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Utah Jazz Media Day 2014: Trevor Booker, Carrick Felix, Dahntay Jones and Steve Novak

September 30, 2014

** What can you bring to the Jazz this year?
Well, I plan on bringing leadership, experience. You know, with me making the playoffs for the first time, I can bring a little bit of experience. A lotta energy, and just a lotta passion.
** Is it weird to be known for your love of cereal?
I mean, I didn’t expect to get known for it, but it is what it is. I’ll take it. I love cereal.
** What do you think of Quin Snyder and his system?
Coach Q’s like a, he’s like a basketball genius. I mean, he knows the game so well. He’s trying to, you know, incorporate the offense and defense and at the same time point out little things to the players and make sure we see it from his perspective on why we’re doing this and this. So I mean, he’s great so far.

** You get compared to Paul Millsap. Do you see that?
Yeah, I could see that. A couple years ago, people were asking me who I patterned my game after, whose game is parallel to mine. And I would tell them Paul Millsap, because he was that workhorse when he was here. You know, he got the job done; rebounder; hard-nosed guy.
** Tell us about yourself.
I’m a family guy. I love playing with my kids. When I’m free, you can find me with my family, playing with the kids, just running around the house being a big kid with me.
How old are they?
Nine, four and one.
Are they all boys?
One girl and two boys. The oldest is the girl.

** What should fans know about your game?
That I play hard…I give 100 percent, if not 120 percent every time I’m on the floor. I’m a guy who’s gonna defend, I’m a guy that’s gonna do all the small things, and like I said, I’m a guy that’s gonna go out there and just play the game of basketball like it’s supposed to be played, so.
** What can fans expect from you? (different interview)
Definitely they can see a guy who’s gonna, every time I step on the floor, I mean, I’m gonna give 110 percent.
** What was your reaction to being traded to the Jazz?
I was excited. It’s definitely an opportunity to–as the Utah Jazz is building a new culture, and building to win a championship, I wanna be a part of something like that. I wanna be a part of something bigger than myself, so it was definitely easy. It was a easy feeling, so.
** How did skateboarding evolve into basketball?
I definitely feel like it’s helped me with my athleticism, and also just, I just, I don’t really fear too many things, especially on the court. Skateboarding made me very not afraid to take the risk and not afraid to go up against anything, and I think that’s one thing that I’m grateful for and from, taken from it, so.
** On his master’s degree from Arizona State
It’s something that is very, very, very dear to my family, so I definitely have to go after it.
** There’s a retired player that people would like you to become. Who is that player?
That player is Bruce Bowen…Definitely, I watch a lot of his game, and I definitely see myself being that type of player. Just a little bit more athletic, but definitely see myself being that type of player. Just kinda the way he defends, the way he just kinda just embraces his role, hits open shots, and I mean, I’m always willing, I wanna guard the best player on the floor every time, so.

** On providing veteran leadership
Definitely. I’ve been on a lotta different teams. Winning teams, teams that are growing, teams that are not very good at all. So I have a lotta, I have a different perspective that these guys can lean on and learn from. And that’s my, part of my role coming to this organization, is be able to mentor a couple guys, teach ’em how to work, teach ’em how to practice on a daily basis, teach ’em how to compete, and then play at a high level myself.
** Did you know fellow Dukies Quin Snyder and Antonio Lang before you signed with the Jazz?
I do, I did, in a small way, because when I go back to the school and different events for coach [Mike] K[rzyzewski], those guys are around. We don’t know each other a great deal, but we’re very familiar with each other.

** What does Quin Snyder bring?
You know, he’s a basketball mind. He’s a basketball junkie. He’s someone who I think we as players really respect because we know when he’s even not with us, he’s thinking about the game. He’s figuring out ways to make us better, and implementing that as soon as he gets to us. And you can see his mind kinda churning even when he’s talking to us in practice and stuff like that. So, that’s what we want as players, someone who thinks about us when he’s away from us and thinks about how to use us better.

** What are your impressions of what Quin Snyder is trying to do with this team?
Last year, I know the pace was very slow, and I think you can see a lot that Quin is gonna definitely help the pace. And we’re gonna get up and down the court; we’re gonna outlet the ball quickly; we’re gonna not have play calls a lotta times on the court. It’s gonna be very much, he’s gonna trust us. And so, I think there’ll be some trouble at times. We won’t look perfect at times, but I think it’s gonna be a process that we’ll get better at, and I think, you know, he’s a very, very smart basketball mind, so I think that we as players believe in his system and are gonna buy in.
** Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in a basketball family. My dad was a high school coach when I was born. He was my high school coach. He coached myself and my brother at the same time. I was a senior; he was a freshman. So I grew up in a basketball atmosphere, and I think he’s the one that really taught me how to shoot. Taught me to love the game, just kinda introduced me to the game and I grew up pretty much at his practices. You know, going to the vending machine…and opening my bag of candy and, like, pouring it on the floor and eating it off the floor. So, this has always been, like, where I’m most comfortable, in the gym. And so, I was just lucky to grow up in that kind of environment and be with, you know, my dad through that whole time, who was obviously someone who I really looked up to.
** Who are the shooters you admire?
Definitely growing up, Ray Allen. He was in Milwaukee with the Bucks when I was growing up in Milwaukee, and just a, obviously a good guy. Someone who my parents were like, you know, “He’s a stand-up guy. You should like to watch him and follow him.” And the fact that he was playing for the Bucks at the time and I was, I think, in grade school and high school, he was someone I looked up to…I always wanted to be a shooter, and you know, the big, a lotta times, honestly, the big white guys, to be honest, who shot it, those were the guys I looked up to.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of Media Day (UDQM)
** Dahntay Jones, asked if he knows Quin Snyder: I haven’t known him like that.
** Trevor Booker on Media Day: It’s not really a bad part about it. It’s just time consuming. But you have to do it, so.
** Booker, asked if he’ll be rebounding and leading the break: I don’t know. I gotta talk to coach about that, see what he thinks. He’s been watching, so hopefully he let me, lets me bring it up some.
** Booker on getting Paul Millsap comparisons: I could see the same type of player in me.
** Carrick Felix on his game: I’m a guy that’s gonna do all the small things.
** Felix on being traded to the Jazz: I wanna be a part of something bigger than myself, so it was definitely easy.
** Locke to Felix: Do you longboard also?
Felix: No, actually I hate longboards for some reason.
Locke: ‘Cause they’re fast and you’re gonna die?
Felix: Nah, just ’cause they’re just, the shape of it. I’m just not into it.

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