it to face your family or your teammates after something like this?
It’s difficult, but they were my actions. You know, and for them to come out right now, you know, was the most difficult thing. But you know, they were my actions. I own up to ’em and I just wanna move past it now and you know, get ready for the season…I’m looking forward to, you know, gaining the trust back from the community, you know, the people in U–Salt Lake City and in Utah.
** Do you feel like you can take a step up in leadership this year?
Absolutely. You know, with actions like that, you know, it kinda s–takes you back a step, but I definitely, you know, feel like I have the leadership skills and my teammates have my trust. You know, so I just gotta continue to, you know, do the right things off the court, and you know, do what I do on the court to lead them and everything will work out.

jgn tw

** What does Quin Snyder bring to this team?
He brings a lot of excitement, you know? I think a lotta, you know, I think everybody on this team is excited to have, you know, not only coach Snyder but the whole coaching staff. And you know, with the new way that we’re playing, you know, he wants the pace to be more uptempo. He wants us to get out in transition, and I think that’s gon play to our benefits, you know, more than anything.

** What’s the big thing for you, defensively?
Well, you know, coach Snyder says it all the time, that he knows I can play defense. But it’s a mindset, you know? Something that I have to take serious, and you know, he axes me all the time, if it’s important–or he tells me all the time, “If it’s important to you, then you’re gonna do it.” So, that’s an area that I know that I, you know, I can grow in a lot, especially from last year. I know I can be a good defender, even with my size. Just getting over screens, I think that was the biggest area that I needed to work on, and I worked on it a lot this summer.
** Do fans need to be patient with this team?
Absolutely. I think the fans need to be patient with this team, but on the other hand, I think, you know, we have the talent to, you know, give the fans what they want, you know, and you know, start the season off better than we started out last year. I think we dug ourselves in a, you know, really big hole last year starting off 0-13.

jazz burkeThe Jazz-owned 1280 The Zone also didn’t post Trey’s interview with the media.

** What did you work on this summer?
I tried to get stronger a lot. You know, with my game, I go to the rim a lot, and I took a lot of pain, falling and you know, getting hit…so I just want to get stronger for that.
** How will you be different this year?
Just more mature as a player, you know? Both sides of the floor, you know? I just feel like I really know my role. I know what I can do, and I know I can get it done, you know? So I feel like just knowing what I can do in this league, that’s why I feel like Imma be a better player.
** Talk about your maturity.
I been out here, you know? I feel like just been through a lot, you know? I sat on the bench, you know, a couple years, ’cause we had the vets, you know? Just, I just, I been around, so I just, I know where it is…I know what time it is.
** How does Quin Snyder’s system fit your game?
I feel like it’s gonna fit good, you know? He likes to play with space, you know, and I love space, you know? That’s what I do, I get to the rim. I need space to do that. So I feel like it’s gonna work great. … He is giving me a lot of freedom in the offense, more than I had before, you know? Just, you know, I got to play a little bit more in the offense, but he give me as much freedom as I need to. You know, that’s what I like about the offense…He want a lot of movement. He don’t just want stagnant pick and rolls or nothing like that.
** What do you think of Quin Snyder?
He’s a great dude.


** If the Jazz had a dunk contest, who would win?
Me of course. Jeremy [Evans] know I can beat him in a dunk contest.
** What’s the best thing you did this off-season?
I had a birthday. That’s the best thing.
What’d you do for your birthday?
Had fun.
In Kansas City.
If you’re playing ball in Kansas City and some guys tries to talk at you, are you killing him?
Imma let you know why I do this for a living, you know? That’s all…If you forget, Imma let you know.
** How’s your family? Dad still got that great smile?
Yeah, he do. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
And brother’s still out here with you?
Yeah, he is. He out here with me, so, you know, great.

** Happy in Utah
I been here all summer. It’s more like a second home to me now. You know, I told myself at the end of the, end of last season I was gonna stay out here and just try to, you know, be around Utah a lot more. You know, that’s what I did, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
** On this season
I finally got my opportunity I’ve been waiting for for the longest, and you know, no pressure, no burden, nothing. I’m just, I’m ready for it.
** What are your impressions of Quin Snyder?
Coach Quin? He’s one of those coaches that, he’s very, he’s gonna teach all the small details-type of stuff. You know, offense, defense. He was just showing us how he wanted us to play. You know, he’ll talk to me about what he wanted my role to be on the team, what he expected out of me, what he wanted me to do within the offense and on the defensive end. And so far, you know, I like every part of it.

** Were there specific shots Quin Snyder asked you to work on?
Yeah, basically, you know, just baseline jumper, free throw line jumper, and just try to stretch the floor out a little bit more ’cause of the type of offense we gon run, and you know, I’m probably gonna be playing center’s position anyway. So, just work on different things other than just going in the paint and banging all day.
** How much contact did you have with Gordon Hayward this off-season?
Not that much. You know, he been busy with his, with the national team stuff, so, I didn’t wanna get involved in all that stuff, so we been talking since he got back.
** Can you and Enes Kanter play together? What will it take to have some magic between Favors and Kanter?
You remember I told you I’m gonna get 10 assists one game? I think he’s gonna be a big reason why. You saw him making the threes that he can shoot, you know, when teams start double-teaming me or whatever, or when I’m rolling to the basket and they rotate, Imma be looking for Enes, throw it to him, he hit the three. That gon be part of the 10 assist Imma get.

** What do you think of Quin Snyder?
Extremely sharp. Really detailed. Precise. You know, kinda like me in that you’re, like, borderline OCD on certain things, where it’s gotta be done this way and it’s gotta be right. And I think that’s the way it has to be…We need somebody to tell us, “This is how it has to be. If you don’t know it, I’ll teach it to you and this is what it’s gon–this is what you’re gonna do”…He’s definitely big on accountability, and if you don’t do something right, you’ll come sit over by him, and he’ll tell you, and then he’ll put you back in and give you another chance, so. … I’ve actually had people come, go out of their way to tell m–to call me or tell me, like, “Hey, you’re taking our guy.” Like, “You’re taking our coach. Give him back.” Like, everyone’s had nothing but positive things to say about him. And then on top of that, coach called me and we communicated a lot this summer. And we sat down and we’ve talked about it, and just in conversation between me and him, you can tell he’s got it all up top mentally, and it’s good for me to see, someone like me who’s a skeptic, and for him to just sit down, he’s already, you know, he’s already won me over.

** Is there additional pressure that comes with a max contract?
I don’t think there’s any added pressure. There was just as much pressure last year on me, you know, so I think this was just a business thing.
** On who are the leaders of the team
We’ve talked about, the past couple years, about Derrick and I stepping up, and it’s gonna be another year for that of us continuing to be leaders. You know, not just by example, but vocally at times too. And at the end of the day, coach is our leader.


** Did you get that big new “Halo”-type game?
Of course I got “Destiny.”
** Has your marriage affected your video game time?
We had to have a sit-down talk about that. I had to sit her down and say, “Listen. This is who I am. You’re not gonna change that.” So, that backfired a little bit on me. In retrospect, it might not have been the best decision.
** Congratulations on the marriage. Hey, how was the wedding? We didn’t talk about that.
Wedding was good. Wedding was–
How nervous were you?
I was extremely nervous, and I didn’t think I was gonna cry, and I cried when she was walking down the aisle. Which was brownie points, right?
Yeah, that’s good.
** Tell everyone about your favorite new thing.
Oh yeah. No, I got a Tesla. P85, Model S Tesla. It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever driven. Most fun car. I mean, it’s like a roller coaster. You take off in it, so. I definitely upgraded a little bit.
Was this hard for you?
It was difficult, but still, I mean, it’s a practical thing. It’s the No. 1 rated car in “Consumer Reports” ever. Highest rated car on the market. Saves me a bunch of, it’s 90 miles to the gallon. Relatively, if you work out the electricity and everything. And you can also, you know, pay less money if you only charge it at, like, 3 a.m., 4 a.m.*
You’re making a buttload of money. You couldn’t spend it all if you wanted to.
Uh, you could spend it…I mean, you could buy islands.

* Would Hayward have made the purchase if this option weren’t available?

** What is your relationship with Quin Snyder like?
It’s so different, that it’s like, it’s, with my other coaches before. It just, he’s just like a type of guy that is not, like, he’s thinking like, a big brother, a young brother, you know what I mean? He’s just doesn’t, he’s not like, “Well, I’m the coach. I know everything.” He’s asking players. He’s telling us sometimes what should we do, what should we not do, you know what I mean? So, he’s communicating with the players. I think, it shows a lot to me…When you play and if you have, if you’re under stress, then it’s gonna affect your game too. But when you talk to coach Quin, or, he gives the confidence and he communicating with you so well that you just wanna just go for it. And you just go out there and wanna play for him. So, so much difference.

** How committed are you to improving your defense?
I think right now this year, the, my thing is, the most thing I need to focus on is just defense and we’ve been working on defense with coach Quin. And just, right now, it’s, to me, is more important than offense now, ’cause you know, you can score the ball, then everybody can score the ball. But you know, the important thing is to just getting back, getting out there and good defense.
That’s not what you were saying at the end of last year. Why did your mentality change?
Someone’s gonna score the ball, but if you want to win, if you want to bring back playoffs to Utah, then we have to get that defense up. So that’s why, that’s what I’m focus on this year. And my teammates too.
** How will Quin Snyder’s system benefit you the most?
I mean, first, when I, the, you know, the, it’s a young team. It’s a, we have something really special here, you know, all the new guys, all the new coaching staff, all the, you know, the new almost everything. I think we have really something special here. I know we are all young and stuff…and I don’t really believe [the naysayers]. And I think young, younger means hunger to me. You know, we were more hung–we more hungry…I don’t know if I wanna say “promise,” but I r–I just really, we really wanna bring back the playoffs to Utah.
** So you expect this team to contend for a playoff spot?
Definitely…It’s just, so much exciteness. You know, I’m just, like, pumped up and ready for the season.

kanter alEnes channeling Big Al with the tights

** How’s the long-range shot coming?
I’ve been really working on my, you know, threes, corner threes. Especially after coach Quin, so I was rehabbing in Chicago and coach Quin just came and visited me. And you know, the fir–we went to gym, the first thing he said, that, you know, “You gonna start shooting threes. You know that, right?” So we were just, I was just, like, really excited…I was just, like, you know, shocked that he, first time I, he met me, like, gave me that confidence. I mean, it means a lot to me.
** On Mehmet Okur taking a role with team
Oh, I’m really excited. You know, he came and, I think two weeks ago, and show me some stuff that, about shooting…I’m really excited for, first of all, have a Turkish guy on the team. I’m gonna speak some Turkish, and he might take me some Turkish restaurants. But I’m really excited for him, to, you know, a Turkish legend like Mehmet Okur in a team like this, and he gonna, you know, can show me some stuff that he had experienced before. So, I’m really excited and blessed.
** What if you start shooting that three, you get soft, and you don’t wanna go down low anymore and bang. Is that gonna happen?
No, definitely not. You know, ’cause, I’ll give you an example, like Mehmet Okur. You know, he really good shooter, and he’s still doing down-low work. So, something, something about Turkish people. It’s going to work.
Well, if you could shoot the three like Memo, we’d all be pleased with that.
I’m hoping so.
** On the Islamic State (ISIS)
I think it’s just making me and probably making other Muslim really sad that, you know, they’re representing the Muslims are really bad way. You know, I think, and I’m thinking that they can’t be Muslims, you know? ISIS can’t be Muslims, and I don’t, what, I know what they’re doing is just really wrong and I’m telling the whole America here now, if they’re watching us, I mean, just, it’s a shame and I just don’t even wanna talk about or even wanna watch when the news come because Muslims can’t be like that, so.

** Who on this team is most likely to be the guy you guys are going to pick on?
Favors: I don’t know. You gotta ask Enes that.
Kanter: I think I’ll say Rudy [Gobert]. Still Rudy, ’cause he’s still a rookie, right?
Favors: Rudy’s still got to take, probably gotta take my bags to the plane for me.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Gordon Hayward, asked if he flexes in front of the mirror: There’s zero flexing going on…[pause]…in the mirror.
** Hayward on “Destiny”: It’ll definitely provide me some, when I’m on the down time, just something to do, so.
** Hayward on his video game time: I guess being married, I got better things to do. You know, entertain her and keep my wife happy. But I make sure when she goes to sleep, you know, I can–“You’re going to sleep? Okay, I’ll go play video games.”
** Hayward on marriage: Jeremy doesn’t know what he’s doing. So, no. It doesn’t work that way.
** Locke to Hayward: When are you going to splurge?
Hayward: I did splurge on that. It was a big splurge.
** Hayward on restricted free agency: They’re pulling at you, but you’re still kinda halfway tied down.
** Locke to Hayward: Do you want to pick a bone with me?
** Enes Kanter on his knee surgery: I had surgery close to two months ago. Now it’s coming pretty well.
** Favors on whether he’ll shoot a three: We’ll see. I might pull one.
** Locke on playing “Word Association”: Derrick’s nice enough to let me try things with him.

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