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Utah Jazz Media Day 2014: Dee Bost, Jack Cooley, Brock Motum, Kevin Murphy and Toure Murry

September 30, 2014

** How’s been your reaction with Trey Burke been? And how has he helped you with your game at point guard?
You know, just looking at things he learned, you know, it’s helping me through open gyms. And then starting tomorrow, I feel like I can learn some more things, you know, and just continue to get better as a point guard.
** What are your thoughts on Quin Snyder so far?
I feel like he’s a great coach, you know? He know what he talking about, and you know, hopefully he can change the organization. And I feel like he’s a great coach.

** What are your goals this season?
Just to help the team win and whatever I can do, just to help us get better.

** Tell us about yourself.
I’m from Glenview, Illinois. I went to the University of Notre Dame. I graduated in 2013. I have a degree in finance. And I grew up, I’ve, I lived with my mom and dad and my sister Blair. She goes to the University of Missouri. She’s a journalism major. And I’m engaged to a beautiful fiancee, Jackie Oberlander.* And, no date yet, but you know, we’re just still working on that. But, I mean, just, life’s pretty great now.
* Which is cuter, Jack and Jackie or Rodney Hood’s parents, Ricky and Vicky?

** Is your fiancee moving to Utah?
She will be coming out in January. She’s finishing up an internship. She’s an architect. She’s working in downtown Chicago, so.
** You look pretty comfortable from 20-22 feet.
I showed [my range] a lot better this summer league. I can shoot threes, and I can shoot outside jumpers. I mean, in the system right now, I’m trying to see where I can find my shots and stuff like that, but coach [Quin Snyder] is doing a good job of recognizing that I can shoot. And I mean, I’ve been doing it a pretty good amount in the open gyms and making those shots. So, I just wanna–the offensive end is good. I just want to try to learn all the defenses and just keep playing hard.
** How does Quin Snyder’s system fit your game?
No matter how good of a shooter you are, there’s always gonna be misses. So, having, coach is great at having guys crash the glass and play hard and physical, and he respects anyone who plays physical, so it’s good to be able to do that and seem to fit into the system. And the system’s been working pretty well so far.
** What kind of coach is Quin Snyder?
He’s a very, very good coach, and an extremely intelligent coach. You can tell that right away. And he’s very adaptive to what’s going on and makes good adjustments, which is what a coach needs to do. And I, he’s been a phenomenal coach so far.

** Where are you from in Australia, and what’s your basketball background?
From Brisbane, Queensland, so I grew up playing there until I was about 17. Then I moved down to Canberra, the Australian Institute of Sport, the thing that Dante [Exum] came from. I was there for a year and a half, and then I went up to college.
** You know more about American culture so you can compare. What’s the Australian Institute of Sport like?
We can go there either when you’re in school, or when you finish school. So it’s basically, you wake up in the morning, you shoot, you go to a class, you come back, you do weights, individuals, go to a class, and then team practice. And then, you live on-site. And then when you finish school, you do the same thing, but a little extra practice. I’d say you can compare it to a prep school.
** What did you learn about Exum from playing with him on the Australian national team this summer?
I think he’s got a lot of potential. He’s a very exciting player. I played alongside him, obviously, this summer, and I got to know him a lot. He’s a great kid, and I think Jazz fans are gonna be really happy with what they see.
** What’s the first CD you ever bought?
Probably the Macarena or something. Played that thing until it stopped playing.

** Tell us about yourself.
Well, I’m from Houston, Texas originally, born and raised. I have two older brothers, one younger sister. And my career, I went to s–well, I went to college at Witchita State University, four years. Got my degree, and you know, from my first year of pro, starting off in the D-League, you know, everything was kinda slow, at first. And then as the season progressed, you know, call-ups and people leaving to go overseas, you know, things bounced my way and I finally got to start at point guard. And that’s kinda how my situation at point guard started, from the D-League. And we ended up winning the championship, and I played really well in the championship games. Had a triple double, and my team went on to win the championship. And then went into summer league with the Rockets; it didn’t work. And then the Knicks picked me up, and from then on, you know, Knicks, went into training camp, played really well and pretty soon played, well, and the team voted me in, basically. You know, everybody was a big fan of Toure’, and that’s how I got my career started in the NBA.
** What do you bring to this team?
I’m able to bring defensive capabilities. Defense is really one of my key components of my game. And offensively, I’m a versatile point guard. Also, I can score the ball, so that makes me, you know, a reliable, you know, scorer and not just a defender.
** What do you think of Quin Snyder?
He’s very intelligent. He knows the game, and he’s young, and he’s a, he wants to win. And he doesn’t care about us being young. He feel like if you prep–when you prepare yourself, and you know, work hard everyday, you can have a chance to win in this league.

** What are you trying to get done in Utah?
You know, just being around a young team, new coach, new organization, for me, I just, I came to a situation where I feel like I can get more playing time, and you know, have an opportunity to showcase my talent on a, you know, it might be on a smaller market, but you know, you still in the NBA.
** On headbands
I’m definitely gonna ask, ’cause you know, I really enjoy wearing headbands. But we’ll see. I axe Quin Snyder.

** On being back with the Jazz
Back for a second chance. You know, it feel good to be good. Just trying to give it, go out here and try and kinda, try and have a opportunity to make this team.
** What have you learned since you were here last?
Basically, it’s a business, you know what I’m saying? It’s just something you gotta, it’s not just basketball. You gotta play all, like, all aspects of the game. Just being a good community guy, being a good teammate, locker room guy, everything.

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